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Stopping Frauds using AI

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Track RTO/NDR Frauds

Mitra identify behavior patterns of buyers like the pin code, duration of transaction, IP address, etc & detects risky transactions quickly.

Prevent Promo Code Frauds

Mitra blocks Promo Code abusers from making transactions,once ‘flagged’ risky, & also accentuates ‘real’ users, to retain genuine customers.

Fight Charge-Back Frauds

Mitra assigns every device through which a transaction is made, its own ‘fingerprint’ to check future transactions made through it.

About Thirdwatch AI

How Mitra works?

Mitra is an AI engine that integrates advanced technology like machine learning and natural language processing to learn new patterns of fraud. Mitra evaluates every transaction or ‘order’ received by the business on more than 200 variables such as IP Address, device fingerprint, velocity, global history, zipcode rating, transaction patterns and much more in less than 200 milliseconds and generate red/green flag with risk score.

Kinds of E-commerce Fraud -

  1. Chargeback fraud- In Chargeback fraud, a customer keeps the product purchased from the online store via credit card and claims a refund falsely on the grounds of payment being made twice or purchase never made in the first place.

  2. Identity theft- The fraudster obtains the identification information of the actual user and makes the online purchase on the e-commerce platform. Identity theft affects both the customer as well as the seller as the customer can place a refund request as soon as he detects the fraud.

  3. Return fraud- In return fraud, fraudster asks for a refund claiming that the product was never received, or asks refund for a fake product already purchased and swapped with the actual product received. In refund fraud, the merchant suffers loss of revenue due to the refund of the payment made as well as loss of inventory when the fraudster returns a fake or faulty item.

  4. Credit card fraud- Credit card fraud may be committed when a person makes online purchases from the either a stolen card or when the person has taken over the account of a genuine user.

  5. Merchant fraud- In merchant fraud, the fraudster creates fake merchant account in pretence of doing legitimate business. The fraudster uses multiple stolen credit/ debit cards and withdraws the amount received before being detected or reported, and/or the transaction moving to the point of being reversed.

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