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Timerly by Kamozi

Timerly by Kamozi

Developed by Kamozi

16 reviews
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  • Create unlimited beautiful timers for your PRODUCTS and CART page!
  • Edit timers and countdowns to display only when YOU WANT.
  • Quick, easy to set up, and PROVEN effective to create scarcity!

How Does the Impression of Scarcity Affect Your Store’s Sales?

Simply put, people are more likely to purchase an item when they believe they have to act quickly or miss out completely. Scarcity refers to that effect, by seeing that there is only X amount of a time left before an offer expires, your store will motivate visitors to purchase before they miss out. It’s FOMO but for the world of sales.

Timerly creates this scarcity effect by displaying timers as it countdowns the available time left to purchase a product.

Your visitors see this and are motivated to purchase, equating to more overall sales and higher conversion rates.

It's honestly nothing but simple sales psychology in action.

Why Timerly?

We understand scarcity apps are a dime a dozen it seems at times…

So why use Timerly instead one of the countless others?
Well, that’s easy to answer.

Timerly was created, designed, and built by Ecommerce store owners well...for Ecommerce store owners.

We understand what works, and what doesn’t. What drives up revenue and what leads to higher conversions. Well, we use it in our stores and our collection of multi-million dollar Shopify stores are the front lines for Timerly’s development. Essentially, we needed a more effective scarcity app, so we built one. It's simple, we only trust products tested in our own Shopify stores, so we know what works.

In Ecommerce, very rarely does a one size fit all solution work for every situation.

With Timerly, you can develop and implement a wide range of scarcity building solutions with just a few clicks.

Have a seasonal sale or limited time promotion?

Add a customized countdown timer to the bottom of every product page! Whatever the situation, Timerly will help you develop and implement the perfect scarcity reminder.

Whether it’s Evergreen Timers for products that need a bit of a boost or just simply a Standard Timer to let visitors check the time left for a promotion, that you have preset earlier on, Timerly has the solution. Oh and we also have our Cart Countdown Timer feature, where your potential customers are gentled nudged to complete their checkout, quicker.

Pick and choose from a wide range of timers, colors, sizes, and pretty much everything else you can imagine to make Timerly completely your own.

✓✓ Why Timerly is a Must-Have App ✓✓

→ Timerly is the best scarcity app on Shopify!

→ The ONLY timer with Cart Countdown Features

→ Highly customizable headers, fonts, positions, display time!

→ Desktop and mobile responsive with eye-catching design

→ Take up minimal space and resources on your site

→ One-click installation, no coding required

Timerly by Kamozi reviews

16 reviews
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This App is incredible! It's made my website so much better and more effective in terms of generating sales and having people hit the pay button! Very easy to use!


I just installed the app, I've used several different apps similar to it but this one is very simplistic in design... It LITERALLY took me longer to write this review than to set up the app! LOL!!


Great App, much easier to use than other scarcity apps that I have used in the past! Highly recommend


Easy to use and looks neat and tidy. Cart countdown feature is great.


Been using Timerly on trial and it runs very smoothly and looks clean and crisp, Will stick with it . Seems like a good app


App runs smoothly and support is great. Best countdown timer I've used for a store so far.


This app is one in a million! Very easy to use and works amazingly in my store. Perfect app to encourage clients to buy the product. The most important is how easy is to customise every aspect of the app.


App does all the work for you, really smooth and easy to operate. Would recommend if your looking to increase conversion rates.


I've been using a number of different apps that produce countdown timers for the past year and found them all useless when it comes to customer support, yesterday I had a few queries and got a helpful response within no time. From this experience would recommend the app.


Wow the value of this app is amazing ! It is simple and it works really well. I have tried other apps and this one is by far the best !


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