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TradeGecko Inventory Management

TradeGecko Inventory Management

Developed by TradeGecko

110 reviews
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  • Sync your TradeGecko inventory and stock levels with Shopify in real-time
  • Automatically pull your Shopify orders and customer data
  • Manage the B2B and B2C sides of your business from one central system

Inventory and order management for modern merchants

All of your inventory, orders and customers managed and accounted for in one place.

Save time

  • TradeGecko makes inventory management simple, efficient, and easy to control.

  • Have your stock, warehouses, currencies, taxes and price lists in one system, not on spreadsheets.

Sell more

  • TradeGecko works as a central hub for eCommerce on Shopify and Amazon.

  • Manage all your customers and orders on the go with our free mobile app.

  • Start taking bulk orders in minutes with a private wholesale ordering platform tailored to your customers and brand.

Work smarter

  • Manage cost prices and generate reports on your profit margins with our business intelligence feature.

  • Create quotes and purchase orders, then connect to Xero for your accounting needs.

Grow your business

  • Predict trends as you grow with a clear picture of your data.

  • Save the time you spend on processes to explore new opportunities.

Experience TradeGecko + Shopify with our free 14 day trial!


Why Shopify customers love TradeGecko

★★★★★ “TradeGecko is by far the most effective way of operating multiple online stores in different regions and/or on different platforms while accurately and efficiently maintaining product inventory across all channels. The B2B eCommerce portal adds the incredible capability of offering your business / wholesale customers an online ordering platform that can operate alongside your retail online store. This solution is a little more pricey than some of its competitors, but it is well worth the additional cost. - Premium eJuice Samples

★★★★★ “Having the ability to know real time inventory levels, pricing and bin location has saved a HUGE amount of busy work. Knowing bin locations and quantities by SKU saves us a huge amount of time.” - HLC Electric

★★★★★ “I'd recommend TradeGecko for inventory tracking, particularly for those who have a larger number of SKUs and multiple warehouses. It's great for tracking inventory by warehouse and SKU, pulling analytics such as SKU velocity, and processing exchanges which Shopify does not support. It also nicely integrates with Shopify, Xero, and Shipstation. The only drawback is that historical data importing isn't supported but that's something they're working on.” - Tuckerman & Co.

TradeGecko Inventory Management reviews (110)


AWESOME and necessary for all serious ecommerce stores


i am a multi channel seller.
i sell on my shopify site.
i sell wholesale.
i sell retail at craft shows.

using trade gecko allows me to effortlessly manage inventory for many sku's all while selling amongst those 3 sales channels.

previously i was using stitch labs and i switched bc stitch's product didn't seem like it really cared about the wholesale channel. trade gecko works very well for managing wholesale sales and operations.

It's 2017, manage your inventory. capiche?


I spend at least 2 hours every single day on TradeGecko and I'm really glad I have it. There's a lot of functionality so it took me a few days to get in the groove but when I did it was great for me to not only manage my inventory but also learn about what more I should be doing (as a first time seller everything was a learning curve).

I've noticed they've also been releasing more and more really helpful articles to help with whatever questions I have. Which is great for me so I don't have to bother reaching out in the first place . The functionality is pretty intrinsic to use because of the design and UI.

It keeps everything in control for me and helps me keep a clear eye on the business. the main reason why I love it is how easy it is to fulfil orders- I automatically see all my shopify orders, get a easy pick list and send through customer data straight to my 3PL so it's really smooth. And as soon as I'm done it's so enjoyable to mark them as packed and shipped then to have them wiped from the active orders. Clean and clear, my kind of software.

Overall, TradeGecko helps me manage 100% of my backend and I would recommend it to anyone, any day.


We opted to install TradeGecko to expand our multi-channel operation and because managing it manually meant we had too many oversells.

With TradeGecko installed, we haven't oversold any item for 6 weeks now. Which has lead to increased sales for us!

Excellent software, customer service and pricing!


The product is pretty buggy but offers a lot of features if you're willing to wade through the bugs and the idiosyncrasies of the way the app works (hint: refresh TG after everything you do or you'll get very confused!).

That said, the customer service is appallingly bad. If you manage to get Oscar, he'll at least try to help. The rest of the team appear to know nothing and not be able to understand the most basic of queries or descriptions of situations. If you uncover anything that they don't understand, they'll repeat useless information ad nauseam or send you to their engineers and engage you in endless run-around until you figure out a work-around for whatever went wrong with their system.

Stay away if you don't like frustration.


TradeGecko is by far the most effective way of operating multiple online stores in different regions and/or on different platforms while accurately and efficiently maintaining product inventory across all channels. The B2B eCommerce portal adds the incredible capability of offering your business / wholesale customers an online ordering platform that can operate alongside your retail online store. This solution is a little more pricey than some of its competitors, but it is well worth the additional cost. They have amazing customer service and the interface is highly intuitive and efficient for any store administrator to use.


TradeGecko has been great for inventory management. I especially love it for creating "bundles". The composite variant feature is an awesome tool when you want to bundle items without having to create or put aside special inventory for the product.

I would recommend TradeGecko to other businesses if you use a multi-platform to sell your products (Woocommerce + Shopify). It cuts time having to manage inventory across all shops.

The customer service is also helpful. The reps respond within 24 hours of a request.

There is need for improvements including updating stock control in real time (sometimes it take a few hours for the stock to update on the shop when you enter new inventory or a new PO). I would also suggest the ability to duplicate a composite variant for those bundles that have 100+ variants to edit.

Overall, good app for Shopify. Thanks!


Please trust me when I say "This is the worse inventory app available".

I own a 66 year old import and distribution company and was looking for a state of the art software to help grow my business. The app looks good, features sound great, but when you get down to the nitty gritty, I promise you that TradeGecko will fail you in every way.

I was prompted to write this review after my 100th plus problem with the app. Today I realized that when you download an item sales report, the total sales is actually a sum of Sales plus Returns.

My list of problems is extensive. I'll just add that the QuickBooks connection is terrible, making TG an absolute nightmare for your accounting.

Anyone giving this app a 5 star rating should not be in business !


We really like Tradegecko for inventory management as well as a portal for our dealer network to conduct b2b purchases. The integration of stripe is a welcome addition and the customer service has been exceptional.


Somehow our and other negative reviews on Tradegecko keep getting deleted from this forum.

We have now migrated to Dear Systems and that works perfectly for us. I would recommend anyone having issues with Tradegecko to look into Dear Systems, as their technical support is excellent and their software actually works.

There was some bad will when we left Tradegecko. We felt we shouldn't be paying for a platform that does not synchronise properly between itself, Shopify and Xero, and which was causing us accounting issues almost on a daily basis. Tradegecko insisted in a rather unfriendly way that we pay to access our data during the migration process.

Below is our review from a few months ago.


We started a small confectionery business in October 2014, and needed a system to keep track of sales, stock and finances. After reviewing several platforms, we settled with Shopify for the POS and web store, TradeGecko for the inventory management, and Xero for accounting. The idea was to integrate these platforms so a sale in the shop will flow through Shopify to Tradegecko, and then to Xero.

At that time, Shopify could not link directly to Xero and could not calculate basic cost of goods sold for accounting purposes. We went for TradeGecko to overcome these issues, and because the front end of the software is very user friendly for keeping track of over 1000 SKUs.

On paper, and if it all worked TradeGecko would be fantastic. In practice, there have been data synchronisation issues from the very beginning which TradeGecko has admitted they cannot fix. Our experience with their customer service has been very frustrating, and they now recommend that we leave TradeGecko for another system.

We are therefore going through a painful and expensive process of migrating to Dear Systems, which we also use for another business and which has worked seamlessly. The synchronisation issues are straight forward and we have never understood why they cannot be resolved. Everyday, we have about 200-500 sales through our POS that flow through to TradeGecko via two Shopify accounts (amazingly Shopify POS only allows one shop per account, so we need two Shopify accounts for two shops).

On some days everything then flows through to Xero fine, but far too often several sales will be missing. Because of this, our accountants have to spend between 15 minutes and 3-4 hours trying to manually reconcile the missing amounts between TradeGecko and Xero. This extra work has been costing us over US$1,000 per month alone.

In addition, TradeGecko cannot as at the end of 2015 split out total amounts by payment methods. As a retail shop, we settle most of our transactions by cash, but also have credit cards, debit cards, contactless cards, etc. We have to manually download every transaction daily and use a pivot table in Excel to tie figures to our bank statements. This adds another half an hour of work a day.

Having used Dear Systems and TradeGecko extensively for a period of time, I can say that we made the mistake of liking the look of TradeGecko over its function. Dear Systems has since also updated their user interface. We and our accountants have spoken and explained the situation to probably every single member of TradeGecko’s technical team over the past 15 months. The number of times we have repeated ourselves and chased for a response is absolutely unbelievable.

We were promised fixes along the way, but eventually even TradeGecko has given up. We feel very disappointed and let down by TradeGecko, whose final solution was for us to either continue with our manual workarounds or migrate to another platform, which is also a big disruption for a small business like ours. We hope that other small business owners can avoid what we experienced. We have wasted a lot of time and energy on TradeGecko instead of focusing on our business. It is a stress that we did not need.

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