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TradeGecko Inventory Management

TradeGecko Inventory Management

Developed by TradeGecko

129 reviews
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  • Sync your TradeGecko inventory and stock levels with Shopify in real-time
  • Automatically pull your Shopify orders and customer data
  • Manage the B2B and B2C sides of your business from one central system

Inventory and order management for modern merchants

All of your inventory, orders and customers managed and accounted for in one place.

Save time

  • TradeGecko makes inventory management simple, efficient, and easy to control.

  • Have your stock, warehouses, currencies, taxes and price lists in one system, not on spreadsheets.

  • Trace products through your sales order records and speed up the recall process with TradeGecko's Batch and Expiry Tracking

  • Streamline your wholesale payment systems with TradeGecko Payments

Sell more

  • TradeGecko works as a central hub for eCommerce on Shopify and Amazon.

  • Manage all your customers and orders on the go with our free mobile app.

  • Start taking bulk orders in minutes with a private wholesale ordering platform tailored to your customers and brand.

Work smarter

  • Manage cost prices and generate reports on your profit margins with our business intelligence feature.

  • Create quotes and purchase orders, then connect to Xero for your accounting needs.

  • Reduce discounts and spoilage through product traceability with TradeGecko's Batch and Expiry Tracking.

  • Gain better operational control of your cash flow and see your latest transactions with the TradeGecko Payments dashboard.

Grow your business

  • Predict trends as you grow with a clear picture of your data.

  • Save the time you spend on processes to explore new opportunities.

  • Seamlessly transact with your customers all over the world with TradeGecko Payments

Experience TradeGecko + Shopify with our free 14 day trial!


Why Shopify customers love TradeGecko

★★★★★ “TradeGecko is by far the most effective way of operating multiple online stores in different regions and/or on different platforms while accurately and efficiently maintaining product inventory across all channels. The B2B eCommerce portal adds the incredible capability of offering your business / wholesale customers an online ordering platform that can operate alongside your retail online store. This solution is a little more pricey than some of its competitors, but it is well worth the additional cost. - Premium eJuice Samples

★★★★★ “Having the ability to know real time inventory levels, pricing and bin location has saved a HUGE amount of busy work. Knowing bin locations and quantities by SKU saves us a huge amount of time.” - HLC Electric

★★★★★ “I'd recommend TradeGecko for inventory tracking, particularly for those who have a larger number of SKUs and multiple warehouses. It's great for tracking inventory by warehouse and SKU, pulling analytics such as SKU velocity, and processing exchanges which Shopify does not support. It also nicely integrates with Shopify, Xero, and Shipstation. The only drawback is that historical data importing isn't supported but that's something they're working on.” - Tuckerman & Co.

TradeGecko Inventory Management reviews

129 reviews
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  5. 1 star (15 reviews)

All well organized. Great job. Love the diverse functionality and well-thought interface.


We're a Bicycle Manufacturer and we use TradeGecko for our inventory management and composite variants which are then synced with Shopify.

Unfortunately, it was a little complicated to get the platform to do what we wanted it to do. And there was a huge amount of research needed to get there. But that's not the reason we're unhappy. All in all, it can achieve what we needed it to and it's flexible.

The sub-par review is really due to the customer service though. Our feeling was that they were all over us with calls and emails when we joined, but once we were in, it was harder to get service. To be open, TradeGecko have cited they have tried to get in touch, but their emails never hit my inbox - from what I can see it's a Zendesk issue, and they're citing our email as the cause, which is gmail and unlikely. Still, TradeGecko has not made any noteworthy effort to troubleshoot why their email is not getting through to our inbox. To add to this they have tried a number of times to call on random overseas numbers, but never left a voice message to contact them back. With email out and not knowing how to call them back, this made communication almost impossible and a relationship ending experience.

For the time being, we're going to cancel our subscription to TradeGecko, it's not worth the time needed to manage the system or their customer service.


We have used TradeGecko for over a year now and it has been instrumental in growing our wholesale (and eCommerce) business. It has just about everything you need to run an solid sales and distribution operation.
Their B2B online platform is really an added bonus. Very functional and looks legit.
When we put in our suggestions or work with their developers it is cool to see our ideas become reality on regular product releases and updates. We have recently added a 2nd TradeGecko account for one of our other divisions.
Would highly recommend to a small business just starting out who wants to be organized and able to grow but also to larger businesses to continue to grow and run efficiently.


Trade gecko has solved many problems for my wholesale business, but a major one being the nightmare of managing inventory between our wholesale customers and our online store. There are definitely some areas that could use a little improvement in terms of the reporting, customer relationship management and the sales order process regarding back orders. But still I would say it's the best system out there that I have found so far.


Hi Guys,

I don't usually write a review, but after trying to implement this and spending 100's of man hours trying to make it work we are just about to pull the plug. Also we are on the platinum plan which cost the most $$.

I have emailed support so many times to fix issues but it no avail,

Even contacted the CEO directly to try and remedy but no response.

If you are looking for an inventory management software that integrates with Shopify this is not it, unless you have a very small inventory with no special pack sizes or composites don't look here.

The GUI looks slick but can't to the basics so basically useless feature set if can't count inventory.


We tried to implement this tool twice, and twice they negatively impacted our business. Implementation created inventory errors and impacted our order fulfilment. Our inventories were thrown out of wack! This is totally not acceptable in today's demanding client environment. Do not expect a call if you have issues either. This is a very instable tool.


The system itself works fairly well depending on what you want to do with it, If you only have one sales channel it might be the right option for you. But the customer service is horrible and the setup guides are too basic to do anything useful.
The phone support during setup is nothing more than somebody reading a script and if you have any real technical questions they will get back to you within 1-3 days, it is designed to help someone with little to no technical experience.
There are big limits on what you can do with Xero integration that do not become evident right away and create many hours of extra work doing manual payment reversals in Xero.
Unfortunately I have tried a bunch of inventory systems and none of them are without similar faults and all seem to have 2-3 day response times which is absolutely useless when trying to implement them into a live business.
I think my next option is to find a webstore provider that has some sort of inventory management built in that is not useless like the shopify system.


Worst system! Do not bother. You would be better off getting another plugin that goes with Shopify or just using Shopify inventory plus an accounting software. Tradegecko will drive you crazy with all the bugs in their system and their reporting system is an absolute JOKE!


We didn't use the App in the end as wasn't suitable for us BUT was great to talk with Sales rep who was very honest and told us any limitation it has. First class customer service and no BS.


I hate this app. Nothing works correctly. I can not get my emails, can't get paid, Changes the inventory on its own. Tech support is not fast enough and they can not fix anything. I paid for a whole year and I wish I had not. Its expensive for the amount of problems I have.

From $299.00 / month

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