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11. říjen 2023

The translation is as close as it can get, I still have to correct some grammar and add "s" here and there but it's not so bad. Some words are not translated correctly but again, it's not perfect. You definitely got to review after the translation though.

Roulette Safari
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1. listopad 2023

The app itself is great, however, the auto translate limitation for 2 languages is not really great, there is a workaround with google-sheets, but for shops who has more than 1000 products it is not really working, hopefully additional auto-translates will be added.

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11. prosinec 2023


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6. únor 2024

traduit à 90% correctement

Charlemagne Chocolatiers
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29. leden 2024

Gute Auto Übersetzung. Mein Wunsch auch die Deutschen Texte in geleichen Feld anpassen zu können

Alu-Verkauf GmbH
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8. duben 2024

Werkt erg goed.

Belle Epoque
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21. únor 2024

excelente alternativa

My Angel Viktory
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5. září 2023

Great job to the team for building this.
One thing that is missing though and which is kind of a must have is the alt text translation.
I've seen this mentioned a few times in comments already and as it hasn't been developed yet I'm guessing the team is kind of struggling on it ;) Anyways hope they find a way to solve this as it will definitely make the app perfect.

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22. červenec 2023

I'm satisfied with this app for the most part. Yes, I have to manually go in and update quite often when new products or collections are added (I've had to do this on paid apps as well to be fair), but the app is otherwise fairly seamless.

However, it does not translate my Collections List, which is a format offered in my theme (Impulse) and which I use in my navigation bar. It makes no sense not to be able to translate this one page - it simply cannot be found in the app.

Babarolo Weinhandel GmbH
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Datum úprav: 2. květen 2023

Your App is good but changes needs to be done in structure like when we are on other than first page and make changes and then save it, dashboard direct us to first page
Edit: Thank You for solving an issue, it saved me lot of time while adding translation myself

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