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18. červenec 2024

this is GREAT BUT....WHY only 2 can be auto generated? It works so well what is there a 2 auto translate limit for ? I would be happy to pay for a premium version that allows more.....and im confident other users would too.

Frankly Cool
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6. červenec 2024

This app is so easy to use and creates accessibility for critical new markets. I wish we could do more than 2 auto-translations but I'm very happy with the results of the 2 I chose to use.

I'm also not sure if it continues to capture and translate new products/content as the store develops so you might want to make sure you have your site as complete as possible before using.

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13. červen 2024

Great application, but missing few features:
1. When auto translating metaobject, it will try to translate all values, but some values are not words, so be able to turn off translating for certain keys would be great.
2. We need to be able to auto-translate all metaobject for one specific metadefinition, right now we have to go through 1-by-1, just like when translating products and such automatically.

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14. červen 2024

Its super helpful, thought translating would take days but only took a couple hours.

Whacky Food
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21. červenec 2024

I just wish one could translate to many languages, not just 2!

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21. červen 2024

I think the program works great. English is our native language or at least mine is. We love to share our site with others especially if we source from another country. For example we translate to Thai for our Thai neighbors that supplement our shop and Laos since that is where our owner is from. We do that for our Mom:) https:/sangmoon is our site, check it out.

Sang Moon
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24. květen 2024

Good application. The main thing is to understand how it works. There are automatic and manual modes. It’s important not to miss anything, but who says everything can be simple and high-quality? Thanks!

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14. květen 2024

it is easy and simple also saves lots of time when creating a website

Silia Jewellery
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Datum úprav: 10. červenec 2024

Great app, awesome functionality. Hoping they come up with a paid plan soon letting us auto translate more than 2 languages

Scinoben LLC
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22. květen 2024

Works fine. Need more languages for auto translation though...

Rune-Jakobsen Design
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