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27. únor 2024

Stay far away from this app!

The translations they offer are terrible and trying to communicate with their customer support team is like talking to a wall.

They simply do not care in the slightest about your problems with the app as long as you pay them money. I have used this app for almost three years and therefore I have a lot of experience with their customer support.

Seriously save yourself the headache and the money and do not give these developers a single cent, for they do not deserve it.

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Datum úprav: 9. duben 2024

Not good at all, took hours to translate and the translations barely show up on my store. I now use another translation app and everything went 10 times quicker. Don't waste your money on this

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26. leden 2024

It translated our URL slugs even though we don't want to, there's no option to deselect URL slugs, which caused a big mess and a lot of broken links that we needed to search for and fix manually.
Their support is an absolute disappointment, we are trying to reach them for a week and all we get is a bot saying "will connect you to an agent"but that agent never appears.

Graudupes EU
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7. duben 2024

totally trash, useless and ruin another apps

Miss Suki Wedding
Hongkong – ZAO Číny
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1. únor 2024

Unfortunately the translate feature is awful, totally destroyed my precise translation made by Translate & Adapt app.

Thank you for losing hours of my time.

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7. prosinec 2023

I have no effect with real -time translation function. And I canceled the subscription after paying $ 15.99, and the previous subscription function was gone. This is a scam!!!!

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24. srpen 2023

Terrible app. It does not help you add any Hreflang and Canonical Tags onto the translated content.

Signed up the highest plan and paid for content translation by words for 8+ languages and get panelized for duplicated content by Google.

When you find out your SEO performance dropped it is late. We lost tens of thousands of revenue because of this app.

Support is lackluster at best, slow response time and not helpful.

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6. září 2023

This is not a useful app. The automatic translation is all or nothing, including archived / obsolete products, URL handles so your links break, etc. There is no way so choose what you want and don't want translated without a very tedious manual process. Choose something else...

EMF Harmony
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11. duben 2024

A program that looks like shit, rubbish

Hongkong – ZAO Číny
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7. červen 2023

They ask for 5 stars review in exchange for free 3 languages. So every 5* are not that accurate just for free stuff

Ultimate Gainz
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