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Developed by Varinode, Inc.

338 reviews
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  • Decrease your customers’ perceived security and privacy concerns
  • Reduce bounce rates so your customers stay longer
  • Increase your sales conversions

   The highest rated trustmark provider used by Shopify stores

Are you having trouble converting sales?

If you're not a well-known store, lack of consumer trust is very likely a contributing factor. In a consumer survey, 8 out of 10 online shoppers said that they won't shop on a website they don't trust. The TRUST app addresses this by conveying key trust elements to the consumer, that reassure and legitimize your store.

Why does trust matter for my store?

If a stranger were to ask you for your credit card details, how would you feel? Hesitant? Anxious? Uneasy? Such feelings are not too different from those experienced by consumers that browse your store.

There's an increasing prevalence of incidents in which customer data, including names, addresses, credit and debit card numbers, are stolen and exposed by cyber-criminals. It should be no surprise that consumers are more wary with their clicks than ever before.

Consumers need to feel safe when they're on your store, especially when they are checking out. They need to know that their credit card information is safe at all times, and that they can trust you with it.

What are trust seals?

They're generally visual cues that reassure consumers that the particular store is deemed legitimate, secure, and trustworthy.

Why do reviews matter?

Reviews are an effective means to increase consumer trust, and have been shown to have a substantial impact on increasing sales. Consumers rely on reviews in the absence of the ability to 'test' items, prior to purchasing online. Search engines like Google, drive more organic traffic to you, when they recognize your site displaying user generated reviews. With TRUST, it is incredibly easy to display and generate reviews on your store.

TRUST can help address consumers' fears and anxieties, and pave the way to converting them into paying customers.

TRUST offering:


  • PCI Compliance Seal

  • SSL Seal

  • Secure Architecture Seal

  • Money Back Guarantee Seal

  • Store Contact Seal

  • Reviews Seal

  • Social Validation Seal (FB/Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest/YouTube)

  • Pick and choose the seals you want to display

  • Customize the location on your page to display the seals

  • Display seals on the Checkout pages

  • Multi-language support

  • Standalone verified landing page

  • Mobile visibility control

  • Easy one click installation - No programming required


  • On-site product reviews generation widget

  • Automated review request emails

  • Import eBay/Amazon/Etsy Reviews Ratings

  • Search Engine Highlight (Rich Snippet)

  • Import reviews from other review apps

  • On-site product rating widget

  • Moderation control

Trust is a precious commodity that you'll need to bake into your core offering. Be sure not to fail the consumers trust. At the slightest hint of malpractice or incredulity, trust can easily disappear, along with your sales.

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TRUST reviews (338)


I like it..it gives credibility to my store. Thanks

Fitness Lady.biz


Update to our initial review:
Change theme and now this does not work (and neither does another app from Varinode). ALL our other apps work fine (over a dozen). Just the two from Varinode.
Contacted support and they were initially quick to reply, but blamed it on the theme, and that I had to get my theme developer to fix. Said it was because of Bootstrap. Our new theme doesn't use Bootstrap anywhere. Our theme developer said (and rightly so) it's not his job to make apps work - it's the App developer.
Have emailed again re this app and the other one not working, no replies in the last couple of days.

Very poor.
Inital Review:
Easy to use and sets up in seconds. There are some new features we would love to use, but as we are new we just don't have the budget to pay for them on a monthly basis.
Cheers from the crew at The Gift and Gadget Guys


Very good apl and visual for the customer. Is very important for the customer to see that behind of the shop their is a person. Thank you!


Really easy to setup, I would highly recommend for all stores!


Very good, gets my window browsers to start trusting the my site enough to buy and convert. Compared to other Apps on the market that claims to improve sales and conversion (exploiting your hopes), none has more TRUST than this app. in TRUTH, this is the ONLY app that GUARANTEES, sales and conversion.
Evidence - I made my 1st sale after installing this app. So do you TRUST the claims or do you TRUST the facts?


Very good visual display and provided quick information to end user. I started to use this feature recently and hope to gain customer trust to bring sales to the store


My shop is new so I can't say I've had a sale because of this app...but I think it can go a long way towards potential buyers giving my store a "second look!"


It's too early to judge if the app helps but shows very critical info about your eshop


It's good but the symbols themselves are not the best quality, they should be redesigned.


Trust is important for your store, and this app helps get you that.

Free – $39.99 / month

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