UPC Code Manager

UPC Code Manager

by Ventures & Adventures

Buy and link UPC Codes to all your products and variants

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About UPC Code Manager

Sell your brand's products on Amazon, Google Shopping, Houzz, and More

Many online retailers like Amazon, Houzz and more, require you to have a unique barcode for each product or product variant that you would like to list on their site.

For many stores that sell other-peoples-brands purchased at wholesale, finding a barcode or UPC code is easy -- you just look it up!

But if you have ventured into the scary and mysterious world of becoming-your-own brand, you actually need to create your own barcodes in order to list your products on 3rd party marketplaces.

UPC Codes Manager makes it super easy to: * Find products/variants that need barcodes * Buy barcodes to associate with 1st party custom products * Link barcodes with products and variants that need them

This application is for anybody that:

  1. Sells their from their own brand and wants to list those products on 3rd party marketplaces like Amazon, Google Shopping, Houzz and more
  2. Has a large product inventory and has a hard time keeping track of what products don't have associated barcodes yet.

If you want to list products that you purchased at wholesale on third party marketplaces and sales channels like Amazon, Houzz, and more, then you can also use UPC Code Manager to quickly discover which products need barcodes.

How many barcodes do I need?

You need one barcode for every custom product variant on your store. Some products only have a single variant, the "default variant," while others have many.

For example, a T-shirt that comes in Small, Medium, Large and Orange, Green would need 6 barcodes. One barcode for each combination.

Are these 'GS1' Codes?

If you can afford GS1 codes and are fine spending the money then I would suggest registering your company and buying from them. GS1 codes tend to get very expensive very quickly.

We are currently in the process to become a certified GS1 partner.

Are the codes being purchased on your app legitimate codes, or just made up numbers?

I purchase these codes from a trusted supplier. These codes are the same codes that we use on our internal stores, and have never had a problem.

What is your return policy?

If you do run into any issues just take a screenshot and let me know and I'll issue a full refund.

*Only pay for barcodes you purchase through the application

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Free to install

100% Free forever to install and use. Only pay for the UPC Codes you purchase through the app.

Overall rating
4.3 of 5 stars
Based on 6 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Smarter Design Products

I had a cryptic message from Amazon after applying the UPC Code manager, and needed help, and turned to the app provider. I found their response time very quick, and the support was by a real person who knew his stuff. Thank you.


Edit: 12/27/19: Receiving an Error when trying to access the app of: "This site can’t be reached
client.upccodes.app’s server IP address could not be found."


How am I able to go to the product direct and then add the bar codes, or in multiple areas such as when adding the item to the Amazon store, or doing a search for the product number or title within the app? You need to get this resolved. Thank you kindly.

Other than that, the product is working great when adding to the Amazon from the Shopify and are showing on my Amazon store front and listings.

After my conversation with the support staff, these upgrades are happening now. Looking forward to it.

Space Gear

The app does what it says, and helps me quickly add UPC Codes to my products that need them. Jordan is fast to reply to customer support requests, as well as to implement my feedback. When he can't implement my feedback into the application right away as a feature he has volunteered to manually do the work for me.