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Upinus - The Global Supply & Auto Fulfillment Platform

Upinus - The Global Supply & Auto Fulfillment Platform

Developed by Upinus

5 reviews
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  • SMART IMPORT FROM ALIEXPRESS & UPINUS WAREHOUSE: Quickly import hundreds of dropshipping products to Shopify within clicks.
  • SYNCING ORDERS INFO FROM ALIEXPRESS, SHOPIFY: Products description info, Variants info, Tracking numbers...
  • AUTO-FULFILL TO SHOPIFY & PAYPAL: Auto-update tracking numbers to seller's Shopify and Paypal account.


Upinus is a platform where you can choose, import millions of product to sell and have orders synced, fulfilled completely and automatically. All-within-clicks!

  • Have a daily headache of handling 50+ orders/day?

  • Need app that can sync orders info with high accuracy?

  • Spend too much time and brains on managing shipment tracking?

  • Lose so much money on Paypal claims?

  • Get Upinus to solve all your Dropship problems from Importing, Paying to Fulfilling & Syncing Info


    Optimize cost & time for your Dropship Team in importing and managing products

    • Quickly import from AliExpress. FREE: Just-a-click to import products from AliExpress and push to Shopify. Smart filter with Epacket available. No limit to the number of imported products. All product info will be updated from AliExpress to your account. Then you can edit and push to Shopify.
    • Change/Add new supplier before fulfilling orders: If something happens to your current AliExpress suppliers (stop selling, out of stock, price rise, no shipping option...), you can easily add a new supplier to continue your fulfillment.

      Upinus will update new AliExpress info from new supplier to your orders.

    • Sync orders info from Shopify: Unlike Oberlo and some other apps, our synchronization is bi-directional. All orders in Shopify will be auto-collected to Upinus. Similarly, any change in your products description will be updated from Shopify to Upinus to ensure the consistency in management.

    • Sync orders info from AliExpress: After ordering successfully with Ali, Upinus will update all orders info and status to your account. All you need is to click “Sync orders info” button right on your AliExpress order page.

    • You can choose to sync each order or all orders.

    • Easily fulfill orders from Oberlo, Dropified: Orders come from other apps and manually can be fulfilled with Upinus. Just request to sync orders info from other sources with us!
      The integration works greatly with Oberlo, Dropified, Zonify, Expressfy, Importify... and any importing or fulfilling apps.

    • Online editing kit. No tool required: All product details can be edited easily: Photo, thumbnails, descriptions, collections, tags…
      All the edition will be updated to Shopify.

    • Auto pricing & Easy variants setup: Simply set price rule as well as add more variants from multiple suppliers into single product for upselling tactics.

    • Multiple store with one-email registered: Seller can register many stores with one email only.

    • Looking for better suppliers than AliExpress? Explore Upinus Warehouse, where we offer various products with high quality and secured fulfillment service at best cost. Orders from product of Upinus Warehouse will be automatically processed and fulfilled in the back-end.

    • From A-Z, Upinus takes care of your Fulfillment Process:

      • Completely handfree from fulfillment: With “Order by Upinus” choice, it takes just-1-click to get your orders paid and fulfilled completely. Your orders will be automatically processed then shipped directly to your customers.

      • Bulk Orders - Advanced solution for payment limit: If you have 20+ orders/day to pay, “Bulk orders” allow you to pay-only-1-time for all orders. Up to 5000 orders/bulk.

      • Shipment tracking updated: Once you use “Order by Upinus”, Fulfillment status and Shipping status will be updated automatically and real-time to each order.
        No need to deal with AliExpress’ inconvenient listing and useless search bar. Upinus provides full status for sellers to follow which stage their orders are: Processing or shipping? Successful or Closed? Refund or not...

      • Auto-Fulfill to Shopify: All tracking numbers will be automatically pushed to Shopify. No excel needed. No third app needed.

      • Auto-Fulfill to Paypal: Upinus is the only Shopify app which pushes your thousands of tracking numbers to Paypal REALTIME & AUTOMATICALLY, which would save you tons of “slow-delivery” claims from impatient customers in Paypal.

      • WHY UPINUS?

        • Best pricing plans: 3 plans to choose please check it here: https://upinus.com/pricing.html. There is FREE VERSION for you to start with.

        • Special support: Our support team is always available to help your dropshipping business succeed. You can contact us via live chat, phone or our fanpage.
        • No technical skills required: Upinus is easy, simple, and fast. With Upinus, you have more time to focus on marketing and boosting your sales.


        • Can I cancel my account at any time? Yes. If you ever decide that Upinus isn’t the right solution for your business, simply uninstall the application from your Shopify store or contact to us via Live chat or email.
        • Will my customers know I am dropshipping?
          No. Neither Upinus, Oberlo, nor AliExpress.com informs your customers about the source of your products. We also don’t include such information on your shop, and we don’t publish our customer list publicly.
        • Happy with Upinus? Leave a review to support us!

Upinus - The Global Supply & Auto Fulfillment Platform reviews

5 reviews
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I love the integration with Shopify and the ability to leverage the Google Chrome Extension with AliExpress. Importing products from AliExpress into my store via Upinus is a very quick and easy process. I actually wish the Shopify screens to update products was as easy as it is inside Upinus.

One more thing, I really impress with Warehouse of Upinus. The content of products are updated everyday with the very good support. After using warehouse, the fulfill time decreased 2 time. I think the most interesting feature is sync tracking number to Paypal.

Thank you Upinus team


I got the app just so I could automatically import tracking codes into paypal. The app requires you to fulfill orders with them in order to do this, which is something the customer support agent failed to tell me before I purchased.

When I requested a refund (right after purchasing), the support agent refused. Overall really poor experience and even if the app was better than oberlo (which is isn't), I wouldn't use it just because of the horrible customer support I received.


Thanks for the thoughtful app!
I first used it for pushing tracking number to Paypal. Then I start using everything else.
I like the idea of one app for doing everything: From importing, click to order, fulfill to Shopify...
Five stars! Keep up the good work!


The recommendation and ad suggestion has not been update since Nov 2017. All the video was removed/broken. I don't think this app is active anymore.
Sad, it was a great idea to see someone put time to help on marketing.


The best platform for dropshiping! The number orders increased 3 times after installing Upinus. Very good supports! Thank you Upinus team!!! \m/

From $0.00 / month

⋆ Free plan available
⋆ Free use – Free updates
⋆ Further Details: https://upinus.com/pricing.html

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