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Url Shortener

Url Shortener

Developed by Kompile IVS

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  • Easily create short URLs for your Product pages
  • Easily create short URLs for your Collection pages
  • Easily copy your short URL to your clipboard

Translate your Shopify product or collections URLs into smaller urls for easier share on social medier or in your newsletters.

Url Shortener reviews (3)


The app did not work for me, but I gave it 4 stars regardless (to support the developer).

What I would like the URL to be is the following:

1- Uses the domain name of the Shopify shop instead of an external URL provider. For example: http://myshopifywebsite.co.uk/*** or http://myshopifywebsite.co.uk/products/*** (where *** stand for the rest of the URL / explained in point 2 below).

2- The second part of URL "***" should use the unique product ID or variant, known as SKU. So for example URL: http://myshopifywebsite.co.uk/878770 where 878770 is the SKU number of the product I want to generate short URL for.

3- Make it automatic. No need to go to product's page inside Shopify to create the URL. Simply just set it up based on the conditions explained above, as it would be so much easier for us to provide the URLs since we know the SKU number of our products.

I hope you can make it possible.

Best regards,
Zed Sefi
United Scentdom of Perfumes


Excellent app (once I figured out how to use it.) Screenshot is of NO use since it's too blurry to read.

Now that I know how to use this app, it will save me countless trips to my Bitly account.


Seems to work well! Useful little app, thanks for making it free!


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