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Developed by Vantage Analytics Inc.

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  • Run SmartCampaigns - Vantage's auto-optimized Instagram & Facebook campaigns out-perform all other applications. No more bad ads!
  • Vantage offers the must-have real-time dashboard that shows you how to drive more revenue to your store(s). Manage multiple stores at once.
  • 100% Free! Used by thousands of Shopify retailers around the world.

Vantage is the must-have analytics dashboard that truly allows you to understand what is driving the performance of your company. More importantly, it helps you take action and optimize everything from your marketing to your shipping charges.

Vantage is the only Shopify Partner named one of the Top 10 Retail Analytics Solutions of 2016 by Retail CIO Outlook!

Thousands of happy merchants are already using Vantage to scale their revenue.
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How Vantage Helps Your Business Grow

We benchmark data across thousands of stores so we know exactly what questions you need to answer to grow your store. We can answer things like:

  • Who is your target market?

  • How can you make more money?

  • Where do your largest profits come from?

  • What will my customers buy next?

How Vantage Supports Your Business


Revenue forecasting for upcoming hours, days, weeks, months, and rest of the year. Real-time financial analysis of Fiscal Year To Date and Month To Date.


Vantage offers up to eight types of Facebook campaigns, each automated and optimized for your store if you wish. Vantage campaigns outperform the rest of the industry because the platform uses your sales and customer data and studies the results of thousands of campaigns to recommend proven strategies.

More importantly, the Vantage platform constantly watches your campaigns and looks for ways to improve them by removing under-performing ads and re-allocating budget to the best performing ads and placements. With Vantage you don't waste money on bad ads, and your Return On Ad Spend is higher.

Market & Business Analysis

Drive insightful actions using real-time data coming from your store. Understand key elements of your customers with over 100 metrics such as Sales Trends, Best Selling Products, and Top Customers.

Predictive Analysis

Vantage forecasts your growth and helps you adjust your operations and strategies to get to where you want to be. Understand every single part of your business and set goals that you can focus on.

Be a successful ecommerce store and install Vantage today!

Vantage reviews (97)


Easy install and great place to look at all info.


It give the data you will need but not for the period that you want. Like if you choose month, it shows last 30 days., and I can't select to see 2 months before since it's fixed.


This app is Great. We like it


Currently on Nicemodernmenswear.com
Excited to start using it for marketing. Unfortunately my foot traffic and social media involvement is too low to run functional ads with this program.


Great looking app this will give me the business information i need
Watch a lot of u tube video on apps and this app was high with everyone .


Great App. Highly Recommended!


Just installed the app recently. Using it for reporting only for now. Great reports, lots of details. Fantastic customer support as well. Guided me through the reporting options in 5 min. Will be soon exploring everything else Vantage has to offer for our new business www.labella-umbrella.com.


Great App. Highly Recommended!


Sleek UI


Good dashboard, easy to use.


Our platform is 100% free to use.

Management fee applies if you use Vantage to deploy and automatically optimize your ads. Fee starts at 15% and decreases as you spend more on ads.

Contact us for pricing on ad budgets over $20k/mo

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