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Vantage - Automate Your Advertising

Vantage - Automate Your Advertising

Developed by Vantage

100 reviews
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  • Analytics dashboard with revenue forecasting to monitor the operation of your store in real-time
  • Auto-optimized prospecting and retargeting campaigns for Facebook and Instagram - Avg. 10X return
  • 100% Free! Used by over 15,000+ retailers around the world

The Growth Engine for Ecommerce - All-in-One Advertising and Analytics Platform

Vantage is the leader in helping retailers turn data into insight and action.

The Vantage platform automatically analyzes ecommerce data, generates insight and builds sophisticated prospecting and retargeting campaigns that test hundreds of versions of ads to discover the most effective creative and copy.

How Vantage Can Help Grow Your Business

  • Sophisticated ecommerce store analytics with revenue forecasting

  • Pre-built targeted audiences comprised of your Shopify store’s data

  • Smart Campaigns that automatically optimize ads on Facebook and Instagram

  • Multivariate ad testing for advanced experimentation

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop advertising campaign editor

How It Works


We connect directly into your Shopify store to analyze your data and calculate key metrics. All of your data will be in one place, up to date, and easily accessible.


Displayed on your own easy to use analytics dashboard we calculate key metrics such as Abandon Cart Rate, Repeat Customer Rate, Average Order Value, and more! We use revenue forecasting to show you where your store is going and Customer Value to help you set your cost of acquisition.


With Vantage, you can launch powerful data-driven advertising campaigns called Smart Campaigns. Drive repeat purchases, upsell your existing customers and capture abandoned carts using Facebook and Instagram with the push of a single button.

Advertising | Drive Revenue with Smart Campaigns

Vantage Smart Campaigns are data-driven advertising campaigns built based on the key data metrics of your store and benchmarked stores like yours. Smart Campaigns are intuitively designed to drive customers toward a single goal - making a purchase. With an average 10X return on ad spend, we are one of the leading Facebook and Instagram advertisers.

Custom Audiences

Select from 9 custom audiences built from your own store’s data to highly target your ads to.

Automatic Ad Optimization

Sit back and watch Vantage automatically optimize your campaigns for the best possible return on ad spend.

Multivariate Ad Testing

Create thousands of variants of your Facebook and Instagram ads with just a few clicks.

Analytics | Comprehensive Store Reporting

From data to insight, Vantage will help you monitor the operation of your ecommerce store in real-time. With the simple click of a button all of your Shopify store’s data is delivered to you on your Vantage Dashboard.

Over 100 Key Metrics

Review the metrics that matter most such as Abandon Cart Rate, Repeat Customer Rate, Average Order Value, and more.

Revenue Forecasting

See your projected revenue by the day, week, month, or year.

An Extension of Your Team

Look to Vantage as an extension of your team; a team member dedicated to growing your Shopify store using data-driven marketing.

Dedicated Customer Support

Reach out via Live Chat, Email, or Phone with questions on your store’s performance or advertising needs.

Knowledge Base

Quickly find answers to your questions by searching our easy-to-use knowledge base.

Start growing your store’s revenue with data-driven insights, and install Vantage for free today!

Vantage - Automate Your Advertising reviews

100 reviews
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  5. 1 star (1 review)

Would give it 6 stars if all the options for facebook ads were available such as carousel ads and product catalogs for all types of campaigns, but so far so good very easy to use and very fast as well


this app is very useful for getting guesstimates for your shopify performance.


Love this app ! It has good analytics and usefull tips! www.racerc.gr


Vantage is simply the best at what they do. We trust them for all of our KPI's and retargeting ad spend. We routinely achieve a 1:3 ROI and have hit as high as 1:10 ROI.


Thery easy to use and informative app.


Very nice app! Would like to see the new things coming!


A great tool to dissect data and really find out how to get those conversions. A must have app.



A great tool that provides excellent data from the back end of my site so I can get a glimpse of what's working, what's not and what's hot! To top it of you can also do Facebook advertising! Very helpful.


A solid analytical app that has some deep social media marketing tools. Even if you don't know if you are going to be doing social media marketing with them (and you should) it is a very deep analytical tool that will give insight into your customer base.


Earlier this week I wrote a fairly in-depth review of Vantage that was critical of how they confusingly reported return and revenue.

I'm impressed. The CEO of Vantage contacted us to say how they valued the feedback, made clarifications to the reporting and had taken everything on board. He also explained in detail how they do their best to present Facebook's cash and non-cash revenue data in as intuitive a way as possible which is fair, to say the least.

With these reporting changes, there is nothing not to like about Vantage. It is the easiest way I know of to advertise on Facebook. It takes minutes to setup. That, and most importantly, they care about what they do and how clients use it, which is exemplary.

Two thumbs up!


Analytics - Free
Advertising - $99/month + 15% of ad spend
Trial - $99 waived for the first 30 days

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