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Vantage - Automate Your Advertising

Vantage - Automate Your Advertising

Developed by Vantage

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  • Accelerate growth through prospecting and retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram using data from your Shopify store
  • Boost sales with Vantage’s automatic ad optimization - customers are currently seeing an average 10X return
  • A/B test hundreds of ads in minutes to discover what drives your customers’ purchasing decisions

Data-Driven Marketing Success, Made Easy

Shopify stores make an extra $120,000/year in revenue using Vantage.

Vantage helps you increase revenue using data from your Shopify store. Launch powerful advertising “Smart Campaigns”. With Vantage your ads are improved automatically! The platform automatically optimizes out the bad ads and re-allocates the budget to the best ads, placements, and channels guaranteeing the best possible returns. Think of the time and money you'll save by only running ads that are performing.

Grow Your Business with Vantage Smart Campaigns

Vantage Smart Campaigns are data-driven advertising campaigns built based on the key data metrics of your store and benchmarked stores like yours. Smart Campaigns are designed to drive customers toward a single goal - making a purchase. With an average 10X return on ad spend, we are one of the leading Facebook and Instagram advertisers.

We understand that finding enough time in a day is a struggle for most retailers. Vantage is designed to save you 90% of time on campaign creation, and 100% of time on ad optimization. You can create and test hundreds of ad variations in just a few minutes.

How It Works

Targeted Audiences

We build up to 11 prospecting and retargeting audiences from your own store’s data to help you attract new visitors and convert customers more effectively

Ad Creative

Select images from your product catalog, or upload custom images and videos to design your ads

Platform Selection

Choose if you’d like to advertise on Facebook, Instagram or both!

Ad Placements

Simply drag-and-drop copy onto your ad placements and see exactly how your ads will look

Automatic Ad Optimization

Sit back and watch Vantage automatically optimize your campaigns. We will turn off bad ads and re-allocate the budget to the best ads, placements, and channels for the best possible return.

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Vantage customers don't waste money on bad ads!

Why Vantage?

We offer you an automated solution for running your prospecting and retargeting ads on Facebook and Instagram. Vantage installs the pixel, creates a product catalog for your store, builds custom audiences, and runs while at the same time auto-optimizing your campaigns. Our only ask of you is to choose the ad copy and image and set the duration and budget.

The ultimate purpose behind Vantage is to help ecommerce businesses like you grow because we understand revenue is the only metric that truly matters at the end of the day. Throughout your experience with Vantage, you will always see your revenue front and center with exactly how much of that came from working with Vantage. We are here to help you increase sales - period.

Install Vantage to begin growing your Shopify store with data-driven marketing today. Sign up free!

Stack the Ads in Your Favor with the Vantage Stack

Looking to experience high-growth? The Vantage Stack is a set of highly efficient campaigns that touch customers with ads at every step along the customer journey.

Much like an email drip campaign, the ad campaigns in the Vantage Stack bring in new customers and drive them through the sales funnel, recovering abandoned carts and ultimately retaining the best customers.

The ad campaigns that make up the Vantage Stack will:

  • ATTRACT: Attract new customers through prospecting campaigns based on characteristics of your best customers, most common visitors and even other stores that look like yours.

  • CONVERT: Convert shoppers into buyers by retargeting visitors that viewed your store or looked at products, but didn't quite close the deal. No more abandoners!

  • RE-ENGAGE: Retain your best customers, remind them why they love your brand and encourage them to come back by showing them new products or customer favorites.

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An Extension of Your Team

Look to Vantage as an extension of your team; a team member dedicated to growing your Shopify store using data-driven marketing.

Dedicated Customer Support

Reach out via Live Chat, Email, or Phone with questions on your store’s performance or advertising needs.

Knowledge Base

Quickly find answers to your questions by searching our easy-to-use Knowledge Base.

Vantage Analytics - Comprehensive Store Reporting

Want to see the data that Vantage analyzes to build and optimize your data-driven advertising campaigns? With the simple click of a button you can turn on Vantage Analytics and see all of your Shopify store’s data on your own real-time dashboard.

Monitor Multiple Shopify Stores in Real-Time

From Abandon Cart Rate to Repeat Customer Rate to Average Order Value, identify what areas of your store are thriving, and which ones need a little love to help drive your business forward!

The Only Revenue Forecasting Tool for Shopify

Vantage Analytics is the only ecommerce analytics platform to offer Revenue Forecasting. Our Revenue Timeline accurately predicts what your store will make today, this week, this month, and even this year!

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Start growing your store’s revenue with data-driven insights, and install Vantage for free today!

Vantage - Automate Your Advertising reviews

111 reviews
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It's been a year since we signed up for Vantage and during this time, I have come to rely on the information Vantage has provided us about our store, the traffic, and type of visitors we get, it's helping me make good decisions as well.


Awesome app that works perfectly. Absolutely love it!


don't waste your time or money...I spent 93$ and got only 41 visitors...if u spent the same money on Facebook ads you could have get more visitors to your website...they really don't know how to bring traffic to new websites...maybe this app will help to retarget the customers to the website if you have enough traffic...NOT RECOMMENDED FOR NEW OR LOW TRAFFIC WEBSITE


I was a bit of an e-commerce flop. :( I made a good website, but i just couldn't convert and the traffic was crap. Then a mate told me about Vantage so i gave it a shot.
Instead of throwing blind money at facebook ads and boosts, i was helped along by the friendly Vantage team - Tim, Paige & Amy and now my shop is an e-commerce beast! :) .I can clearly see how my money is being spent and which ads are performing the best. I don't have to adjust the budget for the good ads, Vantage does that for me, whilst i sit poolside and listen to the 'cha-ching' of the shopify sound effect on my phone.


Must have app for any e-commerce store! It is very simple to use and provides all of the important reports in one dashboard! We have used this app for about 6 months now on our store - www.AcuOutlet.com


Lots of good data in a convenient format for Shopify stores. We currently use just the analytics at groovemonkee.com but am considering doing more with them.


We used Vantage for about 1 month 8-10 months ago. Their monthly cost was ZERO. We did not use after that but then suddenly a few months back, they started charging us the 99 dollars per month even though our account was not been used. I emailed to complain and get the money refunded. Their reply was that an email had been sent notifying the changes in their charging tariff. I must not have seen this for 2 reasons - 1, it got lost in the 10,000 emails from them per day or 2, I wasn't even reading the emails anyway as we were not using their services.

After several emails the problem is still not sorted and they basically do not care!


Not useful for small businesses with low website traffic or a low Facebook following.
Advert suggestions have very basic copywriting suggestions.
A/B testing was good, however this is an expensive method to run A/B testing on Facebook.
The developers provide little guidance to improve app experience, they also do not offer refunds.


Good app! It boosted our site www,coupdecoeur.sg


Far superior insights to the included Shopify tools. Revenue estimates are also surprisingly accurate each month. A must have app for your store.


$99/month + 15% of ad spend
Trial - $99 waived for the first 30 days

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