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Analytics - Free Real-time Reporting

Analytics - Free Real-time Reporting

Developed by Vantage

9 reviews
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  • 100s of metrics to monitor the operation of your Shopify store
  • The only Shopify revenue forecasting tool on the market today
  • Used by over 20,000+ retailers around the world

Data-Driven Intelligence for Retailers - Free to Use

Vantage Analytics is the leader in helping retailers turn data into insight and action.

From data to insight, Vantage Analytics will help you monitor the operation of your ecommerce store in real-time. With the simple click of a button all of your Shopify store’s data is delivered to you on your free dashboard. All of your data will be in one place, up to date, and easily accessible.

Knowledge is Power - Using Vantage Analytics Will Help You Answer:

  • Daily/weekly/monthly/annual revenue forecast

  • Amount of lost revenue due to abandoned carts

  • Percentage of revenue that comes from repeat customers

  • Average time between purchases

  • Average order value within the last 30 days

  • And more!

40% of consumers buy more from retailers who personalize the shopping experience across channels.

We continually strive to provide valuable data and insights to help you take a data-driven approach to your business decisions. Carry the key data and insights over to your marketing efforts to make your site, ads, emails, blogs, etc. more personalized and impactful.

Join the 17,000+ retailers using Vantage Analytics to grow their store’s revenue using data-driven insights - install free today!


Free Analytics Dashboard in Minutes

Install Vantage in a matter of minutes to analyze your data and calculate key metrics.

Monitor Shopify Store in Real-Time

With over 100 metrics available, analyze your store’s performance in real-time. From Abandon Cart Rate to Repeat Customer Rate to Average Order Value, identify what areas of your business are thriving, and which ones need a little love to help drive your business forward!

Shopify’s Only Revenue Forecasting Tool

Vantage Analytics is the only ecommerce analytics platform to offer Revenue Forecasting. Our Revenue Timeline compares your current revenue with a previous time period, and forecasts what your store will make today, this week, this month, and even this year.

Dive Deep Into the Data

Use our Explore tool to mix and match any combination of store metrics to create customized reports. Easily export the data to better analyze the findings.

Vantage Analytics will help you react to trends, forecast, and plan for the future of your Shopify store.

Start scaling your revenue with data, get Vantage Analytics free today!

Wondering How to Turn This Insight Into Action?

We didn’t want to leave you hanging with all of this powerful data and insight without helping you do something with it! That’s where Vantage comes in, the companion app to Vantage Analytics.

Vantage helps you turn insight into action through powerful data-driven advertising campaigns built using the data found in your analytics.

Accelerate the growth of your Shopify store by using Vantage to automate your prospecting and retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. A/B test hundreds of versions of ads in minutes to discover what drives your customers’ purchasing decisions.

Data-driven marketing works - customers using Vantage are currently seeing an average 10X return. Click here to learn more and install Vantage for free.

Analytics - Free Real-time Reporting reviews

9 reviews
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Clear, easy to read analytics in one place. Helpful and on topic emails. Tons of data packaged beautifully. Highly recommend!


Great app. Helped in seeing overall picture of performance


It was not until I took a chance on Vantage when I started to notice Brand growth, business ramp up and useful analytics. Thanks..can't wait for future features and upgrades. Tipcup Team


A huge waste of my time and money! I installed for over 2months and have received very little actionable data, while I just installed Semantics3 and got tons of value in just few hours!


Awesome app, great support, very reliable, and very useful for sales...


So great to view real time reporting. Great app.


great way to look at your stores analytics!


Really cool analytics app. I like the forecasting tool and how clean the interface is.


Good app, nice analytics, five stars. :)


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