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Datum úprav: 31. prosinec 2022

When we did our shopify inventory, over 700 Etsy listings were removed that we paid to activate etc. When I reached out for support, he questioned me about them even existing. Very Very rude customer "support" - do not use them.

Edited to add in response: As stated in my review about your company, it was the way you treated me. If I could upload photos of the way you've spoken to me, accused me of making up our listing, bragged about your subscribers etc, I would. The bottom line is you treat people terribly Justin. You are very rude, short, cocky and talk down to people. I reached out for help and instead I received insults, accusations and smart aleck responses. That is my complaint with your company.

Texas Transfers and Designs
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Vývojář Vela odpověděl 31. prosinec 2022

As one of Vela's creators, I feel it is important to address the concern expressed in this review to ensure that others understand that Vela was not responsible for "removing" any listings from the user's shop.

In this case, the user had connected their Etsy and Shopify shops to a single Vela account. They originally published 700+ listings on Etsy in July but did not set them to auto-renew. Per Etsy's terms, new listings remain active for four months and, unless renewed, are automatically moved to expired.

This is why the listings were removed from both Vela and Etsy.

12. září 2023

The app worked fine for what we were using it for. As we learned more and wanted to streamline our processes, we found a quicker and more efficient way to do so. When contacting support on the best way to remove the profiles we had attached to products, we were told to create a blank profile and it would override all the other profiles. We were not told this would 0 out all the inventory, change all the prices to 0, and remove all the SKUs and UPCS input for every product. Now, we have to spend days catching up and correcting all the issues to our whole online store.

Route 66 Comics & Collectibles
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8. květen 2023

Took two lots of money for my stores but I only upgraded one. Wouldn't even work the next day. Took loads of products off my etsy and shopify. Awful and rude customer service. Avoid! There is better out there

Wyld Mummy Prints
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Vývojář Vela odpověděl 8. květen 2023

Unfortunately, this review is entirely false and misleading. To clarify, the user received a free one-week trial for both shops connected to Vela. Afterward, they upgraded both shops to Vela Plus and were charged $10 each, as expected and clearly stated. They then canceled both shops, requested refunds, and yet expected to retain access. While there was no legitimate reason for a refund, we still issued a full refund for both shops. Despite this, the user chose to post a negative review.

5. březen 2023

STAY AWAY!! Terrible customer service!! Not worth it, find another app. Very bad experience, rude customer service.

Filmmania Gifts
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Vývojář Vela odpověděl 6. březen 2023

To clarify and correct this misleading review, the user subscribed in January, used the platform, and then reached out to request a refund, claiming that they "accidently" signed up. We provided the refund without question. However, they tried the same thing again in March, and we did not grant a refund, so they posted a negative review.

21. červenec 2023

Poor Customer service.
Unpolite and unwilling to solve problems
The app will stop if publish over 30 listing and there is no way to settle it by customer .
Very very poor exerience.

Casioak Studio
Hongkong – ZAO Číny
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30. září 2022

Pessima non funziona, rovina i prezzi dei prodotti del sito, assolutamente da non utilizzare. Abbiamo utilizzato l'app e abbiamo avuto grossi problemi
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Datum úprav: 6. leden 2022

Unreliable app. They force us to pay even though I installed the app when it was completely free. I've been using hundreds of apps so far but none of them treats their early customers this way :( My client (the store owner) feels disappointed at me as I told them the app is free to use.

DR.HC - Happy Choices for Organic, Natural, Vegan Cosmetics
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31. prosinec 2021

This app is the worst. I used to like it but it has caused me many problems. I went to update all my footers recently and the app added all my 382 items into ALL OF MY Collections so that I have to meticulously spend hours and merchandise everything. They never have responded when I try to write in, and ok when it was FREE but now they want you to pay. Thanks for making me pay to spend hours of my life fixing problems you created. In a nutshell: if you make a bulk edit watchou t that it will screw everything up. This has happened several time to me.

Goddess Provisions
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14. říjen 2021

Quite disappointed with the turn of events - from freebie to greedy. Sure, charge something for your service, but now I'm supposed to pay for every connected store when I use the app every now and then? Will look out for something else and move as soon as possible. Would be fine with a $10/month for all shops but not for each and every single shop that might need some bulk edit at some point.

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1. září 2021

The app ruined my shop, the support was really harassing me and threatened me.
"Justin" was not helpful and even violent. I have copied our chat.
I am scared to leave my shop connected.

Fairy's Feathers
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