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23. srpen 2023

I'm just testing a trial of this software though so far, except for a couple of additional things I would have liked to see as features, which I contacted their support about and who advised me that they're on their to-do list of features in the near future, the functionality and ease-of-editing capabilities is far better in this app than using the native Shopify Bulk Edit and standard Products screen. I'd highly recommend this app and in relation to the previous negative reviews, I hate to say it though all apps have their problems and apps that are powerful can sometimes have inadvertent consequences if you tick the wrong tick-box and "Apply" the changes to a large amount of products! The reality is, you just have to be very careful and not be asleep at the wheel when using these kinds of bulk editing tools.

It would be nice to see publishing directly to other channels such as Amazon, though if that's the direction the creators will take, I'm sure they'll make it happen (I'm a software developer so know how much work it takes to develop software, even those "I just want a button that does this" type of work can takes months).

Bannard & Hinkley
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Datum úprav: 4. leden 2023

I've been using Vela for awhile now and I would highly recommend it to anyone who sells on multiple e-commerce platforms. It's a great bulk product management software that allows me to manage my Etsy and Shopify products easily. I love the bulk product editing feature, variation profiles and Etsy product importer feature the most. This is a must have app for Etsy shop owners who are wanting to move their products to Shopify without a huge headache. I had a question late in the evening and clicked on their chat support button and was instantly connected with a live person. Not only did they answer, they sent me a link to log in remotely so they could show me how to do the task I was needing to do. Amazing customer service! I am so thankful for Justin taking the time to show me all the great new features Vela has to offer. They regularly update their software which anyone who sells on Etsy realizes this is important because changing products on Etsy is time consuming. These changes can be made quickly through Vela. Honestly, as long term user who has high expectations, Vela regularly exceeds them. The monthly subscription is well worth it, as it literally saves me hours of work by not having to go through and update and add my products manually. Very pleased with this product.

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11. říjen 2022

WOW That is my first impression of this app. It is going to save me so much time listing on individual channels now I can do it all on this one app, I like the look of the pages they are easy to navigate well thought out and so so simple to use. Most of my products are customised and the app even supports this which I am super impressed with. I have had to reach out twice to customer support and both times Justin done a screen share with me and walked me through the issue I was having which was a simple user error and was resolved within a few minutes. I am excited to know that they are looking to add ebay and amazon in the future. Well worth the $10 per month as it will literally save me hours upon hours of listing the same products on multiple channels. Subscribe subscribe subscribe you wont regret it, I am so glad I have found this app. Lifesaver!

Blossom Lane Cards & Gifts
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28. srpen 2023

In a marketplace flooded with low quality apps from developers rushing out products and features without understanding customer use cases, Vela is such a well designed and executed tool for listing creation and management it's hard not to be impressed. Everything I've tested so far works flawlessly (barring user error), and I've been using the original etsy-only Vela for a long time and never had an issue. This is also one of the few apps that gets actively promoted inside the Etsy control panel for store owners, and they don't add tools lightly. I've obviously got a long list of feature requests, but what I've used so far does the job really well.

Notes & Clips
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17. prosinec 2022

I've had this for a while and used it bulk edit Esty listings. Recently I've been trying to make a Shopify store and import listings using various apps and not one had everything I needed. Come to find out I already had what I needed and it couldn't be easier. I have thousands of Etsy listings with many many variants and its still a breeze. The only holdup is Shopify apparently has a variant limit of 1000 per day after you reach 55000 so be aware of that. This has nothing to do with Vela but its best to use Vela 100 listings or so at a time. Cant say enough good things about the program or Justin who was very helpful.

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13. leden 2023

I'm new to Shopify and Etsy so having Vela to help me in connecting both shops has been a huge help! The ease of use, well-thought-out functionality, easy to follow instructional videos for all areas of use, make it a pleasure to use. Being able to set up variation profiles, tag profiles and other things you can't do in Etsy and Shopify is terrific! You get to try it out with full functionality for a full week before committing to the very reasonable monthly fee and the best part is whenever I've had a question I send a message to support and within minutes I've gotten a response. Even on Christmas Day when I stated in my message that I certainly did not expect to hear from anyone, Justin wrote back with help as he was heading to his Christmas dinner! Now that's what I call awesome customer support!! I wish there were more than 5 stars so I could give them to Vela!

SewShel Petwork
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3. březen 2023

When I say that Vela's new features nearly made me cry tears of joy, it is NOT an exaggeration. Being a one woman show, I have literally hundreds of items that just never get listed, or take a year or more to list. When I would sit down previously and list my item in Etsy and then in Shopify it would take me an hour plus for each item, so I would rarely take the time out to do so as I needed to be in the studio making jewerly instead. With Vela Create and Vela Profiles it takes me MINUTES to list something new. I can pop up a few listings easily on my laptop while I watch tv with the family instead of taking a whole day out to try to get new items up or just never listing them and losing the chance at revenue. I've used vela on and off for years and it's always been handy, but Create and Profiles are an absolute game changer. Another huge plus is Vela serving as a workaround to Etsy not allowing roles or assistants to access our shop if they are not at your IP address. I recently hired a virtual assistant in another country and she can log into Vela to help with my Etsy without the risk of Etsy shutting me down. Vela is an absolutely necessary tool for your toolbox if you want to streamline your business and spend your time where it counts.

Ashley Lozano Jewelry
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7. duben 2023

A MUST HAVE FOR ANY SELLERS ON SHOPIFY AND OR ETSY!!! This wonderful app is already an essential part of my shops and makes the listing process so much more fluent and organized. My time is very limited to create and work on listings, and having the ability to utilize the tools provided with this app is a huge asset to me growing and expanding my business.

A HUGE THANK YOU to the creators for their amazing customer service, even providing me with assistance to an issue that was due to my own error on a holiday! With a quick message sent, a reply was given immediately with the issue resolved before I even knew what the problem was.

I am extremely impressed and am so glad I have an app that is allowing me to gain confidence in my shops!!!


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Datum úprav: 28. červenec 2023

A Game-Changer for My Multiple Sites!

I've been using the Vela app for a whopping 9 months now across multiple sites, and let me tell you, it's been an absolute game-changer! When I started, Vela offered the most advanced product editing and bulk updating capabilities on the Shopify app store, and the best part? It's incredibly affordable compared to other options out there. Trust me, I've tried them all, and Vela takes the crown!

But what truly sets them apart is their top-notch support. The team at Vela is nothing short of amazing! They respond promptly and with genuine care – no automated messages here! They actually listen to your needs and provide spot-on solutions without bombarding you with unnecessary questions.

Special shoutout to Justin from Vela, who has been an absolute rockstar in assisting me whenever I needed help. Kudos to the entire team for continually updating the app with fantastic features that just keep getting better and better! ✨

In conclusion, choosing Vela has been hands down the best decision I've made for my business. If you want an app that delivers on its promises and offers outstanding support, look no further. Vela is the real deal!

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Doba používání aplikace: 7 měsíci
12. září 2023

On my 3rd month of using Vela now and I can't imagine being without it now. If you want to update existing products or upload new ones, this will save you endless hours and completely streamline the process for you. Their in app support is always on hand to help with technical questions and their archive of how-to videos is comprehensive and invaluable.

For reference, I am the marketing director for a high volume, high value Shopify store. I have used and tested many Shopify apps over the years and this one is a unicorn. For $10 a month, we are saving 10s if not hundreds of hours a week.

Hydes Leather
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