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11. červen 2024

I like being able to edit my listings in Vela, over doing it on etsy and shopify. Vela allows me to copy over my listings from Etsy to Shopify and edit them before uploading at my pace. I appreciate the speed that this app has gained over the years I've used it. I've been using it for many years to edit my etsy listings in ways etsy doesn't allow and it made sense to use them for my shopify too.

Candy's Book Thongs
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4. červen 2024

I sell on Etsy as well as Shopify. Transferring my products from my Etsy store to my Shopify store via Vela has been smooth and easy! I've been able to learn on my own how to do everything, and if I can't figure it out, there's plenty of Youtube videos out there, and the Vela team always responds to my questions via chat. They walk me through all the steps, until I understand. If you are an Etsy seller, this app is a must!

Honey Bespoke
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28. březen 2024

This is a lifesaver, specially if you have Shopify and Etsy stores. It will save you countless hours of tedious work. The interface is intuitive and very well-designed. The developers are very responsive and even their AI chatbot is super helpful. The app is also updated regularly with new features and they provide detailed tutorial videos to learn them
Just sign up, you'll be glad you did.

Quetzal Studio
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13. červen 2024

This is an indispensible time-saver, with world-class support. I got Vela about a year ago to manage my Etsy store, and then migrating all my listings to open a Shopify store (100+ products) took less than 5 minutes. Absolutely worth the tiny amount they charge -- I'm glad they're keeping this app affordable. I couldn't recommend Vela more. Get it.

Richard Miles Photos
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18. duben 2024

I love the Vela app because, in my opinion, it's the ONLY way to manage multiple listings in one store, or even across multiple channels. My favorite is the "Profile" and the "Bulk Edit" functions. And the genius way to link product photos to variations is the biggest time saver for me. Each of my listings has seven material options and a range of 3-15 size options. Updating these manually would be impossible and an ineffective use of my time. The best part about the bulk edit and photo linking is how I can scan down the photos and variations inventory to double-check that all have linked photos. The variations that still need a photo link have 100% transparency and stand out from those already connected (which have a degree of opacity). Very helpful! Another significant aspect of Vela is the customer support. Every time I have reached out for help in the Chat, Justin responds immediately! You can't beat that! Thank you, Justin!

Debra Gail Fine Art
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9. duben 2024

Not just a great app but amazing costumer service. Always promptly to answer any questions. Keep the awesome work guys!

DB Creative Studios
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25. březen 2024

If you’ve been dreading updating your shop because of the time it takes to manually open, change, save and close a ton of listings, then this app is for you!! It’s been a huge time saver for both my Etsy shops and also my Shopify store. Even if all it did was bulk editing, it would have been worth it. The fact that it can also sync listings between my stores is epic! Love it. Totally recommend it.

AonCelticArt — explore books & artwork by Cari Buziak
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13. květen 2024

A Lifesaver for E-commerce Sellers!
Vela is an absolute game-changer for managing Etsy and Shopify stores.

The bulk editing feature is amazing, allowing me to update titles, descriptions, prices, and tags across hundreds of products with ease.
Inventory syncing is flawless! The image management tools are fantastic, and the SEO optimization has boosted my store's visibility. You will definitely have more time for creating new designs for your shops.

Vela’s customer support is outstanding—prompt, helpful, and genuinely caring. This app has transformed my workflow and saved me so much time, I am in awe. A must-have for any serious e-commerce seller.
Thank you, Vela!

Treasure Trove Studio
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8. únor 2024

I love this app, it saves me SO MUCH time. I've always had a good experience with support if/when needed, too, which is very important. Like many others I've used this app from (nearly?) the beginning, and nobody like price increases, but as a business owner I understand it is necessary. Plus, this is one of the most valuable apps I use, and I very much appreciate the discount and sliding scale pricing. I look forward to future updates and functions to be added!

Candyland Studio
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26. únor 2024

This app is brilliant! As an artist, I have sometimes felt discouraged by how time-consuming creating listings and maintaining my E-commerce shops was and how it left me little time to create more art to list.

A couple of months ago, I started a Shopify sister shop to boost my Etsy shop but was worried I had taken on more than I could manage. That's when I found Vela.
After learning to navigate and use all the functions I realized I found a goldmine. The amount of time this app saves me is priceless. Because of having Vela, I have enough time to be able to open more shops for "side hustles".

I also must add that the user support is excellent. They are responsive, and go the extra mile to make sure any questions are answered and understood and issues are resolved.

This app functions beautifully considering it is fairly new and a work in progress. I hear more great functionalities are coming which I'm looking forward to seeing.

Vela is on its way to being an "all in one" must-have app for E-sellers and side hustlers.

Waves & Wonders - Photographic Fine Art by Amy Medina
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