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  • Bulk create content rich, compatible products that automatically update your store including variants, inventory, images.. you name it!
  • Stop outsourcing your product content or building spreadsheets for Shopify! Works great for Shopify Plus!
  • Venzee is an award winning, cloud based platform that will bring your back office into the 21st century!

Venzee is used by 1,000+ retailers to dynamically create products including variants and import these automatically to their stores.

With 90% of suppliers, manufacturers and dropshippers still using spreadsheets to share information about their products with their retailers, we believe this is the single biggest challenge facing the retail industry.

With Venzee, you can stop building spreadsheets or spend money on costly outsourcing to create and import products and updates to Shopify.

Venzee is the most powerful product information management app available for Shopify that goes beyond just feeds and inventory.

Here's how it works;

Step 1: Sign up for Venzee and import the spreadsheets you receive from your supply chain into Venzee or have your suppliers share their products with you via Venzee instead of email or FTP.

Step 2: Bulk transform this product information into dynamic records that are content rich, compatible updates for your Shopify store.

Step 3: Enable our integration with Shopify in our Integration Marketplace.

Step 4: Attach your dynamic records to your Shopify integration.

Step 5: Done! As the product information you used to create your dynamic records is updated, your dynamic records will refresh which means your store will update automatically too.

Venzee is powerful, reliable and simple to use.

We support inbound and outbound integrations, variants, dynamic pricing, images, inventory... you name it.

Put your product information management on auto-pilot and say #nomorespreadsheets!

Venzee supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Mandarin.

Venzee reviews

7 reviews
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Works great for updating inventory and products including auto adding new products based on the content rules we set up in our exports. I'd like an unpublish option for discontinued products but they said that feature is coming soon. Takes some setting up but once its done, its powerful. Support was okay, I got the feeling they're busy but the docs were good enough. Use live chat support as phone is often busy.


Zero stars was not an option. I cannot stress how useless of a service this is. Not only will they not allow you to cancel your account yourself (leading to inevitable charges they won't refund 100%), they will also mislead you into thinking the service will work with Shopify. I was told by one account rep that syncing metafields using Venzee would be no problem and that a developer could help us set this up within a matter of days. Then the owner (?) of the company told me this was a feature they were working on and that it wouldn't be available for 8 weeks. I stated the urgency of our case over and over ... and still it took them over a week to finally tell me they could (WOULD) not help.


App never worked. Also I was wrongly billed and never got a refund. Awful support staff. I installed this app on Dec. 9 and also requested a demo. Support staff Mariel Fuentes requested the demo be pushed to next week. I asked which day can we reschedule. Never heard back.

On Dec. 14, I uninstalled the app because this app didn't work & I never got the demo. At the time of installation, I used their promo code "Promo code, SHOPFREE will get you 60 days free on any of our packages." LIE

Dec. 16, I was billed with an invoice of $98.10. I uninstalled this app within 5 days and shouldn't be billed. On the same day, I emailed them & never heard back. Then Dec. 20 I called and left a message for the owner Kate and also again emailed my previous email copy to her requesting a refund. Still no answer. So now I have to dispute with my bank.

Venzee billed me outside of Shopify instead of through Shopify.

UPDATE: 1-17-207:
I filed a dispute with my bank and a chargeback was done.
I already uninstalled this app since Dec. 16, 2016 but they continue to charge me monthly. I received another bill today in the mail when I already canceled with them in December.


This is our fifth store and our first on Shopify. We have an extensive product line, working with over 50 vendors in four countries. We were already using Venzee with our stores on Magento and I cannot recommend this app highly enough. This goes beyond mapping our vendors information. We can add product content, automatically generate categories and update everything on our stores instantly, each time us or our vendor imports a change to Venzee. This has saved us so much time and let us take on more brands. The service is outstanding. I'd send these guys a crate of beer if I had the address!! No joke - you need this. Thank you Venzee!


I am so glad I found this app. We took on a new supplier with 9 brands totalling 35K products. No joke, its taken me 2 days to import all of these product lines including description, variants, images and spec setup to our store. Normally, this would take WEEKS. The supplier is on the Venzee platform so as they make changes or add products, our store is updated automatically. VERY happy with this app which comes with unlimited SKU's and vendors. Can't recommend it enough.. well except to our competitors!


Not sure how to rate this. I tried to use it to update my inventory, and it didnt make any changes to Shopify, I tried different ways to do it, but still nothing. Ill be honest, im not sure what this app is supposed to do, but I dont think it actually makes any changes to your store. I give it 3 stars because it just isnt clear what your supposed to do, or what it does, and its pretty confusing, probably just me, but I felt like i need to become a Venzee rep to figure out how it works.


We've been searching for a tool like Venzee for months and now we have it! We're using Venzee for syncing inventory and adding products and variants to our store. This is exactly what we needed when we needed it, we're so relieved to have found it!


Venzee is free for up to 100 dynamic records with daily store updates. Visit https://venzee.com/pricing/ to learn more.

Promo code, SHOPFREE will get you 60 days free on any of our packages.

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