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Visitors by NS8

Visitors by NS8

Developed by NS8.com

32 reviews
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  • See latest visitors with an incredible amount of details
  • Filter by dozens of attributes, including location, campaign, device type, and demographics
  • Export your visitor list

View and Export Visitors to Your Site

One key missing feature in Google Analytics is the ability to see a report on individual visitors to your site. This app provides that feature.

The Visitors app displays a list of all visitors to your shop. Over 100 attributes are available to report on, including:

  • How many times the visitor has been to your shop

  • The channel and campaign

  • Geolocation

  • Device data

  • The organization (company/ISP/university)

  • The likelyhood the visitor is a bot

  • The demographics of the postal code of the visitor

  • The browser/platform and other client data

and more...

In addition, you can export this data into CSV format for Microsoft Excel and other applications.

The Visitors app works by integrating a small script on your site, which will not cause any blocking or performance issues.

The Visitors app is provided by NS8 and NS8 Complete Storefront Protection, which is an ecommerce-focused analytics & fraud protection product that specializes in campaign fraud detection, order fraud protection, and reputation monitoring.

Visitors by NS8 reviews

32 reviews
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The app is easy to use and very helpful in seeing where your traffic is coming from. I am still new to the app but learning. Customer support was excellent and very fast response.


Does what it says, excellent app, 5 Stars!


Very useful and easy to use ! Plus it's free - Would recommend


This app has ZERO support, been getting this error for a week, no replies


Please re-launch the app


Today I can finally rate this app as 5 stars. I was wondering why I would need an app like this if I have Google Analytics. Here is how NS8 helped me.

I was getting a lot of traffic from the US with huge bounce rate from the direct channel which Google analytics was showing me however the google support could not help me with why this was the case. They kept saying this was user behavior and there is nothing we could do. Moreover, I do not even operate in the US.

I finally used NS8 today and started working my way down. I first selected all traffic I received for last month. I then had country, city and organisation opened up and filtered all traffic in the US. I noticed how there was a lot of traffic coming from an organisation called Microsoft Azure. I then selected I.P. Address & Bounce from the columns and noticed a large portion of Microsoft Azure traffic was coming from the same I.P. address where the bounce rate True.

This was the biggest find I have gotten for over a month all thanks to NS8. I can now start excluding traffic from this source so i can see more accurate traffic :D

Thank you NS8 for amazing filtering and columns selections!


Great in debt information on the visitors by many different attributes. This can be very useful when it comes to setting up targetting strategy and learning about your users. Highly recommended


p: 904-309-9096
a: PO Box 350542, Jacksonville, Florida 32235
s: baysuperstore.com


I have dozens of visitors a day. Yet this app says "No data available in table"


Great easy to use, from Cowpresso Coffee Roasters Singapore. http://cowpressocoffee.sg/


Great App,Give it a day and you'll see why!



The best app to analyse visitors to the store. Simple for beginners who doesn't familiar with phrases and numbers.


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