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  • Sell your products directly to millions of active shoppers
  • Automatically list your entire product inventory
  • Reach new customers and increase your sales by 3-6x

Apply to sell in Wanelo’s marketplace and get discovered by millions of active shoppers.

The Wanelo Sales Channel was built to help Shopify merchants reach new customers, build a following and grow their businesses. By installing the sales channel, you are applying to sell your products directly on Wanelo, so that millions of shoppers can discover and buy your products with just a tap.

What is Wanelo?

Wanelo (“wah-nee-loh,” from Want, Need, Love) is a social marketplace bringing together 800K stores and 50M products, all shoppable from one place. For shoppers, it’s a way to discover and buy products from stores both big and small. For merchants, Wanelo is a place to market and sell your products to millions of users who come to do nothing but shop.

How does the Wanelo Sales Channel work?

  1. At this time, the Wanelo Sales Channel is only available to sellers with a US social security number

  2. Installing the Wanelo Sales Channel places your store on the waitlist to sell in Wanelo's marketplace

  3. While your application is under review, Wanelo syncs with your Shopify inventory to automatically import your products to your own Wanelo storefront

  4. If your application is accepted, your store will be notified and your products will be made available for direct purchase in Wanelo's marketplace

  5. Any order placed on Wanelo is sent straight to your Shopify dashboard to be fulfilled

What else do sellers in Wanelo's marketplace need to know?

  • Orders placed on Wanelo must be fulfilled within 5 days and tracking numbers are required

  • Orders must be confirmed as shipped by a Wanelo supported carrier to qualify for payment

  • We charge a 15% commission on fulfilled orders and commission is taken out of the order subtotal. You don't pay us anything until you make a sale.

  • Your store’s email address, location and policies for shipping, returns and exchanges must be visible on your website

  • At this time, Wanelo supports a single shipping rate per store and cannot support customized products if they require customer input at the time of order

  • At this time, Wanelo only processes payment to US Bank accounts.
  • If you do not have a US Bank Account, you can register to receive payment through Payoneer here

Still have questions? Check our FAQ or email us.

By installing this app, you agree to Wanelo's Merchant Terms of Service and to receive occasional email updates from Wanelo.

Wanelo reviews

142 reviews
  1. 5 stars (54 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (15 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (8 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (7 reviews)
  5. 1 star (58 reviews)

love it, ive been using this app for about 2 years now (will be in may) love love love it


Loved this app in the beginning - it resulted in quite a few more sales a week. And then recently they've pretty much stopped. Not sure if they changed their algorithm or something but unfortunately I'm not so impressed anymore. Now they're going to raise their commission to 15%? No thank you. I will be deleting this app.

Update: Even after deleting the app, I'm still getting sales. How does that even happen??


THANKS TO WANELO MY STORE https://www.suxalys.com/


I've had the app for over 1 1/2. Honestly, there were so many problems with my followers, etc that was being taken care of until they couldn't figure it out. It's a lot of commission that they charge, too. It also bothers me that there is little accountability from them.


We have been using Wanelo since we launched our website. We're happy with it and has brought us sales. The customer service is doing an excellent job. It would have been a 5-star if we can maximize our Amazon fulfillment service with Wanelo. Right now, we can't ship and fulfill via Amazon because Amazon sometimes use a shipping carrier that is not supported by Wanelo. We're hoping one day this bottleneck would be resolved. Overall, great experience!


The Wanelo has been super supportive for me. They were patient with me selecting all the right settings and responded to my emails usually within 24 hours.

Though not driving a ton of sales, Wanelo definitely added to the cash flow.


This app is the truth...I receive most of my orders from Wanelo...Very satisfied customer...


We support your review and will be in contact.
Following your lead in the lawsuit.

They owe me over 1000s dollars

And Trendwy is another of my stores that was closed. Will be also joining the lawsuit. Will be in contact.


Its even worse.
They will close you store and no matter how much money the need to pay, they will stated that they believe there are fraudulent activities and that no money will be paid back. They do not verified anything and only wait until they owe you over a 1000's dollars and the close your account.
They do this to many small stores. But, we are getting together to complete a lawsuit.
If you want more information or being part of this lawsuit, please contact wanelolawsuit@gmail.com We are already many stores under this circumstances. Please make sure you download all your accounts from you store dashboard or at least you have e-mails.
Also if you can show with you bank statements that they never paid enough, we can accomplish taking this to the Federal Court.
With your help, They will be sued by millions not only for the money, but for the damage that is causing that they are keeping the funds.


I really wanted to love this app! So many notices saying my products have not shipped! When in fact the customers already recieved the product! Awesome! I have earned NOTHING! I will be removing this app! Hopefully they get it right soon! I'm in the business to make money, not lose it!


Wanelo fees apply - 15% commission per sale plus 2.9% processing fees


A Wanelo accountfree
Shopify store based in the US
Shopify Basic $29/mth Plan or Higher


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