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Sell your products directly to millions of active shoppers to increase your customer base.

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Thousands of Shopify merchants report Wanelo has helped them increase their sales 3-6x!

About Wanelo

Sell in Wanelo’s marketplace and get discovered by millions of active shoppers!

The Wanelo Sales Channel was built to help Shopify merchants reach new customers, build a following and grow their businesses. By installing the sales channel, you are applying to sell your products directly on Wanelo, so that millions of shoppers can discover and buy your products with just a tap.

What is Wanelo?

Wanelo (“wah-nee-loh,” from Want, Need, Love) is a social marketplace bringing together 800K stores and 50M products, all shoppable from one place. For shoppers, it’s a way to discover and buy products from stores both big and small. For merchants, Wanelo is a place to market and sell your products to millions of users who come to do nothing but shop.

How does the Wanelo Sales Channel work?

  • At this time, the Wanelo Sales Channel is only available to sellers with a US social security number
  • Installing the Wanelo Sales Channel places your store on the waitlist to sell in Wanelo's marketplace
  • While your application is under review, Wanelo syncs with your Shopify inventory to automatically import your products to your own Wanelo storefront
  • If your application is accepted, your store will be notified and your products will be made available for direct purchase in Wanelo's marketplace
  • Any order placed on Wanelo is sent straight to your Shopify dashboard to be fulfilled

What else do sellers in Wanelo's marketplace need to know?

  • All stores are subject to approval. Please read our prohibited products on Wanelo before installing. Any stores with prohibited products will be denied.
  • Orders placed on Wanelo must be fulfilled within 5 days and tracking numbers are required
  • Orders must be confirmed as shipped by a Wanelo supported carrier to qualify for payment
  • Your store’s email address, location and policies for shipping, returns and exchanges must be visible on your website
  • At this time, Wanelo supports a single shipping rate per store and cannot support customized products if they require customer input at the time of order
  • At this time, Wanelo only processes payment to US Bank accounts. If you do not have a US Bank Account, you can register to receive payment through Payoneer here

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We charge 15% commission on the subtotal of fulfilled orders

Overall rating
2.9 of 5 stars
Based on 183 reviews

  • 5 of 5 stars
    38% of ratings are 5 stars
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    10% of ratings are 4 stars
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    5% of ratings are 3 stars
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    43% of ratings are 1 stars

Most recent reviews


An honest review after 4 years being with there network.

#1. You ship customers orders without payment.
#2. It takes 15 to 25 days later to get paid from your stock.
#3. You are not allowed to have your customers emails.
#4. They take 20% or so from all orders.
#5. They do not respect your store policy.
#6. They think there in control of your business.
#7. They have a lot less shoppers then they used to.
#8. The reps threaten you all the time.
#9. The reps treat you like your a kid and not a business.
#10. They think there better then you.
#11. They will refund a customer without them returning an item.
#12. Many odd shops on there network that seem fake or like copies of other shops.
#13. There reps are on power trips and have no business experience it seems. They are not qualified to make business choices.

We could go on but after all these years we just got fed up. They don't bend at all to there shops who give them money and only want you to bend. There policy's are unreasonable and they are often disrespectful in the way they talk to you by form of email.

They think your just lucky to be on there network. You need them right??

WRONG, they are not building you any traffic or really helping your business this whole system only really works for them its not an equal partnership and again they treat you like your less then them in all ways. Read the reviews, many feel this way we just made the mistake of staying with them to long and the last few months we really just decided we no longer care to work with them as it's not doing anything for us. They sent us an email being rude and demanding and we were just like whatever guys enough is enough. They wanted us to kiss butt and act as if they owned our business guess what wanleo you don't!

Wanelo needs new management and a whole makeover and learn to be grateful for shops who allowed them to share there profits with them. You don't see major players like fashionnova sharing money with wanelo ever wonder why??

Not worth your time unless your just getting starred and wanted some extra sales for a while but you will soon see once you grow it becomes a waste of your time and business money. Pass them by.

It's not you, it's them lol! We gave them to much time and to much money. All we can do know is laugh about it and let you know not to do what we did.

Wanelo ask yourself if your so great and doing it the right way then why are so many shops leaving or left you and giving you bad reviews? YOUR BUSINESS MODEL IS BROKEN. You need to fix your network.



I see reviews about great customer service but they will not respond to an email. I see way more reviews saying that. I receive the auto response that they received my message and they will get back to me in 48 hours.

Life Collection

Great support team! quickly and perfectly solved my problem. I highly recommend Wanelo, it’s very helpful in marketing our products.