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  • Increase sales opportunities: welcome shoppers into your Shopify store with engaging, interactive fullscreen images of your products
  • No coding or development skills required to create and integrate seamlessly with your store
  • Fast-loading content optimization for a captivating customer experience and successful e-commerce

Whimm helps you sell more by giving Shopify customers a breathtaking interactive mobile shopping experience as they enter your store.

Consumers are spending more time, and doing more, on their smartphones.

In 2016, mobile customers accounted for 69% of Shopify traffic and 55% of orders. During the same year, 54% of all Shopify customers made their purchases on mobile.

The convenience of short browsing sessions throughout the day creates multiple sales opportunities. To capture these sales, you need to optimize for these quick shopping sessions.

Whimm literally opens the door to your shop in a surprising and delightful way that engages mobile visitors immediately, providing several benefits, including:

  • More mobile sales opportunities

  • Reduced bounce rate

  • Better, smoother customer experience, with no downloads

  • Improved Google Search ranking for mobile-specific queries

Whimm streamlines the path from product selection to transaction completion, helping convert more shoppers into buyers as they enter your Shopify store. Easy to set up and a delight to use, Whimm helps you build personal connections through visual stories about your products.

Experience Whimm to see how you can start selling more beautifully! Please visit this demo URL on a smartphone: https://whimms.com/fashion_couture

A powerful, simple mobile sales booster

Whimm enables you to create custom mobile shopping experiences with all the functionality of a dedicated app, without requiring shoppers to download anything.

Provide a simple, yet extraordinary, means of product discovery, with clear visual responses. Influence action with subtle and effective "Add to Cart" calls to action as shoppers tap and swipe their way into your store.

Easy to set up

Set up and manage your attractive store entryway easily with Whimm's WYSIWYG wizard. Use images and logos that your store uses, or simply drag and drop new ones into the editor. Get your message across exactly as you want to say it with easy-to-use text editing.

Fully customizable

The Whimm Wizard features an advanced mode, giving you tools for even greater customization.


Whimm is light and takes no time to load, providing a fluid, pleasurable greeting to your shop.

An app-like addition to your mobile shop

55% of mobile retail transactions are carried out through apps. Whimm has an app-like feel, without page refreshes, even as shoppers swipe through it into your shop. This keeps your customers engaged, providing immediate sales opportunities.

Your Whimm's content is attached to your Shopify store, not built into it, for uninterrupted shopping.

Experience Whimm to see how you can start selling more beautifully! Please visit this demo URL on a smartphone: https://whimms.com/fashion_couture


Create an app-like interactive entry and attach it to your Shopify site. No download required - Whimm loads with your website swiftly and seamlessly.

Up-sell and cross-sell with ease

Promote and showcase the products and promotions you want your customers to see first. Drive user engagement, reduce bounce rate, and generate more sales.

Whimm has redefined the call-to-action

Whimm is the ultimate mobile conversion machine, helping you win customers as they enter your store!

Experience Whimm to see how you can start selling more beautifully! Please visit this demo URL on a smartphone: https://whimms.com/fashion_couture

Whimm reviews

3 reviews
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Excellent and unique app. Easy to use and no coding needed this is a must app if you want a flawless mobile version of your E-commerce. Never had such a fast and helpful support. Good job guys


Its a great design. Works flawlessly and I would have loved to keep it. It doesnt work for me . It does not have a quantity selector option as I really needed. Has limited editing options.


Super easy to use, great app!!! Took me only a few minutes to figure out and setup. I think my website makes a better first impression on mobile now because of the newer, slick design. My first time using it and I can highly recommend it.


Free for a limited time!

You can at any time upgrade to a paid plan ($9.99) to remove Whimm branding.

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