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Wholesale Hero - Wholesale Pricing

Wholesale Hero - Wholesale Pricing

Developed by Booster Apps

60 reviews
Price: $29.99 – $49.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Save countless hours of time and effort maintaining a separate wholesale store. Have your retail and wholesale customers use the same store!
  • The MOST fully featured wholesale app for Shopify. Min requirements, automatic tagging, specific prices per variant... We have it all and more
  • The ONLY app that is fully compatible with all Shopify sales channels and inventory management. The ONLY app to offer FREE theme setups

Celebrating over $175 Million worth of wholesale orders processed in 2016 :)

Getting started is as easy as choosing a discount rate and tagging a customer with a "Wholesale" tag. This will automatically display Wholesale prices for that customer. It's as simple as that!

Along with offering a simple solution we also offer the widest range of features for customizing your store's Wholesale needs.

Check out a demo store with Wholesale Hero installed

Sounds good, but how is Wholesale Hero different from other apps?

  • Unlike other apps, Wholesale Hero is actively maintained! We are a fully dedicated team and listen to your feature requests and implement them as soon as possible.

  • The ONLY app to follow Shopify best practices for offering Wholesale prices by dynamically calculating discount codes to be applied to the customer's cart automatically!
  • The ONLY app to not create duplicate variants. These will not allow you to use any inventory app for your store. Duplicate variants will also break prices on your sales channels such as Facebook, Pintrest and Google.

  • The ONLY app of it's kind to automatically tag customers based on how much they spend, how many items they buy or even the country they live in.
  • The ONLY app of it's kind to automatically send customized emails to a customer when they are automatically tagged.
  • The ONLY app of it's kind to allow setting individual wholesale prices instead of a percentage discount.
  • Great! What can it do exactly?

    As the #1 Wholesale App we won't be beaten on features :)

    Create Multiple Discount Groups:

    Set up different discount groups for different customer types. Eg:

    • Customers tagged Wholesale will see 30% discounts

    • Customers tagged VIP will see 20% discounts

    Then specify how to apply the discount

    • Set discounts across the entire store

    • Set discounts for only specific collections

    • Set discounts for only specific products

    We are THE ONLY APP that allows you to set discounts and forget about them. No need to manually sync discounts whenever you change a product like every other Wholesale app.

    Incentivize Customers to spend more by:

    • Setting minimum quantities or total prices that must be met before a discount can be applied

    • Offering extra discounts to customers who spend over a certain amount

    Show certain products for certain customer types

    By simply tagging a product you can

    • Hide certain products from certain customers

    • Show certain products from certain customers

    • This way you can hide wholesale products from retail users and vice versa

      Auto Tag Customers: (Professional Plan - $49.99)

      No need to tag customers manually. Automatically tag customers based upon:

      • The customer's lifetime amount spent

      • The customer's number of orders

      • The customer's country

      Automatically send personalized emails to customers when they are automatically tagged

      Individual Pricing: (Professional Plan - $49.99)

      Set individual prices for each product. We allow you to set specific wholesale prices for individual variants instead of a blanket percentage discount rate.


      Does Wholesale Hero play nice with other inventory apps?

      Absolutely! The app doesn't rely on creating duplicate variants like other Wholesale apps so you're all covered there.

      Can a user potentially abuse discount codes?

      A user could add products to a cart, see a discount code for $200 at checkout, go back, remove some items and then use the $200 code. However, we take great measures and automatically check every order created with a discount code to ensure the correct discount codes are being used. You will receive an email alert notifying you to review and possibly cancel an order if any discrepencies are found.

      Usually this email alert is not caused by discount abusers at all but rather it is an issue whereby the requested inventory for a product is not available and reduced by Shopify during checkout (which we don't have control over). This in turn causes a higher discount code to be used. A fix for this is to alert the customer when a product's requested inventory is not available. We can set this up for you if you like also.

      Recommended next steps are to either - cancel the order or contact the customer asking for the additional payment of the discount difference.

      What happens when I change my theme?

      Wholesale Hero needs to be updated again for any new themes you make live on your store. While we offer free theme updates to get started, additional theme updates are $35. This can be sent to help@shopifyboosterapps.com through PayPal.

      Can I offer different shipping rates for Wholesale customers?

      Unfortunately not, Shopify does not allow us to control different shipping rates per customer during the checkout process.

      Booster Apps' Proven Reliability

      Our mission at Booster Apps is to create the ultimate suite of Shopify apps to help grow your store. We are a full time development and support team focused dedicated to supporting our customers. We support thousands of Shopify stores and have some of the most popular apps in the app store today. Feel free to get in touch at any time along the way should you need us :)


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    Wholesale Hero - Wholesale Pricing reviews (58)


    Wholesale Hero has a great tech support team! Those guys are very consistent and helpful, they go above and beyond to make sure everything is functioning the way it should.


    Super happy with the features and ease-of-use of this wholesale app. Our wholesale clients love making their purchases directly on the site instead of having to manually submit an order through a sell sheet. Plus we don't have to worry about updating sell sheets every time new product comes out. Been using it for almost a year and am extremely satisfied. Customer service is fast and effective too! Keep up the good work team!


    At this point we are about to open our Shopify store, so I do not have any actual user experience yet.

    During the set up process The Wholesale hero team was super communicative, helped me customize some features and responded to my requests in a few hours.

    I am not much of a literate in coding or building web shops. This level of support makes or breaks an app for me. It is clear that the Booster Apps team cares about their product and customers.


    This is absolutely hands down the BEST app for creating multipricing for your customers. Finally, an app that doesn't create price variants and it is so easy to use. I have several customer groups so I needed a seamless service. And the customer service is OUTSTANDING! VERY RESPONSIVE!


    Very prompt response, GREAT attitude.

    This APP requires manual installation (from the developers) and I was quite concerned about it dragging on.

    However I received a response within a couple of hours and full setup shortly after that. No bs, great service.


    We here at Iron Rebel have been extremely happy with Wholesale Hero.
    This app has allowed us to implement special pricing for a range of customers, on a broad scale, as well as a specific one.

    I would also like to mention that their service department has been top notch. With either helping me learn or solving any problem(usually user.)

    Highly recommend this app.


    I honestly spent the last 48 hours testing wholesale apps, even giving up and deciding to start a separate B2B site on another platform, each one of these apps looked cranky and had very complicated installation instructions, and trust me I never needed anyone to install an app in 4 years using Shopify, and good luck having the right theme otherwise the instructions didn't work.

    With Wholesale Hero, I had hope again, I installed it, requested to send them an invite to install the app for me and VOILA, done, beautiful, Seamless and I can continue enjoying the simplicity of Shopify even as a Wholesaler.


    great so far, very helpful....


    Very good app. I wish it would apply discounts when we do manual fulfilment of the orders. However it is still good for clients to check their prices online.

    Also very responsive team



    This app is useful for taking percentages off of your products. If you want to Take amounts in dollars off of your products its going to run you 50$ a month. The support team for this app were very helpful and responsive. I have to consider other options as $50 a month just to discount your products properly is ridiculous to me.

    $29.99 – $49.99 / month

    Free customized theme setup

    7 days


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