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Wholesale Hero - Wholesale Pricing

Wholesale Hero - Wholesale Pricing

Developed by Booster Apps

122 reviews
Price: $29.99 – $49.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Save countless hours of time and effort maintaining a separate wholesale store. Have your retail and wholesale customers use the same store!
  • The MOST fully featured wholesale app for Shopify. Min requirements, automatic tagging, specific prices per variant... The ONLY app to have net30 and manual orders.
  • No discount codes or duplicate variants to mess up your store and reporting! The ONLY app that is fully compatible with all Shopify sales channels and inventory management. The ONLY app to offer FREE theme setups

Over $300 Million worth of wholesale orders processed in 2017 so far :)

✩✩ As from of May 2017 we are the ONLY APP to not rely on discount codes or duplicate variants! Read our full list of new updates! ✩✩

Getting started is as easy as choosing a discount rate and tagging a customer with a "Wholesale" tag. This will automatically display Wholesale prices for that customer. It's as simple as that!

Along with offering a simple solution we also offer the widest range of features for customizing your store's Wholesale needs.

Check out a demo store with Wholesale Hero installed

Recent Updates:

  • July 2017: Auto tag by products purchased

  • MAY 2017: Our biggest update yet! No more discount codes or discount rounding issues :) Custom shipping!

  • MAY 2017: Improved Net Orders - email notifications
  • MAY 2017: Improved response times throughout the app

  • FEB 2017: Our most requested feature has just been released!: Manually Create Wholesale Orders! Read more here

  • JAN 2017: New and improved minimum cart requirements.

  • JAN 2017: A highly requested feature has just been released: Net 15/30 Orders! Read more here

Sounds good, but how is Wholesale Hero different from other apps?

  • Unlike other apps, Wholesale Hero is actively maintained! (See our recent updates section) We are a fully dedicated team and listen to your feature requests and implement them as soon as possible.
  • We pride ourselves on offering the best customer support possible. Please check our reviews and see what our satisfied customers say :)
  • Unlike other apps, there are no hidden fees for additional addons.
  • The ONLY app to offer integrated Net 15/30 orders and manual order processing.
  • The ONLY app to not create duplicate variants. These will not allow you to use any inventory app for your store. Duplicate variants will also break prices on your sales channels such as Facebook, Pintrest and Google.
  • The ONLY app to not create thousands of discount codes for your store! This is HUGE.
  • The ONLY app of it's kind to allow setting individual wholesale prices instead of a percentage discount.
  • Great! What can it do exactly?

    As the #1 Wholesale App we won't be beaten on features :)

    Create Multiple Discount Groups:

    Set up different discount groups for different customer types. Eg:

    • Customers tagged Wholesale will see 30% discounts

    • Customers tagged VIP will see 20% discounts

    Then specify how to apply the discount

    • Set discounts across the entire store

    • Set discounts for only specific collections

    • Set discounts for only specific products

    We are THE ONLY APP that allows you to set discounts and forget about them. No need to manually sync discounts whenever you change a product like every other Wholesale app.

    Incentivize Customers to spend more by:

    • Setting minimum quantities or total prices that must be met before a discount can be applied

    • Offering extra discounts to customers who spend over a certain amount

    Show certain products for certain customer types

    By simply tagging a product you can

    • Hide certain products from certain customers

    • Show certain products from certain customers

    • This way you can hide wholesale products from retail users and vice versa

      Auto Tag Customers: (Professional Plan - $49.99)

      No need to tag customers manually. Automatically tag customers based upon:

      • The customer's lifetime amount spent

      • The customer's number of orders

      • The customer's country

      Automatically send personalized emails to customers when they are automatically tagged

      Individual Pricing: (Professional Plan - $49.99)

      Set individual prices for each product. We allow you to set specific wholesale prices for individual variants instead of a blanket percentage discount rate.


      Please view our extensive help site or contact us at wholesalehero@boosterapps.net with any questions.

      Please Note: THERE IS NO DOWNTIME IN ACTIVATING THE APP. Transitions are seamless and activated instantly.


      Booster Apps' Proven Reliability

      We are fully dedicated to supporting our customers. Based in the US and Europe, we are a full time development and support team focused purely on building outstanding Shopify Apps.

      • Over 60,000 Shopify stores use our apps

      • Over 6,000 ★★★★★ app reviews

      • Over 10 years ecommerce experience

      Feel free to get in touch at any time along the way should you need us.

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      We take our reviews very seriously - we are fully committed to providing the best Wholesale experience on Shopify possible. We are a team working full time on this app.

      We reach out to every poor review we receive and always try and rectify the issue. Often, issues are resolved or new versions of the app are released but old reviews remain intact :(


    Wholesale Hero - Wholesale Pricing reviews

    122 reviews
    1. 5 stars (98 reviews)
    2. 4 stars (7 reviews)
    3. 3 stars (6 reviews)
    4. 2 stars (2 reviews)
    5. 1 star (9 reviews)

    Great customer service! Very knowledgeable and helpful. Program works great. Highly recommend!


    Customer service is super quick and helpful!! Not knowing a THING about Shopify, they really break everything down and help step by step!!


    Excellent App. Im just struggling to get it working on my new theme. Please can someone help me.


    So far it has worked great. Easy to use and easy for my wholesalers.


    We are using this app and there was a customer somehow used a bug we don't know of from this app to get discounts that did not meet our settings.

    We trusted this app, so there was no double-check until we discovered that WE HAD LOST 611€.


    We will keep this review here and wait for their answer. If you still see it, there's still no acceptable response from them.


    This is a great product. We now use it on our USA and Australian Web Sites, it dose everything we want and the service from these guys was quick (under 24 hours).


    Awesome app! It's almost like they thought of exactly what I needed and wrote an app to do that. Their customer service is wonderfully responsive, and performed two theme updates for free!
    (Am waiting on resolution of one bug, and will update as soon as they get back to me. If the bug is resolved quickly, I would rate this app and the team behind it 6 out of 5 stars.)


    Excellent service and follow up.


    The app worked well enough at first. Then is stopped working. We reset everything and it still did not work. We emailed customer support and have not heard back. We have missed out on business and created dissatisfaction with our customers.


    Couldn't be more straight forward and great support

    $29.99 – $49.99 / month

    Unlike other apps we don't have hidden additional costs

    • FREE theme setup
    • FREE net orders setup
    • FREE hidden products per discount group setup

    7 days


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