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Wholesale Line Sheet Generator

Wholesale Line Sheet Generator

Developed by TradeGecko

16 reviews
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  • Connect with Shopify to create wholesale line sheets
  • Select items to be included and apply bulk wholesale discounts
  • Export your line sheets as PDFs

Wholesale Line Sheet Generator is a free app by TradeGecko to help you simplify selling wholesale from your Shopify store. Connect your Shopify store and export a PDF line sheet in a few easy clicks.

How does this work?

  • Search and select products: Decide which products you want to include in your line sheet
  • Order instructions: Inform retailers on how they can purchase from you
  • Minimum order quantity (MOQ): Include a minimum amount retailers must place for each variant
  • Bulk discounts and wholesale prices: Apply a flat wholesale discount or custom prices across the products you want to

After you’ve selected and entered custom pricing for the products you want to create a line sheet for, you can export it into a PDF in one click!

Who is this app for?

Shopify store owners who want to sell wholesale. Easily print and share line sheets at your next trade show or email them to prospective retailers.

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Wholesale Line Sheet Generator reviews

16 reviews
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  4. 2 stars (2 reviews)
  5. 1 star (5 reviews)

simple app with very basic features - but it's free, so it's better than nothing.
pdf generation doesn't work for us either, so we always use the workaround: "print" > "save as pdf"

would like to see more (basic) featues:
> create linesheets based on collection or certain product tag
> show SKU or (actual) barcode or QR code)


Seems to be simple but I do not see a way for wholesale customers to be able to order on-line.


Unfortunately the app does not work I cannot create a line sheet it keeps erasing all of my information and starting over


Would be great if it worked. keeps 'thinking' when asked to create a PDF


Hopefully Tradegecko will develop this more. As others have said, it is very basic. Some recommendations:
1) Automatically pull SKU#'s
2) Pick between Landscape and Portrait.
3) SAVE/store the Line Sheets.

Update 11/21/17: Generating PDF is not working correctly.


Very basic and not much customization options to make the outlook as you like. That being said, its a free app that does a lot of the work for you for creating a line sheet. If I need anything more than a very basic setup with a few styles I will look to make my own sheet using Adobe Illustrator so I can make it as I like, though.

RARR Sportswear


does not download the pdf garbage


Very unhappy, manipulated my inventory to show 0. I was running a promotion and had 100 bracelets available. Each time I corrected to show available inventory, it would manipulate to sold out again. I contacted customer service and they never replied.


It's decent when it actually works. Generated a pdf one time, then when I went to make an edit, the software erased all of the info I spent an hour filling in. Better to go with a more reliable software.


Love it, for it being free it's very fast to make a line sheet. Good if you want to offer products on your site at wholesale cost.


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