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Wholesale Simplified

Wholesale Simplified

Developed by SolverCircle

7 reviews
Price: $19.99 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Use same store for both retail and wholesale customers. Offer discounts to different customer group for different collection of products, without duplicating variants.
  • Set different Pricing Levels. For example, VIP customers get 13% Off T-shirts and 20% Off Trousers
  • Very easy to use. The app does not create duplicate variants of products for the wholesale feature. So, you can maintain the product inventory just like the retail store, also it is compatible with any inventory management tool.

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The app is VERY easy to use. Its as easy as setting up a discount rule by mentioning discount tag and rate , selecting list of collections and tag any customers with the discount tag. It's as simple as that!

How Wholesale Simplified is different from other wholesale apps?

  • The app does NOT create duplicate variants. So, you can maintain the product inventory just like the retail store.

  • Simply flat discount to all products. Just add a customer tag and discount rate. All products avails for discount for that customer.

  • Add discount for specific collections with specific discount rate withing a discount rule. Such as, VIP customers get 13% Off T-shirts and 20% Off Trousers.

  • Add fixed discount price for certain product. Such as, Gold customers get 50$ less for Blue Tshirt (100$).

  • Multiple customer pricing levels, each customer type (VIP, Gold, Premium etc.) having different discounts for different collection of products.

How the app works?

Wholesale discounts are applicable only to logged in customers who have discount tag (like VIP, Gold, Premium etc.) assigned. Wholesale prices are not shown in storefront unless a wholesale customer is logged in. Customers who does not have wholesale tags assigned and who is not logged in, will see retail price (actual product price).

Discounts are computed based on actual product price (NOT compare at price). For example, say an item costs $50, and VIP customers have a discount of 50% for that item. . Then VIP customers will pay $25 and regular customers will pay actual product price which is $50.

When wholesale customers are logged in , they will see discounted price with actual price crossed in different product and collection pages. If a customer does not have any discount or not logged in then they will see actual product price like a retail store.

Require minimums to get discount

For each product, you can set minimum quantity in order to get the discount, the minimum quantity is applied to all products under a discount group.

Orders with less than minimum are allowed, but paid at regular, full price.

Wholesale Simplified reviews

7 reviews
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Great app and excellent customer service!!!


Beware, some customers fail to get the discount when they move from the cart to the checkout page. The discount simply disappears. So support wanted full access to my store to troubleshoot. NOT!


Excellent Customer Service. Love this app. Once set up it works great with different customers getting their own percentage off. The best part is I can just add a one word tag and that tag is connected to all the items that customer gets discounts on. Really appreciate the help from the team at Wholesale Simplified getting us up and running.



Excellent customer service, very helpful with the installation, Would very highly recomend


Customer service handled entire intergration. Easy to use app that makes multiple pricing options very easy to set up


Excellent app and excellent support as always.


Just setting up my shop and their customer service has been amazing and speedy! Thank you

$19.99 / month
30 days

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