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75 reviews
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  • Use one store to sell to your retail and wholesale customers. Your inventory ALWAYS synched!
  • Save time by having your wholesale customers place orders using your online store. Up to 4 different types of customers!
  • Grow your business by adding wholesale sales and distribution of your products. The most powerful Customer Pricing based Shopify app!

Sell to different ranges of customers at different prices for each product within one only Shopify store

The only native Wholesaler - Customer Pricing Shopify App. Tens of thousands of Shopify stores have sold more than $200 milion thanks to the Wholesaler App. The most tested and reliable Wholesaler App (been in the Appstore since 2011). The best team of engineers ready to help you jump to the Wholeasale and multiple pricing world.

Until now if you wanted to sell products at different prices based on who your customer was you’d have to open various Shopify stores. Starting today this problem has been solved by the Wholesaler App.

Using Wholesaler app you can choose which customers have access to wholesale prices. These approved wholesale customers are the only ones that can see wholesale products and prices when they’re logged in.

Our admin interface makes it easy to approve customers (from your existing Shopify customer list) for wholesale access. Similarly, it's just as easy to choose which products can be sold at wholesale prices and what those prices are.

Wholesaler syncs stock between mother variant and child variant so you have always the same stock for the same product/variant.

Take your Shopify store and your business to the next level. Imagine how much inventory you can move with the help of other retail stores and distributors selling your products!

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If you want to have the customer/visitor vs wholesaler experience, you just need to login at this store using the following credentials which are for a "fake" wholesaler.

URL: http://wholesaler-10.myshopify.com/account/login

login: bill.gates@microapps.com
pwd: wholesaler


If you want to see wholesaler backend, you can access this store admin by going here:

URL: http://wholesaler-10.myshopify.com/admin

login: wholesaler@microapps.com
pwd: wholesaler

Some of the Shopify stores using Wholesaler:
Sin City ECIGS,
Glitter Sparkle & Shine,
ACME party box company


Minimum Order Barrier for Wholesalers

Exclusive menu for Wholesalers

Exclusive catalog for Wholesalers

Show retail price

Application form for Wholesalers

Wholesalers only store

Extra content for Wholesalers

Minimum product items

Minimum cart items

Exclusive Wholesaler Checkout

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Wholesaler reviews (75)


Beware if you uninstall this app it will leave product variants on your products where any visitor will be able to select and get the items at the "wholesale" prices you configured. I just had to go through all my products and remove the variants.


My hat off to the mastermind behind this company.. The customer service is A+, Their eagerness to help on any custom aspect of my site is mind blowing. TOP NOTCH!


exelent customer service


Works Extremely Well


We have only a few products but thousands of already signed potential customers that we have to convert into buyers, with prices that change according to different parameters. This app help us to keep all this organized and up to date. After testing some similar ones we've decided for this one, it has the exact features we need and a right price.


It really helped us a lot in terms of being able to manage both our distributors and retail stores. Not only has helped us focus all the operations into one single point but it has also helped us increase a lot our sales. A good point is that our brand is much more strong because it's not only "online" but in the streets.
Carlos helped me with the setup of the app and indeed he added some extra customizations to make my wholesalers and retail store lifes much easier. Great app, great team!


We have created a distributor pricing scheme using this app. With microapps support team help we've managed to have an excellent way to offer discounted prices to only a few important customers. And we use the different levels to offer different prices to these customers depending of their location. Above all, it's easy to manage all this in a day to day basis.


I have gone through and just confirmed the site is ready to launch at last. Thank you so much for not giving up or losing patience with us. The grid is perfect and my client is very happy.

I truly appreciate how you have handled us. Milan is particularly wonderful, and was very kind with me even when I was probably being a bit difficult :)

Thank you!


OMG - had to upgrade to $200+to get an upgrade that does not work..



Loving this app for our wholesale customer! Just what we were looking for :)

$19.99 / month
30 days

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