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WooCommerce Migration - By WAL

WooCommerce Migration - By WAL

Developed by Webappslive

Price: Free – $6.25 / month More info
  • Migrate WooCommerce products to Shopify store
  • Migration includes product detail, images, variants etc.
  • Migration is as simple as clicking a button

Migrate products from WooCommerce to Shopify.

With the help of our app you can migrate your WooCommerce products to your Shopify store in few very simple steps.

Why you should use this app?

Let me explain what this app can do for you. Let us say you are a website developer and you got a new project to shift a WordPress WooCommerce website to Shopify store. For that you may be first downloading products information from WooCommerce and then from that WooCommerce file you must be trying to create csv file according to Shopify csv format. At this point our app will help you in a better way. With the help of our app you will be able to migrate WooCommerce products simply by clicking buttons. Steps are very simple as given below.

  • Install our app & activate charge.

  • Enter your WordPress website url, enter consumer key & enter consumer secret.

  • Synchronize all of your WooCommerce products to our app.

  • Click on migrate buttons to migrate your WooCommerce product to your Shopify store.

We created this app because we know that when trying to export a spreadsheet (CSV) of WooCommerce products from WordPress admin the format of that csv does not matches with format of Shopify product import csv. That's a problem if your staff members needs a quick migration tool to migrate WooCommerce products to Shopify store. With the help of this app you will be able to migrate product titles, product descriptions, variants, images, weight, inventory_quantity, tags etc directly on Shopify store by just clicking "Transfer" buttons both effectively and quickly. It's also very simple and easy to use. They are clearly available for you as soon as you install the app and there is no coding knowledge required. Just as simple as opening the app or clicking buttons.

Feature Requests

We are improving our app functionality continuously. I am open to your suggestions. Feel free to email me.

Best Regards

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AWESOME Experience, Imports the products from Woocommerce well, had some questions before using it and the developer responded within just a few hours, much much much cheaper than any other Woocommerce import/export apps in shopify and does the job just as good, thank you!


This is Perhaps one of the best and cheapest solution available on shopify app store (they ask for 10% of other what apps charge) , the support team worked overnight to help us with variations as we had over 1900 products with various variants and they didn't even asked for anything extra. Their panel is very simple but the migration took some time as we had so many products with so many variants so it explains. Over all a excellent app for woocommerce to shopify product transfer .

Best of luck
Bagaholics Fashion Store

Free – $6.25 / month

  • $6.25 / month: It is free to install but to enable the Migrate buttons Pay just $6.25 / month only and then you will be able to migrate WooCommerce products to Shopify store.

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