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Price: $5.00 – $10.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Separate Wrapping: Your customer chooses exactly how they want their gifts wrapped and organized.
  • Gift Box Up-Sell: Easily up-sell your gift boxes with our built-in features.
  • Unlimited Wrapping Options: Add plentiful gift wrap options for your customers to choose from.

The Ideal Gift-Wrap Solution

Always calling your customers last-minute to find out how they want their items packed? WrapItSmart makes things easy by retrieving all that info ahead of time. You'll know exactly how to separate the items in their order and customize each package with their chosen wrap. Streamline the ordering process for you and your customers with our built-in customizable features, including gift wrap options, notes, and cross-selling capabilities!

Save Money

Why pack 7 items separately when your customer really wants them wrapped as a single gift? WrapItSmart keeps things simple and saves you money :)

Save Time

WrapItSmart seamlessly organizes each customer's gift wrap preferences. Know exactly what your customer wants and save hours of sorting through your order notes.

Easier Communication

No need to call or email your customers about confusing orders; you'll know exactly how they want their items packed and organized.

Options Galore

Add all the wrapping options and colors you want. A pretty package moves product ;)

Easy Setup

No need to spend hours setting up an app. Get the platform up and running within 10 minutes.


Start Your 14-Day Free Trial Today!

Common Questions

Q - Why should I use WrapItSmart? What makes this platform better than other gift wrapping apps or extensions?

WrapItSmart is the best solution for your e-commerce gift wrapping needs. WrapItSmart is unique in that it allows the customer to separate their gifts into different groups, with distinct and fully customizable wrapping for each. This saves a ton of time and energy for you, the business owner, when trying to make sense of how your customers want each product grouped and wrapped. Plus, we have a bunch of other great features like cross-selling and gift box selling!

Q - Does WrapItSmart help me physically gift wrap my products and send them to customers?

WrapItSmart is a great e-commerce app to help your customers customize their wrapping, and the perfect tool for you to efficiently manage and make sense of your gift packaging. However, we don’t get involved with physical gift wrapping and distribution to customers.

Q - What should I do if I’m not satisfied with the product during the 14-day trial?

Good question! Remove WrapItSmart from your app list on Shopify any time before the 14 days are up to avoid starting a monthly subscription.

Q - My store offers many different gift wrap options in different colors, materials, etc., and I want to make sure I can feature them all on the site. Is this possible with WrapItSmart?

Of course! The app is designed to accommodate all of your unique wrapping needs and you can add as many options as you want. You can also add your own distinct icons for each wrapping type.

Q - Where does the “gift box” product come from?

When the customer chooses their unique gift box, the system automatically generates a hidden “gift box” product.

Q - Where can I see how my customer wants their gifts packaged?

On Wrapitsmart admin panel goes to the "Order Extractor" section, choose the order which you want to extract and click on "Extract" button.
Or you can choose "Extract Wraps" menu item from "More actions" drop-down menu of order details page in your store admin panel.

Q - Why should I upgrade to Premium?

A Premium subscription offers additional features like cross-selling and the option to sell your gift boxes, etc. You can always start with a Basic plan and upgrade to Premium later if you feel you need more features.

Q - Can I customize the WrapItSmart interface to match my storefront?

Yes, you can! Although the WrapItSmart icon will remain the same, you can change all of the colors for the button and pop-up window, as well as the icons for all of your gift wrap options.


Our app uses your store assets folder to collect your uploaded data (your logos or other images). If you change your store theme then you must re-upload your files.


We are a full-time Shopify app development team. The app should be able to guide you through setup, but if you face any issues during or after installation just shoot us an e-mail! :)

For help, contact info@wrapitsmart.co or read through the Frequently Asked Questions

WrapItSmart reviews

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I don't often get excited by apps but this is AMAZING! Not only is it incredibly functional, it looks great and the support (because I'm difficult and wanted to customise things) is some of the best I've ever received from a developer. It's so good that I upgraded to the paid plan when I didn't need to just because this team deserves it. Which is crazy because I donate all proceeds from our wrapping! Good work guys, there are a LOT of app developers that could learn from you.


Wrapitsmart is legit..I’ve been using the free trial for 2 weeks and already seen some uptick in sales. The built-in cross selling and gift wrap options makes my checkout a lot more user-friendly.


Definitely makes things a lot easier...Customers are using the gift wrap option more often now. Only thing is I wish the shape of the pop-up box could be customized..my storefront design has unique shapes so it’s a little different design than the rest of my site. Just a minor quip though, besides that works fine.


Believe it or not, the other gift wrapping apps on Shopify are not very good in terms of separating customer orders into different gift boxes. If that’s essential for your store checkout (for example if your customers tend to buy multiple products for different people at holiday time), this is probably as good choice for your store. Without this, it tends to be extremely tedious for customers to place different orders for different gift wrapping. Anyway, don’t expect a million features like some of the other gift wrap apps, but if you have a need for this for your store it makes order processing A LOT easier.


LOVE it. A few customers have already commented on how much they like the new gift wrap functionality on my site. :D


I have a small online jewelry shop and heard about WiS through a friend. I didn’t even realize how much time I was spending individually packing each separate piece every time a customer ordered...now I know exactly how to organize each order ahead of time and I can pack how they like it. Much more reliable than telling the customer to explain in their order notes...Highly recommended.

$5.00 – $10.00 / month

14-day free trial. Visit our Pricing page for more info. Our Plans & Pricing:

Basic- 5$/mo
✔ Unlimited Wrapping Options
✔ Separate Gift Packaging
✔ Fully Customizable

Premium - 10$/mo
✔ Unlimited Wrapping Options
✔ Separate Gift Packaging
✔ Fully Customizable
✔ Gift Box Selling
✔ Cross-Selling

14 days

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