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Yakit - Hassle-free international shipping

Yakit - Hassle-free international shipping

Developed by Yakit

10 reviews
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  • Transparent pricing with no minimums or monthly charges
  • Guaranteed duties and taxes along with shipping cost in your shopping cart
  • Ship internationally to more than 45 countries now!

Who we are

Yakit is a platform that combines brand name logistics partners and a powerful shipping tool that completely removes the hassles of international shipping. With Yakit's data-driven Virtual Delivery Network (VDN), delivery is smooth, transparent, and efficient. For every package, Yakit pre-calculates and guarantees all duties and taxes and automatically sets up routes and tracking. International shipping has never been easier!

New and improved! Version 2.0

Thanks to our incredible early adopters and their amazing feedback, the Yakit app for Shopify is better than ever!
  • Direct access to your shipping dashboard from your Shopify admin.

  • Seamless syncing of all your international orders with automatic fulfilment status updates on dispatch.

  • No mandatory carrier services add-on requirement! You can still ship all of your international orders with us, regardless of the Shopify plan you are on.

  • Have one store or many stores, we love them all! Link as many stores as you want to your Yakit account, and we will sync your orders from all of them.
  • How it Works

  • Install the Yakit app in your Shopify store and register for a new Yakit account (or if you are upgrading, sign in with your existing yakit credentials).

  • If you have carrier services enabled in your Shopify plan, setup your default box sizes and weights for a typical order in your shipping dashboard. You can always control these settings at any time.

  • Add the countries that you want to ship to in your Shopify shipping zone settings.

  • With carrier services enabled, the Yakit real time rates will be displayed in your shopping cart checkout page.

  • Access your shipping dashboard from your Shopify admin to sync and dispatch all your international orders.
  • Coming Soon

    Integrations with several marketplaces and shopping cart solutions

    Yakit - Hassle-free international shipping reviews

    10 reviews
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    Great service. We had prematurely tried setting up international shipping so I had to jump on a call with Yakit to set up everything correctly. Thankfully, James was very thorough and walked me through everything step by step. This app is going to save our shipping team countless hours!


    Awesome service! this is by far the easiest and fastest way to do Delivered Duty Paid Shipping! Normally, to achieve such a service you are required to find a customs broker and freight forwarder for each country or an accounting firm to manage them for you. The Customer service is reliable, friendly, and just about always solve my problems within minutes! Some downsides are that the user interface often feels like it is still in development (slow loading and cryptic errors) but in the two years I have been using Yakit they have consistently made improvements to the UI. Some patience is required to get through Yakit's shipping process but in my experience Yakit requires much less time and money than working with privately arranged brokers for direct to consumer shipments.
    In summary, the cost and level of customer service absolutely make Yakit a fantastic system for small businesses looking to provide DDP shipping to international customers.


    time wasting junk that does not work. I spent my time adding it registering etc. only to find out that it does not even provide a basic quote on shipping. the website just does not work. DO NOT USE IT


    We have been very happy with Yakit! Before using Yakit we were calculating all of our international shipping costs manually by weight, which was time consuming and not always effective. With Yakit customers see the duties, taxes and shipping fees ahead of time so they know exactly where there money is going. Yakit also allows us to mark up or mark down the traditional shipping costs, allowing us to better match what our carrier is actually charging us. As we look to the future, we are excited to start using Yakit to expand to many more countries and we wouldn't have been able to do this without their help. Lastly, I have been so happy with the Yakit team. They are knowledgeable, quick to respond and helpful!


    Very happy with Yakit! So much easier than the conventional international shipping methods we had before. Yakit helped us expand our business into Canada, Australia and Europe. Customers see the duties and fees ahead of time, and are able to prepay them which is great for streamlining their purchase process. The Yakit team is also very responsive and helpful!


    This app is a must have, it does what its suppose to do and their customer support is great. I wonder if they would ever integrate with shipstation so you could take care of all your shipping on one platform, either way, give the app a shot for your international shipping needs. You won't regret it!


    It's a great international shipping platform. Everyone at Yakit is super helpful and very kind!


    Yakit has been a good service so far, they provide great customer service and have helped greatly with any hiccups that pop up.

    They are also very keen to listening to our concerns and suggestions to help make it a better experience.


    We were using another international shipping service when we noticed that they were raising shipping rates without even notifying us. As a result, we began searching for an alternative shipping service that could offer competitive rates, easily integrate with our multiple Shopify accounts, and provide more accessible customer service to us.

    Yakit has been able to fulfill all of the above criteria and more.

    Yakit's international shipping rates are incredibly low. In fact, they're so low that we're able to use their shipping rates as a selling point in our advertising. Since we started using Yakit, we've seen a significant bump in international sales. Our overseas fans have been sending us messages about how happy they are that our products are so much more accessible to them.

    Setup with our first Shopify store was easy and hassle free. And setting up a second store was just as easy, if not easier. Both setup processes were done within a few hours. All of our product information was automatically pulled from our Shopify account, including the information needed for duty charges. We didn't need to spend any extra time manually gathering this data.

    The Yakit interface is straightforward and easy to use. All it takes to pull orders from Shopify to the Yakit dashboard is a simple button click. Corrections to the address, shipping contents, and dimensions can all be changed on the spot, without needing to contact customer support. Labels are directly sent to our Dymo 4XL label printer without any problems and FedEx/DHL pickups are scheduled by Yakit. We've trained multiple people with varying degrees of technical proficiency to use Yakit and they've all been able to quickly adapt to it.

    If we do run into any issues while processing orders via Yakit, customer support is also just a button click away. We're able to send a message to Yakit's entire customer support team all at once and someone usually responds within a minute. They're helpful and accommodating, fixing any problems with ease. They also have full coverage of package tracking, meaning our customers know where their order is at all times. And if the package isn't able to be delivered for any reason, Yakit notifies the customer immediately, sending them information on how to pickup their package.

    Our experience with Yakit has been an incredibly positive one. We've seen an increase in international sales and our fulfillment team is able to keep up with the increase in volume because the Yakit interface is so easy to use.

    We recommend Yakit for any business looking to effectively increase market share worldwide.


    Review of the Yakit Shopify Integration
    Yakit's Shopify Integration is by far one of the best third party shipping integrations we've used. Typically, most shipping consolidators require your international customers to use an "International Checkout" button on their cart, which transfers your customer to their own checkout pages. Not ideal if you want to control the customer experience.

    Yakit's integration keeps the customer on your checkout process. There's only one checkout button on the cart. When the customer gets to the point of selecting their shipping service, Yakit displays realtime rates based on their cart that includes any applicable duties and taxes. Nice! No surprises for the customer when their order gets delivered.

    Once a customer selects a Yakit shipping method during checkout, the order flows directly into Yakit's web app where you can print shipping labels and get the order out the door. No need to worry about customs forms. *Easy!*

    Bonus: You can fine-tune the integration: 1) Choose what shipping regions you'd like to use Yakit with through the Shopify admin shipping section, 2) Change the text associated with the Yakit shipping methods shown to customers

    Review of the Yakit Service
    If you've ever shipped internationally, you'll likely know the pain of tracking the shipment and dealing with duties and taxes. Hands down Yakit is one of the best experiences we've had shipping packages internationally. Not to mention the shipping cost savings (which are significant), you don't have to know all the specifics about tariffs around the world. Yakit takes the guesswork and hard research out of the equation; the shipping, brokerage, duties and tax cost that is given is your ACTUAL cost regardless of whether the duties and tax estimate were correct. No more guessing, no more red tape research, no more worries about underpaying duties.

    Best of all, your customer's order arrives at their doorstep and ready for them to open it. No bad experiences with customers having to pay taxes and/or fees on delivery. Yes!

    From $0.00 / month

    The Yakit app for Shopify and your Yakit account is free. You only pay for the shipping.


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