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  • Grow your email contacts and store sales with personalized, contextual popups, and on-the-fly e-catalog for shoppers based on recent viewed products
  • Provide personal, real-time chatbot support to store visitors to help them with their purchase around the clock or add a live chat channel to support customers
  • Convert visitors to customers with the right popups offer, provide a unique shopping experience with products upsell live e-catalog to WOW your shoppers

Add a Round-the-Clock Partner to your Customer Service Team

Zelina(™) Digital Customer Assistant transforms how ecommerce businesses engage with their website visitors, greeting them with pop-up special offers and personalized assistance as they browse through their website.
Nicknamed Zelina, this advanced popups software creates a direct link with visitors through screen pop-ups, providing personal attention and service that could turn them, whether they are just looking or resolute shoppers, into customers.

Draw Visitors into Sales Conversations

When a visitor comes to a site, Zelina will make a screen pop up and a chat box appear. While the pop-up offers anything from a personalized catalog of what the visitor has browsed through to discounts or free shipping, Zelina in the chat box will engage him/her into conversation, adding a personal touch that may well be the deciding factor to prompt that visitor to buy.

As David Ker, chief operating officer of ZINation, explained, a visitor tends to spend no more than 21 seconds at a product site before switching to another website. Zelina was conceived so that ecommerce stores can take full advantage of those very few seconds to generate sales, he said.

Personalize your messages for every visitor in seconds

Adding a personalized message to engage with a visitors can be done in seconds. Create your “zapplet”, write your message and activate it, voila your personalized message will greet all visitors and customers in a very unique way

Answer users faster

Suggest help articles to users based on the questions they ask or provide rapid answers to commons questions to users while you are not there.

Bring a Multi-Dimensional Tool into Action

 Zelina involves a combination of programs and features working together to put this Virtual Assistant at the service of online stores: a seamless chain of events set up through programmable triggers that are up to the online store owners to activate as they see fit.   

This starts with customer-lead assistant Zelina(™) enabling a store owner to use its design studio to create a pop-up box featuring an offer to be prompted when visitors come to the store. This offer can range from offering to email them personalized catalogs of what they have just viewed—generating sales leads in the process—to discounts when purchasing one or multiple items, or an offer of free shipping known to rate as a top argument with most shoppers.

When the pop-up box appears, a chatbot comes into play, bringing up the chat screen and inviting people to ask any questions they may have. This seamless chain of events is put in place through programmable triggers that are up to the store owners to activate as they see fit.   

Multi Engagement Channels from a Single Source

This unique feature is now one more component of ZINation Catalog Maker, a product-catalog design and management software that not only enables an ecommerce business to create quickly and easily full-line or custom digital catalogs—to be viewed online, downloaded or printed—but also includes a Product Information Management (PIM) database system to assist with inventory control and sales records.
With only one PIM to maintain, the use of professionally-conceived design filter templates to create catalogs, and now Zelina, a business equipped with ZINation Catalog Maker will have a formidable sales-and-marketing tool at its disposal.

Personalized Messages with Programmed Triggers

With Zelina, store owners will be able to program chat answers based on questions their customers most often ask by using Zelina’s live-chat automation messaging application—a chatbot with multichannel capability. Answers to prepare may range from product characteristics and availability to delivery schedule.

As for special requests and questions beyond the customary ones, visitors will be invited to leave contact information so a customer-service or a sales person can get in touch with them during working hours. This may not only help convince customers to briefly wait for the live follow-up before moving on to another website, but it will also help expand the store’s sales-lead mailing list.

Also with the goal of building one’s lead list, Zelina during the chat may invite visitors to leave contact information to be notified of upcoming sales and new products.

Cloud-based Drag&Drop Studio for your Rich Media Contents Production

The range of screen pop-ups and chat content made possible by ZINa reflects the flexibility found in all ZINation Catalog Maker features. This advanced product-catalog design and management software enables an ecommerce business to strengthen its online presence by providing the means to easily design, populate, update, publish exceptional and personalized product catalogs to better reach prospective buyers. And since the design software is built around a complete cloud-based solution, a store owner needs no other design software—and no design experience—to create catalogs.
With minimum time investment and technical knowhow, ZINation Catalog Maker gives ecommerce businesses the flexibility to publish with ease and speed products ranging from their foundation catalogs to versions tailored to specific wholesalers, market segments, shopping seasons, niche markets or individual customers.

Stellar Technical Support at your Service

If store owners require assistance to take full advantage of ZINa’s capability, ZINation’s Customer Success team will be happy to provide support via phone, email or live chat. This applies to any and all features of ZINation Catalog Maker as the team is committed to helping store owners fully benefit from ZINation.

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Zelina is FREE up to 100 chats/month.

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