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Product Recommendations by Zoomifi

Product Recommendations by Zoomifi

Developed by Zoomifi, Inc

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  • Increase Revenue per transaction
  • Increase time on site by offering relevant products
  • Grow sales of stagnant products

About the app

Product Recommendations is a tool that will increase overall sales per visitor. Users get the recommended products on product detail pages based on 3 ways-

  • Automatic- This is based on the previous order history. The different products that have been purchased along with the opened product will appear on recommendation list of the product the visitor is viewing.

  • Global tags- This is based upon the Global tags. While adding the products on shopify, all of the products have a tag field. If you were to add a tag named "Global", it will be added in the Global tag recommendations. This setting allows you to promote specific products by adding a "tag" to those products.

  • Random- This is based on random recommendations and has nothing to do with the previous order history or tags. Any of the result can come in these recommendations (even automatic or global tag products).

How it Works-

On the app, you will have to choose 2 or 3 filters (Automatic, Global or Random) in order for the app to function properly. The suggested number of products to be shown in recommendation are 10 and 25. The order of filters is Automatic > Global > Random. Suppose you have selected Automatic and Global tags to show the product recommendation with maximum of 10 products. If there are more than 10 products that would qualify under Automatic category, it will only show the Automatic products first. But if the first filter products are less than the number of products showing in recommendation, then the second filter of products will appear in the recommendation listing.

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