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Back in Stock

Back in Stock

  • Notify your customers instantly when a product is available to order
  • Use insight from customer demand when ordering from suppliers
  • Completely automated workflow saves you time

Don’t Risk Lost Sales

You worked hard to bring customers to your store, and losing a sale because you’ve sold out of something is tough. Back In Stock lets your customers register an email address for an instant email alert when the item is available to order.

"I can’t tell you how excited I am to have installed this app. It's tripled my online sales... easy!" Laci, shoptherage.com

Simple setup, powerful customization

Install in under a minute. A small button will appear on product pages that are sold out, and your customers can start registering for notifications right away.

Configuration options allow you to

  • Use your own button image

  • Localize the language in the registration form

  • Match the form your shop theme by adding custom CSS

  • Use Liquid to customize the email template

  • Built in support for back in stock form included with Mobillia, Responsive, Retina, and Woodie themes

  • Integrate with MailChimp, allowing customers to opt-in to your mailing list

A JavaScript API is also available for advanced integration with your product template.

Completely automated workflow

Once setup Back In Stock runs automatically in the background. Integration with Shopify allows your store inventory levels to be monitored automatically, and alerts customers moments after you have updated your catalog.

Measure demand, not just sales

When it’s time to order from your suppliers Back In Stock provides valuable insight into what your customers wanted to buy, even when they couldn't. Receive daily or weekly reports to your inbox on which of your products are most in demand, and what quantity you need to order.

Don’t risk lost sales. Try Back In Stock free for 30 days.

All accounts include a 30 day free trial. A range of plans are available starting at $19/month.

Popular Questions

Do customer notifications work for products with variants?

Yes, notifications are tracked at the variant level.

Can I change the button?

Yes, any image in PNG, JPEG or GIF format can be used.

Need More Information?

"Our customers really appreciate having the Back in Stock option and our return both in terms of customer satisfaction and rescued sales far exceeds our cost. In addition, Back in Stock has consistently demonstrated first class customer support for this application. Recommended without reservation." Managing Director, DOOSH Streetwear

This app has really suited our needs for gathering information from customers about their needs and then communicating once the items are available again. This service has resulted in many sales for us. Every time I need support, Matt is quick to answer with exactly what I need. This is tops on my fav apps list!

Works perfectly, already been used 16 times since adding it a few days ago. Needed a few modifications, which Matt carried out very promptly. Excellent customer service.

Amazing app and even better support! This has been a huge part of helping our store grow and also a great strategic tool to see what customers are interested in. The functionality works very well and was quite easy to install - we were able to customize it a bit pretty easily as well through the API. Finally, any time we had a request - Matt who developed the app was extremely responsive and always got back to us within 24 hours! Overall, well worth the money and in our opinion a must-have app.

This is great. It is highly customizable and works like a charm. The support is excellent too. I had one issue but got resolved within a few hours. See it in action on my website!

This app was our first attempt at recovering lost sales due to product stock issues. The simplicity of installation (I don't know how to code), the ease of use for the customer to input their info, and the customizable follow-up email engine has really helped us out. Matt is very responsive and in one instance, he was able to tweak the app to visually integrate with our store's Shopify theme just a bit better.

Highly recommended.

Awesome app. Great tool for us to keep track of interest in out of stock items and new sales opportunities. The support team is VERY responsive should any issues arise. Highly recommend.

This app rocks. Frankly it's a must have for any store because there will be a point at which you don't have inventory in stock, and you still need to capture sales. I'm also really impressed by the service; Matt was super helpful and even helped me implement some custom code to get this app integrated just the way I wanted it. 5 stars!

This App works exactly as needed. I had thought I would need to explain it to my customers, but, within moments up updating my site, notifications started building on the APP Dashboard. When inventory arrived, automatic emails went out, and BOOM - immediate order volume. Almost to the point that I sold out in a 24 hours. Those are all sales that I would have lost because I don't update customers every time inventory comes in. This makes the customer feel that they are linked up with my inventory systems in a way that benefits me. Very happy with that. I have not needed customer support at all - it installed perfectly the first time! Great App!!!

Excellent product and they went above-and-beyond when it came to customer service. More companies should be like this. Enjoy!

Excellent customer support, Matt got back to me after-hours and was more than willing to help me with some changes I wanted - he delivered exactly what I wanted when I didn't expect the additional help! (and at nil cost too!). Definitely went beyond my expectations, and as an online retailer already (changing platforms to Shopify) I know this app will help immensely with my sales and buying strategies.

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