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Back in Stock

Back in Stock

  • Notify your customers instantly when a product is available to order
  • The easiest way to increase conversions from your existing store traffic
  • Completely automated workflow and installation... easy!

The easiest way to increase sales from you existing traffic

You worked hard to bring customers to your store, and losing a sale because you’ve sold out of something is tough. Back In Stock lets your customers register an email address for an instant email alert when the item is available to order.

"I can’t tell you how excited I am to have installed this app. It's tripled my online sales... easy!" Laci, shoptherage.com

Simple setup, powerful customization

Back In Stock provides a small button to appear on product pages that are sold out. Your customers can start signing up for notifications right away.

Configuration options allow you to

  • Use your own custom button image

  • Localize the language in the registration form

  • Match the form your shop theme by adding custom CSS

  • Use Liquid to customize the email template

  • Built in support for back in stock form included with Mobillia, Responsive, Retina, and Woodie themes

  • Integrate with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor, allowing customers to opt-in to your mailing list

A JavaScript API is also available for advanced integration with your product template.

Installation without editing the template

Back In Stock automatically adds the necessary script tag to your store. Installation is complete in seconds... and no need for editing a template!

If you're a developer and want to get your hands messy that's covered, too: a JavaScript API is available for advanced integrations with your product template.

Super fast email delivery

Back In Stock integrates closely with the Shopify API to stay in sync with your product catalog. Changes are typically received from your store 60 seconds after you update your product catalog and email is then sent with seconds. This speed means faster updates for your customers, and a better conversion rate for your store.

Super friendly support, too!

If you've got questions, before or after installation, just drop an email to support@backinstock.org. We provide clear, accurate and friendly help, and have over three years experience assisting Shopify store owners.

Measure demand, not just sales

When it’s time to order from your suppliers Back In Stock provides valuable insight into what your customers wanted to buy, even when they couldn't. Receive daily or weekly reports to your inbox on which of your products are most in demand, and the quantity you need to order.

The easiest way to increase sales from you existing traffic. Try Back In Stock free for 30 days.

All accounts include a 30 day free trial. A range of plans are available starting at $19/month.

Popular Questions

Do customer notifications work for products with variants?

Yes, notifications are tracked at the variant level.

Can I change the button?

Yes, any image in PNG, JPEG or GIF format can be used.

Need More Information?

"Our customers really appreciate having the Back in Stock option and our return both in terms of customer satisfaction and rescued sales far exceeds our cost. In addition, Back in Stock has consistently demonstrated first class customer support for this application. Recommended without reservation." Managing Director, DOOSH Streetwear

Back in Stock reviews (53)


Nice little app. Has always worked well and does exactly what it is supposed to. Recommend getting this app if you are looking for a way to notify customers when a product is back in stock


The app does exactly what it says. If you go out of stock on inventory that you eventually restock you need this app or one like it. The only thing I wish it did was give reporting on opens, bounces, and possibly do an automated resend of non-opened emails.


Excellent app, in the apparel business is impossible to always have available all products in all colours and sizes. With this app my customers have a better visibility of the availability and it helps me get sales that could have been lost.
The support from the "back in stock" team is excellent as well, fast and effective. Totally recommended.


What an awesome app. We love it. It's something we rely on pretty heavily for our company. Big thanks to Matt. Thank you for everything.


Awesome app that saves you the time of creating a back-order list for products that you cant seem to have enough of. The team is very helpful and responds quickly to any and all questions you throw at them. They get my business!


One of the best apps we are using..helps give us valuable insight into what our customers want and provides a seamless way to notify them once we restock our inventory..Highly recommended for any retail business.


Excellent tool to bring back customers. Installed a week ago and just checked my stats and saw that I gained 2 customers out of the 3 that were emailed about their favorite product being back in stock. Love the automation! Thank you for a productive app! Highly recommend!


I installed the app yesterday and had a small problem. Messaged Matt, he got back to me asap and fixed my problem. Customer service gets an A+ and the app solves a problem I have been having for quite some time. Overall I am extremely pleased!


we are satisfied to use this app, and it increased our sales as well....


This is probably the most single valuable apps we use. It pays for itself many times over, is a pleasure to use, and the customer service is stellar.

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