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  • Import your existing Blog with 1 click and keep it automatically updated
  • Improve your store's SEO by having your blog on the same domain as your store
  • Only maintain one Blog - no need to move from your existing blogging platform

BlogFeeder makes it easy for you to import any external blog into your Shopify store. Whether you're using Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, facebook or any other popular blogging solution, BlogFeeder is the app for you.

It imports all your recent blog posts into your Shopify store, and watches your blog for new posts. Whenever there is a new post on your blog, that post is imported into Shopify as well. With BlogFeeder, you can keep using your Wordpress, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest or any other kind of blog, without having to manually duplicate the content into your Shopify Store.

Having your blog on the same domain as your store is a great way to increase the search ranking of your store. BlogFeeder is an easy way to improve the SEO of your store in an organic, search friendly way.

Have your cake and eat it too! Platforms like Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest and Wordpress are great for blogging and building your brand. But having your content on Shopify does wonders for your store. With BlogFeeder, you don't have to choose between the two.

Supports nearly every type of blog, including Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, Pinterest and many other popular platforms!

BlogFeeder checks for new posts every hour, so your Shopify blog is always updated with the latest content.

Note: For certain platforms, such as Tumblr and Squarespace, BlogFeeder may not be able to import your entire blog history if your blog has hundreds of posts. Use BlogFeeder if you want to continuously import your blog into Shopify. If you are looking to perform a one-time migration of your entire blog into Shopify, this app may not be right for you.


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Reviews (100)

This is a cool app, works as expected! would be nice to have some control over layout before the posts get moved over, but that's just me being picky. Great way to import your feeds.

It was easy to set up and was working within minutes after install. Very happy with this app.

BlogFeeder's customer service is OUTSTANDING!! Fast replies and they go above and beyond!! Highly recommended!!

Takes the stress and hassle out of adding a blog. Looks like I might use it to add our Facebook feed as well. Awesome!

I've been using Blogfeeder for a while and recently changed my shop template when I had suddenly lost all of my posts. Luckily Blogfeeder has amazing support and Max was able to fix my blog immediately! Super helpful and I couldn't be happier with Blogfeeder!

OMFG, best way to integrate your blog.
One link, one minute, blog ready to use.

This App works great. One of the feeds I was looking to import was not bringing all of the content but every other feed has come in just fine. Also, if there is a problem, the customer support gets back to you very quickly. Great Job.

My blog imported into my website super fast, and looked better than if I had tried to write it directly in the Shopify back office! So happy that I got the blogfeeder app, makes posting so much easier!

Took less than a minute to import my tumblr. What more could you want?

Very quick and easy to add BlogSpot, Tumblr and Facebook. The help article on syntax was especially helpful/clear. Up and running in minutes and integrates/looks good.

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