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Fulfillrite Order Fulfillment

Fulfillrite Order Fulfillment

  • Global reach: Ship your orders to any destination worldwide.
  • Save with our discounted shipping rates & shipping supplies.
  • 12pm same day shipping on all your orders. All professionally packed!

At Fulfillrite we work with you to make your Shopify e-commerce order fulfillment fast, simple, and easy.

We also have a team dedicated to helping Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding projects turn their success into long term, profitable businesses. Whether it’s help with on time rewards shipping, guidance on navigating the multitude of shipping options available, logistical questions, import /export, or any other challenges businesses may face.

Fast: Same 12 pm ET shipping on all your orders. Same day receiving on all inbound shipments.

Simple: One click integration with your Shopify store. Clear price structure. Hassle free account set up.

Easy: 24/7 Online access to all your order and inventory data.

    What does our app do?
  • It allows Shopify users to seamlessly integrate with our platform with one click.
  • Automatically sends us orders that are paid and ready to be shipped.
  • Post shipping: It will mark the order as shipped and add the tracking number back to your Shopify account
  • Coupons: We can automatically retrieve coupon codes attached to your order.

Free Account - No Commitments – No Long Term Contracts

Fulfillrite E-Commerce Order Fulfillment Lakewood, NJ 08701

E-mail: info@fulfillrite.com
Phone: 855-961-7766
Web: www.Fulfillrite.com

Fulfillrite Order Fulfillment reviews (29)


Fulfillrite is a great app, with excellent customer support. They're very responsive and efficient, and they made the initial set up process much easier than we were expecting.

Their integration with Shopify works seamlessly, and our materials are shipped promptly. It's great to know that they are communicating with our customers and that we can entrust our shipping to someone we know is doing it well.


This app has been so easy to set up and consistently runs without error. Joe from Fulfillrite went out of his way to assist in the set up. I consider his app and fulfillment service a partner in my business. I highly recommend this app and Fulfillrite's fulfillment services to all ecommerce physical product businesses!


Fulfillrite - put simply - is a great app. It's simple to set up, simple to use, and competitively priced. It gets the job done smoothly and intuitively. Likewise, they are always a call a way to answer your questions.

Compared to other fulfillment shopify apps and non-app companies I've spoken to Fulfillrite is the most available and easy to work with.


After several years of being with an Atlanta-based fulfillment company that required orders be sent in manually and would provide tracking information that I had to manually send to individual customers, I decided enough was enough. Enough waking up at 5 a.m. to have orders submitted by 9 a.m. so they would be sent on the same day. After some research, I found Fulfillrite, talked to Joe Brieger who answered all my questions, and told me about using Shopify and the fulfillment app integration. I wish I had found this years sooner. It works seamlessly in the background, just collects orders and sends them to fulfillment, then sends the tracking information back to my customers without my having to do ANYTHING. I've freed up a minimum of 6 hours in my day, I no longer have to wake up at 5:00 a.m., and I'm free to focus on the more creative aspects of my company, which has expanded business. Because of this app integration, I have more time in my work day, more free time with my family, more money from increased business, and the quality of service and customer care from Fulfillrite is unmatched. Over the past few months, I've had NO problems, NO screwed up orders, NO angry customers. If you're on the fence about this, just DO IT. I barely even need my computer for work anymore - with this app running in the background handling fulfillment, and the actual Shopify dashboard app on my iPhone, I can handle 90% of my daily task on my iPhone, from anywhere in the world that I can get reception or find Wifi. 5 Stars, 10/10, A++, if you need fulfillment services for your company, use Shopify with the Fulfillrite app integration. Best business decision I've ever made.


Fulfillrite is already a great company and the addition of this Shopify app takes their service to the next level. Now, almost everything in my business is automated, giving me more free time for marketing and enjoying life. I have been using this app for more than 2 months now and it has worked flawlessly. No more manually inputting all my orders everyday. Thank you Fulfillrite!


I spent about two weeks trying to get set up with FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). I remember reading Amazon's PDF on the requirements you have to abide by, especially with an expiration dated product and wanting to pull my hair out... and then I found Fulfillrite.

Charlie had my account set up in minutes, and answered all my questions. The online portal they use is great, very easy to use. This was our first time even using a fulfillment service and it couldn't have been more seamless. We had three pallets shipped in, and were fulfilling orders the same day without a single hiccup.

If you are still packing your own boxes or shopping fulfillment services, quit wasting your time and use Fulfillrite.

Only con is that you have to manually pay via PayPal for each bill and to preload shipping funds. Wish they would do automatic billing with credit cards.


I have been working with Fulfillrite for the past several months, and I have been continuously impressed by all aspects of their service. The integration with Shopify is seamless and hassle free - with the click of a button my accounts were synched up. The dashboard is intuitive and easy to use, and the client service is outstanding.

Joe and his team have been responsive and helpful with answering questions, receiving my large shipments from overseas, and coming up with quick, creative solutions to any issues that arise. I am a new business owner and it is such a relief to know that my fulfillment is in the hands of a true partner so I can concentrate on growing the business. I would recommend Fulfillrite to anyone!


It is no coincidence that Fulfillrite has such good reviews across the board on Shopify. The integration between Shopify and Fulfillrite works seamlessly allowing us to concentrate on our core business safe in the knowledge that our fulfillment is being handled to the highest degree of professionalism.

However, what really makes Fulfillrite worthy of a 5 star review is the exceptional customer service provided by Joe, Charlie and the rest of the team. Questions, concerns and problems are handled with patience, consideration and speed. I have absolutely no reservation in recommending the team and their service.


Our business has been growing steadily and earlier this year we decided to look into external fulfillment services.

We initially decided on a large scale operation with warehouses all over the world. This quickly became a nightmare, horrible customer service, multiple shipping mistakes, high prices, etc. etc.

While looking for a change we came across fulfillrite and I reached out to Charlie. From that initial call until today everything has been smooth. Charlie has always been available to help with issues and explain everything in detail. In some ways other than losing a bunch of money I am glad that we went with a large company first, it has only solidified our decision to move to fulfillrite.

I would recommend this company to anyone out there looking for a fulfillment house with real people answering the phones, affordable prices, and a strong sense of customer service.


Fulfillrite has made my life super easy. I can easily keep track of shipments and inventory and works super smoothly with Shopify The team is always there to answer question.

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