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Product Customizer

Product Customizer

  • You want to give your customers more input by letting them enter text and upload files as part of their order.
  • You want to add new and unlimited options to each of your products.
  • Save time managing all of your customizations - no more variants hell!

Try it for FREE for 7 days. One of the best and most loved apps on the AppStore, with an enthusiastic and knowledgable customer support that is happy to assist you. We guarantee that ProductCustomizer will make running your store easier, and help you get more out of your products.

Product Customizer allows you to have super customizable products, and give your customers more input when ordering. It is perfect for any store which offers a wide variety of products. With Product Customizer, you will be able to add:

  • Unlimited combinations for your products

  • One-line text inputs to your products to allow customers to enter extra information on a per-product basis

  • Multi-line text inputs for entering larger amounts of information

  • File upload boxes, to allow the customer to upload images and other files when ordering an item.

  • Set fields as required, to prevent the customer from adding an item to the cart unless a certain field is filled in

  • Save sets of customizations that can then be applied to any other product, saving you hours and hours of time spent on managing Variants

  • Easily change your customizations without having to manage hundreds of different product variants.

With Product Customizer, you will no longer need to spend hours every month managing your massive collection of product variants. Any time you want to add or remove a product options, Product Customizer makes it as easy as 1-click.

Don't be bound by current Shopify limits of 100 variants per product, and 3 options maximum. Product Customizer allows your products to have unlimited options and customizations.

Creative Prints Demo Shop

Check out our Creative Prints Demo Shop by clicking here. The demo shop is a showcase of products showing you the ways in which you can use ProductCustomizer

  • Creative Prints E-Giftcard shows how to use text fields and multiple options to create personalized gift cards. Includes tips on how to use variants, and examples of types of fields you can use to get customer info. Click here
  • Custom Business Cards shows how to use text fields, multi-line text fields, file uploads & multiple list options. Includes tips on how to use variants, and the ability to set limitations on text fields. Click here
  • Custom Mailing Label shows how to use file uploads, multiple options, and text fields. Includes tips on building multiple customizations & how to change the order in which customizations appear. Click
  • Holiday Combo Deal shows how to use text fields to collect customer info and create combo deals with multiple options. Includes tips on using Product Customizer to create customer incentives to increase your company's email sign-ups! Click here


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Reviews (281)

Product Customizer is a great app that has allowed me to offer multiple customizations for the products I am selling. It has given me the opportunity to make my customer's shopping experience unique and a reflection of them. It is very easy to use, and even easier to edit as my product inventory changes. The best part is that product customizer offers many different ways to customize (drop down box, enter text). I really didn't know what I was going to do when I realized shopify only allowed 3 product variants. Product Customizer definitely saved me.

What can I say? This apps features should be default on every online market place. I CAN NOT run my shop with out it. I almost gave up trying to sell online. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

The app is great. It was the solution to our problem - adding customizations to all our products. The app is really easy to understand and use and the support is great. They were friendly and replied really fast to our inquiries. There is one minus though, for those that have a large inventory to edit. The app doesn't allow to bulk edit product. Each product must be edited individually, and this can prove a little hard when you have an inventory of over 1.000 items.

Great app, it saves me a lot of time. The customer service is fantastic, all my questions were answered within 1 days and people seems very flexible and helpful. I wish I had chance to add images in each customization field.

Great app and with great support. Questions were answered really quickly and the staff are super nice.

This is the only way I could find to give customer huge number of multiple variants. It has worked amazing and is super easy to use. Love this app. Super affordable.

Love this app, gives me the ability to add a text box next to my product that shows up on the order as well, an absolute necessity for my company, take a look at made2ordermetal.com, oh, and get this app!

Love this App - it's been literally life changing for my shop. Thank you Product Customizer!

Excellent and simple to use product. What really blew me away was their support team (thanks Kim!) They answered my questions super quickly and went above and beyond in customizing their product to my needs. A+

Been looking for an App like this. It´s very easy to set up multiple options. Just what i needed

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