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Product Customizer

Product Customizer

  • Sell customized products by allowing customers to upload files or enter text as part of their order.
  • Add new, unlimited numbers of options to your products! No 3 option / 100 variant limits!
  • Save time by using saved option sets and applying them to new products with 2 clicks.

Try one of the most loved apps on the Shopify AppStore for FREE for 7 days! Don't forget to view the quick questions FAQ below.

Why use Product Customizer? We offer an easy-to-use app with unparalleled service. Adding an unlimited number of options to your products or creating upload and text boxes is simple, and our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team is happy to assist you with installation and questions you might have. We guarantee that Product Customizer will make running your store easier and help you get more out of your Shopify products.

Ever get charged to install an app before you can even use what you're paying for? We don't do that - FREE installation and easy-to-follow self-install guides are included. Afraid to wait for days when you need help with your store? It won't happen with ShopStorm. Want to easily add options and customization fields to your products, or save and apply to option sets to other products? That we can do!

We don't need to tell you about the ease-of-use and level of service your store receives when you use a ShopStorm app - our customers will do it for us:


★★★★★ "I really love this Product Customizer app, I was using the Bold Apps Product Options app and it was just so time consuming and fiddly to operate. This app is much easier and loads faster on the page, and has not let us down as previous options apps have done...you can save all the options you prefer, which means the favourite options are only a click away, no need to type in countless variables over and over again. The team was also very helpful in making the options suit my theme, and answered all questions I had. Certainly well worth the money and I can't wait to see more additions to this app in the very near future I hope!"
- WizardPatch

★★★★★ "This app is amazing. Each of my products has three to four things to customize including letters and Product Customizer lets the customer select those options in a clear, un-confusing way upon adding items to cart. It is so easy to set up and use. So excited about these new options in my shop."
- The Dedication Company

★★★★★ "I loved how easy the instructions were for adding the data in the code of myself were. It was intimidating to look at and other companies charge for making the change for you. It was way simpler than it seemed. I was able to add the necessary variations to my product listings right away and I saw sales the same day that would not have been possible without the changes I made using this app. Highly recommended!"
- McClary Bros.

★★★★★ "Remarkable! If your product has more than 99 variants then this app was designed for you. It's extremely easy to use and has features that will save you a lot of time when publishing your new product. Not only can you have full control over stylizing the customizer to fit your theme, but the customer support guru's are very eager to make sure your experience with Product Customizer is the absolute best. Thanks for creating this user friendly app!"
- Rockstar Body Jewelry

★★★★★ "The app is a good supplement for the existing product options and variants offered by the Shopify platform. Its easy to use and allows unlimited amount of customizations. More importantly, the technical support was excellent. Kim was not only prompt and responsive to my request for help in the initial set up, she was also very patient and helpful. This is contrary to the experience I had with the other developer."
- Hallmark of Love


Ready to hear more? Great!

What can Product Customizer do for my store?

Product Customizer allows you to have super-customizable products, and give your customers more input when ordering. It's perfect for any store that offers a wide variety of products. With Product Customizer, you will be able to:

  • Benefit from a top-notch app support team

  • Get free installation: Self-install the app using our easy-to-follow instructions for the fastest results, or ask us for installation help at no charge!

  • Add an unlimited number of options and combinations for your products in drop-down form

  • Combine Shopify variants + Product Customizer to create options that have different prices

  • Add one-line text inputs to your products to allow customers to enter extra information on a per-product basis (such as a name or initials)

  • Add multi-line text inputs for entering larger amounts of information

  • Create file upload boxes to allow customers to upload images and other files when ordering an item

  • Set fields as required to prevent the customer from adding an item to the cart unless a certain field is filled in

  • Save sets of customizations that can then be applied to any other product, saving you hours and hours of time spent on managing variants

  • Easily change your customizations without having to manage hundreds of different product variants.

With Product Customizer, you will no longer need to spend hours every month managing your massive collection of product variants. Any time you want to add or remove product options, Product Customizer makes it as easy as 1-click. You can also save a set of options, such as "Sizes", that you can apply to any new product with 2 clicks! You'll then be able to add any other options as needed.

Don't be bound by current Shopify limits of 100 variants per product, and 3 options maximum! Product Customizer allows your products to have unlimited options and customizations.

See it in Action

Check out our Demo Shop by clicking here. The demo shop is a showcase of products showing you the ways in which you can use Product Customizer, and even includes samples of combining Product Customizer with Variants.

We also have a showcase of real stores using this app!

Have more questions about Product Customizer? We'd be happy to help! Please check out our documentation and FAQ, or use our pre-sales form so that we can answer any questions you have!


Quick Questions

  • Q: Can Product Customizer options influence price?

  • A: Not yet! You can change pricing by combining variants with Product Customizer options, but this is on our roadmap. Estimated release date for this feature is November.
  • Q: Will customizations show up in the cart and in emails?

  • A: Yes! Installing the snippets into your theme will show customizations in the cart page, and we have documentation on how to add this to store emails.
  • Q: Can Product Customizer manage inventory or SKUs?

  • A: Again, this is one feature we're working on. Product Customizer cannot currently manage inventory or your Shopify SKUs, but we're working very hard to release these new features in the coming months!
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Reviews (362)

Definitely the app to choose if you need multiple variants for your products. The app is easy to install and simple to use. The developers will even set up a line item on your csv export so that you can see the order information on the print outs. Great app and a must have!

This app was the finishing touch to my store and I allowed a couple of days to get to grips with it. In just 1hr I had added customizations to over 100 products and snippets to my pages and emails. It works superbly and the help pages are excellent. I cannot recommend highly enough!

Dear Product Customizer, my only regret is that we didn't meet sooner! Adding custom fields to my product listings is is now not only a reality, but very simple and quick. The user interface is clear and streamline. You couldn't have made my job easier!

Great product. I haven't yet had increased sales from this product, but that's because I have little traffic but in terms of getting product variations posted and having more variety - I love it! Also love that it's easy to use. Thanks!

This app is such a time saver and simple to use! I'm giving it 5 stars not only based on the app itself, but also the developers' customer service! At first, I ran into a problem; it wasn't showing any of my saved sets. I was disappointed because I needed it to work. I have a LOT of variants. I contacted them and they got back to me very quickly! They worked on it until it was fixed and they updated me every step of the way. Not only is the app great, but so are their people!!

This app is great! Very user friendly and has a wide scope of possibilities.

Absolutely LOVE this app! It's so user friendly and my customers have told me how much they love being able to personalize their jewelry pieces. Thanks for creating such a great product!

Easy to use and does what I wanted it to do. Best feature is the ability to have the customer upload files while in their cart. This is much better than the Jotform method that Shopify provides (where you upload at the thank you page after, everything's been paid for).

Looking forward to the ability to set prices of all the variants

This app is a GOD send. Most of the items in my store require personalization. It's great that my customers can type their names right on the product page. If you're offering personalized items. This app is a must.

This app and the support crew is great! The app itself helps us provide options that weren't available before installing. Whenever I run into a problem or question, support is always quick to help. This app goes as far as they can with Shopify's platform, so its understandable they cant incorporate pricing changes and .svc exports, but support was also knowledgable to find a work-around for that. Thanks crew!

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