Advanced Order Quantity

Advanced Order Quantity

by Extendons

Add minimum & maximum order quantity for products & cart page

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Set Product Quantity Limits

With Advanced Quantity Order app, you can set the minimum and the maximum number of products and orders for a customer to avail.

Specify Cart Quantities

Determine min & max quantities for the order as well as the cart page. Restrict customers to a certain quantity bracket you aim to serve.

Restrict Cart Amount

Define a cart price bracket with min & max amount to allow customers to carry on shopping in a limit. Thus, it prevents over & underselling.

About Advanced Order Quantity

Define minimum and maximum product quantity a customer can select quickly with Advanced quantity order application. The app helps you restrict the customers to order between the lowest and highest number of items you can manage in your store. Put the restrictions on the cart and specific products. In addition, you can set such a limit on the cart amount as well.

Feature List

  • Set product quantities limit
  • Define item quantities on the cart page
  • Restrict the cart page to a specific amount
  • Display product quantities in a custom series
  • Personalize a message to show on quantity limits

Assure Equal Product Quantity Purchases

By setting the lowest and highest limit to product quantity, you can assure that every customer gets an even quantity of store items. Avoid under and overselling of a specific product so that you can distribute it equally among your customers.

Define a Quantity Range for the Cart as well

You can determine the lowest and highest quantity for the cart page to restrict the number of items in each order. This helps you serve average orders to your customers as it prevents higher shipping and handling, and re-ordering costs.

Take Orders within a specific Price bracket

Creating a price bracket for the cart amount assists you in acquiring orders within an amount easy to process and manage by your payment partners. Use the feature to implement restrains on the total amount of the cart.

Display Quantities in a Series

You can create an even or odd series, or any other sequence to facilitate users in easily selecting product quantities. This helps you sell products in batches such as 10, 20, 30, and so on.

Add a custom message to quantity selection

Compose a custom message to display it to the users while they are selecting different quantities on the order or cart page. Use this option to greet or assist the users as they choose their preferences.

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