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Aimtell - Web Push Notifications

Aimtell - Web Push Notifications

Developed by Aimtell

16 reviews
Price: From $29.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Re-Engage Visitors WIthout Ever Capturing Their Email With Web Push Notifications
  • Send Instant Push Notifications To Subscribers And Drive Them Back To Your Website
  • Tailor Push Notifications Based On Page Views, Items Purchased, Location And More.

Web Push Notifications - the new marketing channel taking the world by storm.

We've powered over 1,000,000,000 website push notifications for thousands of sites and it's quickly becoming one of the most powerful re-engagement tools out there. Join Aimtell today and find out what you've been missing!

Re-engage your website visitors with highly targeted mobile & desktop web push notifications.

Aimtell enables visitors to subscribe to websites with just one click. No emails. No forms.

After a visitor subscribes we automatically track page views, geolocation, device type and tons more. Subscribers can then be segmented based any set of criteria and sent real time notifications that are delivered to the visitor regardless if they have their browser open.

Tons of Features Including:

Targeted promotional push notifications - send push notifications to subscribers based on order history, pages viewed, location or a variety of automatically collected data points

Automated Abandoned Cart Notifications - re-engage visitors who added products to carts but didn't checkout. Customize the notification and delay

Conversion Tracking - see exactly which sales are coming directly as a result of your web push notifications campaigns!

Item Shipped Notifications - notify users when their items have shipped

Welcome Notifications - send custom notifications to new subscribers

Automated Notifications - automatically send notifications to subscribers on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

RSS Feed Notifications - import your favorite RSS feeds (perhaps your blog?) and instantly notify users when it's updated.

Instant and Scheduled Notifications - set a notification to go out at any specified time. Send it to all subscribers or only those who match certain criteria.

Automatically tracked item purchases - see which subscribers have purchased what products and send custom notifications tailored just to them.

Customized Events & Attributes - track any events or attributes that can be used later to filter out target subscribers

Emoji Support

Large Image Support

Unlimited Websites - add additional sites (via Shopify, our other 3rd party plugins or javascript) and add additional team members to your account at no additional charge

Zapier Integration - automate your notifications with hundreds of third party apps including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Visitors Subscribe To Your Site, Not Ours. - don't be fooled by platforms that offer "non-https" support or use popups to subscribe. In those cases visitors subscribe to their site, not yours. With Aimtell, visitors always subscribe to your site and are yours to keep.

Examples of Popular Push Notifications:

  • Send a web push notification to everyone who hasn't been to your website in 5 days

  • Send a web push to all visitors who visited your new promo page but have not purchased a product

  • Send a web push to all visitors who purchased a product to encourage them to purchase a related product.

Aimtell is customizable like no other platform - you can use any combination of criteria to find your ideal customer!

And with live chat support, extensive documentation (https://aimtell.com/docs) and a free 14-day trial, we are here for you every step of the way.

Supported On:

  • Chrome (Desktop)

  • Chrome (Mobile - Android)

  • Firefox (Desktop)

  • Safari (Desktop)

  • Opera (Mobile - Android)

  • Opera (Desktop)

Demo video (1min): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHo16J3gZfo


Do you require a credit card to sign up?

Nope. Our billing is handled all via Shopify, so you have full control over your subscription - no cc required during signup.

If need be, can I export/transfer my subscribers?

Yes! Unlike other push notification providers, your visitors subscribe directly to yoursite.com, not yoursite.pushvendor.com. That means the subscribers are granting your site permission (not the push vendor) and makes transferring super simple. Not to mention, you can add your own GCM keys for advanced exporting! (optional)

What is your cancellation policy?

Since there are no long-term obligations you may cancel your account at any time if you find yourself not satisfied with our software without any penalty.

How can I measure if it's working?

You'll be able to track the number of notifications sent and clicked for each campaign directly in your dashboard. With our built-in conversion tracking, you can even view all sales/conversions that resulted directly from your campaigns!


"We selected Aimtell after looking at several push notification platforms. Their platform is very reliable and easy to use. They have helped us quickly grow push notification into one of our top performing marketing channels, simply by increasing retention at negligible cost. Their customer service is also incredibly available and resourceful." - Nick Hoang, Leflair.vn

"Aimtell is the right tool to manage push notifications: easy to use, intuitive dashboard, powerful audience segmentation features love them! Most powerful addition to our Online Marketing toolbox since remarketing." - Alexey Chesnok, GlobalRose.com

"Highly recommended. Without a doubt the best push notification provider we've tried. Their segmentation and automation features are incredible. Being able to automatically send notifications to abandoned carts is fantastic." - Meghan Lewis, Daynadecker.com

Aimtell - Web Push Notifications reviews

16 reviews
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The app works well. We captured a lot more people using this than email. Unfortunately we've been unable to turn any of them into customers so after 5 months I'm taking it off.

I've tried a variety of offers including a 25% store wide discount with clicks but no sales.


Best push notification app. Period!

Best customer segmentation we've seen for push notifications and with Zapier integration, the possibilities are endless.

Back by superior service from aimtell.

Highly recommended.



Ok so Tom has been super helpful with customer service and answering my questions. The App really does have way more features than the several others i've tried, though it's not the most user friendly to understand all of it right away. But once you actually spend time in the docs it starts to come together. Recommended if you need something that can be highly customized in addition to email collection.


Cool concept But it needs some improving. Support also won't help you customize anything- unlike other app support. Not very friendly. We also find it a bit expensive for what you get.


I have been using Aimtell App for over 6 months now and there has never been any down time, it just works flawlessly. DJ and Jennifer are very easy to work with. It does not replace emails, but is a fantastic secondary way to communicate with your customers!


This app is great! I tested it out and it does what it says well. Everything that you get and are able to do is a steal for the price. I'm glad I got in early.
When they say that customers subscribe to your site and not the app's site, it does make a difference. Support has also been great. DJ and Jennifer have answered all my questions and more in a very timely manner.


Amazing app! Recommended if you want to contact your subscribers in a new and very cool way. Also the support is great.


DJ is the man! Great support and a great app. Picking up subscribers everyday using Aimtell. Think out of the box and don`t be hung up on email capture - it is not the only way to skin a cat.


Edit: The support is really good, I had a bit of a problem on my part with understanding the programme but they really helped me:) I am really happy with it! :))


App 10/10 , Support 10/10 , Thank you for the wonderful platform Mr. DJ..!!

From $29.00 / month

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