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Oh Three XX Gear

This is NOT a print on demand service. This is just Product Pro under a different name. It is a dropshipping app and the interface is frustrating at best. If you are looking for a Print On Demand Fulfillment app, this is not it


I used this app when they airwave something and used to ship within 2-3 days. Then they rebranded and everything went downhill. Now orders take 10+ to ship and they tracking numbers are missing numbers. I contacted customer support about it and they acknowleged that they were incorrect. Several months later and they still haven't fixed them. I give them an extra star because the quality of the shirts are good but it's not them that make it. They're just a middleman.

If you don't mind the shipping times and the quality of the shirt than this is the app for you.

If you sell on Amazon or Ebay or are measured by shipping metrics than look somewhere are else.

I had to delete all of my listing from this app.

Moodshop Co

Amazing and underrated print on demand provider! Fulfillment at typically 1-2 days is the quickest I've experienced from any Shopify-linked POD company, and they have been very consistent with this in the several months I've been using them.

The apparel selection is great, lots of different women's styles and colors that aren't found with other POD companies - I love the Raglan/Baseball tees and comfy and fashionable lightweight sweatshirts. Pricing is great as well. Would love to see a women's muscle tank and/or ringer tees as those are not something I've seen any Shopify-linked POD offer yet.

Really hope they continue to stay consistent with their lightning quick fulfillment turnaround and quality. Overall, one of my favorites for POD fulfillment - Thanks Airwaves!!!


they are the fastest shirt printer we have used and good customer service

Bar Merch

I've had a lot of success with this app. Design tool is easiest to use out of all the ones ive tried, prices are good and the shipping is fast. Whenever I need support Breanna or her team have always been there for me :)

Check out our storeL and let us know if you need bar online merchandise sales help

Samson N Delilahs

Not only is the app awful, but Carly-the-no-help customer service rep is horrific. She is rude, non helpful and just all at around a disgrace to Shopify. If they’re smart, they’ll drop this app altogether. Whatever you do, don’t even try this app! They leave you with no way to modify a design or a products color availability. So pretty much, when you design something and select the colors you want, in a tshirt for example, you can't ever go back in and add or take a color away. You have to completely start the product design over from scratch. This is pretty stupid. If a color isn't selling, or is no longer relevant, I should be able to go in and edit an existing product. In addition, if I think of something I want to add to a design, I should be able to without starting over from scratch. They also don't give you much as far as fulfillment process communication. Once someone places an order, it either says Ordered or Shipped. There's no in between. So I have no idea if it's in the process of being printed, packaged, etc. That's completely ridiculous. The first order that was placed, the customer only received one out of two items. Deleted this app altogether after CONSTANT shipping issues, non-existent customer service. And they don’t even care when they lose a customer.

The Chimes

High-quality product, easy to use app, and great margins. Listed a few shirts when we expanded to apparel and received great feedback from customers. Hopefully more garments are added in the future.


By far the worst company to choose for a start up business. I went with AW because I believed they would be a good start for me. I should have known not to go with them when they never returned my basic email questions in regards to cost/samples/production etc.

I decided to order samples from them before going LIVE, I'm so glad I did. Their product was amateur at best, the DTG was HORRIBLE no way anyone would pay for their quality of print. My company would have gone down before ever starting if I would just trusted them. The packaging of the product was a joke, when I reached out to ask for an explanation (gave them 72hrs + to respond as a professional courtesy) they did not respond and have yet to ever respond back to one of my emails, and the customer rep over the phone acted as she did not care.



Hands down the best customer service of any app I've used. They are super responsive and helped me with everything from order tracking to app support. I didnt want to leave a review for the old app because honestly it was kinda rough around the edges it worked but not that great.
This new app is AMAZING! much easier to use and it works just like they said it would which is so nice. Most of the time the app people just say theyll fix something and it never gets done I am so happy to be working with a company that puts effort into making their app better all the time. On top of the app working great the products are fantastic. Lots of selection for SHIRTs (no leggings or anything else yet) but just about any shirt type you'd want is available and we are a lower priced store than a lot of other shopify stores so the low prices in the air waves app help us a ton with margins. we used to use printful but their prices are way too high, the service was non-existent and my customers would recieve orders late. This app is pretty much the complete opposite, fast delivery, low prices and amazing service. If I could give more than 5 stars I would :)

to the team: thank you for all your help and I can't wait to keep sending orders your way!!!


Customer service 5 stars. They responded to my email the same day and answered all my question. However the app 3-4 stars. They dont list the brand and style names of the products. I need to know exactly what I'm getting, what it is made of and where it is sourced. Limited amount of products. I agree with not having 500 things, but still need variety. Need more women's styles. Design space is very compact. No list of policies that I could find on the website or app. You also cannot delete any of your personal information and designs. Ex, credit card.
I did not order anything, so I cannot comment on the print jobs. I think this app will be good, once things are added and modified.

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