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Algolia Search - Instant Search

Algolia Search - Instant Search

Developed by Algolia

14 reviews
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  • Out-of-the-box instant search with an as-you-type search experience
  • One-Click installation that can be managed entirely from your admin interface
  • Powerful relevancy with a fully customizable search experience

Instant Search That Increases Conversions


as-you-type search customers think less about how to search and more about what they find. Serve relevant content from the first keystroke. Algolia enhances your search functionality with a completely customizable search experience which can be seamlessly integrated into your Shopify theme.

Product & Collection Autocomplete

Offer users immediate access to your whole catalog from the dropdown menu, whatever your number of categories or products.

Instant & Faceted Search Page

Have your search results page, navigation and pagination updated in real time, with each keystroke.


Enhance customer satisfaction by delivering the most relevant search results, every time. Typo-tolerance and highlighting ensure users always find the products they are looking for.

Real-Time Sync

Our extension automatically synchronizes data (products, collections, etc.) in real-time, making sure that new products are available immediately. Tweak search results from the dashboard to match your needs (typo-tolerance, synonyms, etc.) or highlight your most popular products.


Faster search means more sales. Algolia returns results in under 35ms on an average – irrespective of whether you have 100s or 1000s of products. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and distributed search network ensures that your customers benefit from this, no matter where they are.


Algolia gives you the ability to make your data – products and collections – searchable from a single search bar. Completely customize your search results based on criteria that makes sense for your business, such as popularity, date, relevance etc.

Built by developers for developers

This plugin is also completely configurable and fully extensible, letting you build a custom search experience or theme based on Algolia. You have full access to the HTML/CSS/JS used and can tweak it exactly how you want.

Plan/Pricing Information

Get started with a 14 day free trial. Algolia is completely free for smaller shops and larger stores can choose from affordable plans.


Installing Algolia Search is easy:

  1. Install the app in your Shop

  2. Create an Algolia Account (14-days free trial)

  3. Choose the Algolia datacenter which is the closest to your end-users

  4. Open the app and start setting it up using your credentials

Getting started guide

Once you have installed the plugin, you can follow the step by step guide provided here: https://community.algolia.com/shopify/configuration.html

About Algolia

Founded in 2012, Algolia’s aim is to make searching on a website or a mobile app as fast and effective as possible.
To this end, Algolia provides developers with an easily-integrated search API offering an intuitive “as-you-type” design that refreshes search results in real time (less than 10ms in average). Ultimately, this enhanced search experience provides an overall boost to user engagement on online and mobile services.
With offices in San Francisco and Paris, Algolia currently has over 2000 clients in 100 countries. The company’s recent funding round secured over $18M, primarily from growth equity firm Accel Partners.
To find out more about Algolia, visit our website: www.algolia.com .

Algolia Search - Instant Search reviews

14 reviews
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This Algolia integration was easy to implement and provided a much better result that out of the box search. We've also been able to adjust the ranking and disable typo-tolerance for a few unique strings to better suit our needs.


Best app ever as search tool! We love you Algolia <3


Excellent search tool, would recommend to anyone.


Brilliant app, works like a charm and gives a unique user friendly quick and responsive UI which is very helpful on ecommerce websites


Algolia is an amazing search SaaS providing an amazing user experience to our customers. We were thinking about building a search ourselves with Elasticsearch, but are now using Algolia to make 3M+ books searchable at shop.autorenwelt.de.

Matthieu, who is responsible for this integration at Algolia, was an absolute pleasure to work with - never before have I experienced such a responsive, thorough and helpful customer support.

If search is the primary way your customers interact with your product range, don't skimp on it.


A little bit tough to get it started, but once I did I really liked the final results. There is a ridiculous amount of power in this that you can use if you want to (but pay for it). This is close to enterprise level search for a reasonable price per month.

We removed Algolia because the free 10k operations don't last long at all. This includes all indexing, searching (per key), etc. If they had a cheaper intro plan we'd probably jump in, but I'll look around to see if there's another option at the price point we need.


Really wanted to use this app, but I cannot create an account with them. I literally cannot press the "create account" button on my browsers (and I've tried all of them).

I've asked support to help me multiple times, and they always say they will look into it, but then I never hear from them again.

EDIT: they contacted me quickly after this review with a great solution and some extra's.


I'm a Shopify Experts developer, and Algolia is the best search app for Shopify HANDS DOWN. If you go to Algolia.com, you'll see that they're used on some really big name fashion brands like thekooples.com/us/.

Best part, it's free!!
Their instant search makes it feel like you're on Google. It blows shopify native search out of the water.

Installation is a little more involved than a single click, but it's worth it because this is a real platform, not a shitty half-baked Shopify plugin app as many are.. honestly.

I've implemented this across a few of my client sites. Here are some examples of how you can use it:

Lastly, their support forums are GREAT, they will get back to you next day early morning. and you can search for answers in the forums.

Expert level customizability for your search needs. A++++++++


After reading one of the bad reviews below, I checked and found I was experiencing the same issue on my iPhone. I contacted support and they got back pretty much straight away. After 2 days of some back and forth to try to troubleshoot the problem, Matthieu has been a pleasure to work with, and helped me fixed the problem (so yes, there is a quick and easy fix for it!). They have since written a public post with the resolution https://discourse.algolia.com/t/ios-issues-with-our-shopify-autocomplete/1653

Apart from this little problem, the app itself is great, and we've been able to manipulate it to work with our retail/wholesale store. This has really helped search for both our customers and customer support team, and also makes training new employees easier. Check it out on www.smai.com.au

Thanks Matthieu and Algolia Search! Great app and great service! :)


Very good app with ultra fast search. Helmetdon.in is now live with Algolia search thanks to excellent support from Algolia team.

From $0.00 / month

This app is free but requires an Algolia account.
See https://www.algolia.com/pricing.



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