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Algolia Search & Discovery

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Product search & discovery that increases conversions at scale

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Build frictionless experiences

Bring search autocomplete, typo tolerance, synonyms management, filters and facets and many more to your customers with minimal work.

Your store, your merchandising

Create merchandising rules and fine-tune the products ranking based on their popularity, profit margins or any data that matters to you.

Understand your shoppers

Discover what your shoppers are searching for, use those insights to improve your product catalog, adapt your SEO, and fuel merchandising.

About Algolia Search & Discovery

Accelerate conversions with a frictionless search and discovery experience

Shoppers need instant rewarding experiences and businesses future proof solutions. Algolia connects with your Shopify store product catalog and collections, to provide a frictionless search and navigation experience.

Easily bring search autocomplete, typo tolerance, synonyms management, filters and facets and many more to your customers, on any device, with unparalleled speed, relevance and reliability.

Stay in control with built-in merchandising and business logic

Use our visual dashboard to promote specific results your customers when they search for the latest trends.

Your store is unique. Rank the results by popularity, discount rate, shipping weight, or any data that matters to you. Chose what filters your shoppers will use to refine their search.

Understand your customers with powerful Analytics

With Algolia Analytics, understand what your customers are searching for, what filters they use, what searches return no results. Use those insights to improve your product catalog, adapt your SEO strategy and fuel merchandising initiatives.

Seamless integration to your store

  • Always on syncing: Make sure that your new products are immediately available in your search and never deceive shoppers with out of stock products.
  • Embrace your brand: Easily customize your search to your brand through your Shopify dashboard, or go further and create advanced interfaces using our front end libraries

Unleash you Shopify Plus store

  • Scalable and reliable: Take no risk and chose a search that grows with your Shopify Plus store. Algolia serves 40+ billions search queries per month.
  • Real-time catalog sync: while Algolia can index your catalog in near real-time, a sizeable store could easily reach Shopify API limits. With Shopify Plus API and Algolia, scale your catalog and always keep it up to date.
  • Easy Internationalization: Take advantage of Shopify Plus expansion stores and provide state of the art search to all your users, from one Algolia account, whatever their language and currency. Algolia is language agnostic and supports Shopify Plus multi-currency.

Rely on a trusted partner

Many paying customers already rely on Algolia. Our presence in 70+ data centres across 16 regions is unmatched. We serve 40+ billions search queries per month. Wherever you are in the world, we’ll make your search ultra fast and reliable.

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Overall rating
4.5 of 5 stars
Based on 16 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Nexus Promo - IT Solutions

No longer supported - plan to replace

From github:

"Note that InstantSearch v1 is no longer supported. "

This is the version shopify uses.

In the last week. I have contacted algolia twice for help with things not working as expect. Both times they gave the impression that shopify is not important and would not help.

I wanted to add an exclude for some customers, so some product would be excluded from the search, but this feature does not work. When I asked for help they said the shopify version was not supported.

While the basic search is impressive, adding options as been a problem, with features not working for me.

Update: They plan upgrade shopify to InstantSearch v2 in a few months. This looks to fix my current issues. InstantSearch v2:


Let me save everyone some time, money, and frustration and give you a summary of what to expect with this app.

The app itself works pretty good, but the company behind it is extremely suspect.

For the past 9 months we have had this app in place with their premium/unlimited plan. It cost us $65 per month every month like clockwork. Starting in August-September, all of the sudden our bill went up to $475 per month, and then again $475 in October.

When we took a closer look, it turns out there is a "bug" in the app that causes the app to trigger an event which in turn charges us money. So they have created an app that prints money for themselves.

We let them know, and all they did for us was give us a $350 coupon towards one of the months, and said they had fixed the issue. Clearly, they have not fixed the issue. We are concerned how many other customers may be the victims of fraud without knowing it.

We have made absolutely no changes to our website, yet somehow are experiencing a 9x increase in billing. Also very suspicious, this is the only third party app I have come across that does their own billing, rather than it being billed through Shopify.

Now I am having to work with Shopify to get our money back and investigate the potential fraud this company is taking part in. They are extremely slow to respond, and so far they can't even refund us the money, only give us a coupon...something is not adding up.


This Algolia integration was easy to implement and provided a much better result that out of the box search. We've also been able to adjust the ranking and disable typo-tolerance for a few unique strings to better suit our needs.