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April 9, 2024

I reached out to support email with a 3 simple questions and Sawyer asked me to get on a call with him. I said I prefer to just get an email reply as the 3 questions can easily be answered with a few lines via email, no calls needed. From then on, I never heard back from Sawyer.

So I followed up again and started cc'ing Matt's (founder) email as well, no reply. Started cc'ing their support email, no reply. Also cc'ed Sawyer's work email, no reply.

I have sent 10 follow up emails over the spend of 9 weeks, not a single reply from any of them. I had to watch a 30 minute recording of the demo just to get 1 of my questions answered. For the other 2 questions I have left, I needed to install the Amped app to figure out myself. All of these could've been mitigated with just one email from Sawyer, Matt, or their support team. But no reply, everything is recorded in the email. There was no rudeness whatever in my emails or anything that should warrant this. All I did was just told Sawyer I prefer to get the answer via email instead of getting on a call, and radio silence was what I got in return.

Since I have to download the app and figure out myself whether Amped can do what I was asking about, I might as well write a review of what happened. Everything is recorded via email and the Shopify team that reviews the review submissions can reach out to me if they want proof of what I said in this app review.

Ervine Plus
United States
11 days using the app
Amped replied April 10, 2024

Context - this individual was clearly setting us up from the beginning. They asked sensitive questions about our infrastructure (irrelevant to a user of the app) and then threatened my team with a bad review.

It became clear this was a setup and their intention from the beginning to threaten us with a bad review. We will never pay anyone for a review NOR pay a threat.

@Shopify please remove this? The store is non existent. This is spam and a bad actor.

@You reading - I would love to personally help you in any way I possibly can! Email me anytime - I am the founder of Amped and I personally hop on the phone daily with merchants to help them WIN! Let’s crush it together.

April 3, 2024

We have been SO impressed with Amped & the amazing team! Sawyer & Kailyn have been amazing to work with and made the implementation process a breeze. This has been a no-brainer decision for us!

United States
About 2 months using the app
February 29, 2024

My favorite tech partner right now. The Amped team has nailed that "software as a service" concept - I am always blown away by their support and their willingness to go above and beyond not just in aiding with inquiries, but actually servicing us as customers to optimize our usage of the app. The Amped team is prompt, thorough, reliable, and just wonderful. Our opt-in rate has skyrocketed, and we love the customizability of the entirety of Amped. THANK YOU, Amped team!

United States
4 months using the app
January 16, 2024

Matt, David, and the whole team were super helpful in assisting me with the setup and maintenance of Amped.
We saw impressive conversion from the pop-ups and never felt that we weren't served quickly and effectively by the team
Awesome experience

Saint Rocco's Treats
United States
11 months using the app
Edited April 16, 2024

Updated April 2024: Through testing and the rollout of their latest templates, our opt-in rates are now averaging 14%+ (18+% for one particular form) from 10% last year. Customer support is better and ever, very prompt and responsive, and I really appreciate them taking the time to dive deep into helping me troubleshoot some technical issues. I don't know why you wouldn't use this app!
September 2024: App increased opt in rates from 3% to almost 10%. It's super easy to A/B test. But the best thing of all is the support and special shoutout to David P. It's one of the best support I've experienced in all my years in eCom. Every question I have is answered in a super helpful and enthusiastic video. They actually make the changes for you and show you how to do it in the video so that you can do it yourself next time, instead of sending you a link to some docs and asking you to figure it out yourself. Saves me so much time. I wanted a particular feature and looks like they're getting it built for me. I'm so impressed by this product and service. Thank you!

Blessed Be Magick
United States
8 months using the app
January 19, 2024

This was the single best experience we've had with a Shopify app for two main reasons.

1. We had incredible onboarding assistance that was proactively provided immediately after we installed the app. This went beyond an automated email flow. We received a personal email with suggestions and willingness to help in the installation that was critical for us.

2. The performance of the email popup is unbelievable. We are receiving take rates on the email popup of over 25%!!!!!! This is more than a 700% improvement over our previously used Klaviyo popups.

I could not recommend Amped enough. The best service and technical product out there for building your e-comm funnel.

Tiny Earth Toys
United States
2 days using the app
September 1, 2023

I never imagined a pop-up could have such high conversion rates - but Amped proved me wrong! Our conversion rates have nearly doubled, which has had a significant impact on revenue. Not only are the pop-ups higher converting, they are also really well designed and aligned with our branding. Finally something that actually improves the look and feel of our site!

United States
6 months using the app
October 20, 2023

We recently onboarded with Amped and are loving our relationship with our rep. Excited for what's to come...

The Wander Club
United States
5 months using the app
September 21, 2023

Matt and the team at Amped are awesome. The UI of the pop-ups are . We moved to their mini quiz style and instantly saw a 35% boost in opt-ins. Absolutely game changing. Try it out!

Tiny Rituals
United States
21 days using the app
April 25, 2022

We've tried lots of popups and thought they were all the same.. but this app is impressive! The personalization functionality is amazing!

United States
About 1 year using the app