Smart Order & Customers Tagger

Smart Order & Customers Tagger

by App on Demands

Automate order & customer tagging according to different rules

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Easy orders management.

Filter your orders by tags and make order management and your fulfilment process easy.

Save your time.

Saves your time by auto-tagging orders to help you focus on other useful business aspects.

Easy to use.

Get started easily. Simply install and start creating smart order tag rules.

About Smart Order & Customers Tagger

Why tag an order?

Applying tags to orders can help to filter them based on a particular set of criteria. For example, you might want to filter all orders that have been placed with a specific location so that you can fulfil them quickly, or, you might like to filter and identify orders placed by first-time customers so that a welcome gift can be placed in their order.

Tagging Orders is a vital step in building automation workflows for the processing and fulfilment of orders. Why waste time manually tagging each order when you can create a set of rules to take care of the order tagging?

What rules can I apply using Order Tagger?

Order Tagger automatically tags orders based on a variety of conditions. You simply create a rule and then when an order matches that rule, we tag it. This allows you to group your orders based on tags to streamline your fulfilment process, highlight particular orders and much more.

Auto tags orders by:

  • Products (including variants) - checks the order line item.
  • Collections - checks if a product belongs to the selected collection
  • Order amount - matches the condition with the order total amount
  • Number of orders - matches the condition with number of total orders
  • Order billing or shipping address (including zip-code, city, country)
  • Current customer tag - If customer has a specific tag
  • Customer email - matches the condition with customer email to see if it contains specific word
  • Tag by discount code - Tag all the customers who use specific discount codes. and many more...


It doesn't require any coding or changes to the theme.

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Pricing 1-day free trial



  • Unlimited Order Tagging rule

  • Apply a tag to the customer & order

  • Real-time tagging

  • Auto tag orders based on order activity

  • 1 day free trial



  • All Basic & Free Plan features.

  • Advance order tagging rule

  • 1 day free trial



  • Create one order Tagging rule

  • Apply a tag to the customer & order

  • Real-time tagging

  • Auto tag orders based on order activity

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

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