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Edited October 7, 2023

• Edited/Updated.... Again. 4 Star Review:
This is my third time updating my review (previous ones below). I feel in all fairness, based on the circumstances, I need to update this review to give these guys a fair shot. I am currently working with the App owner, James... who appears committed to providing great customer service. I had been left high and dry for with a highly faulty app code that would not actually time out the offers causing me to pay out of pocket to ship customers deals. Turns out there were some personal life circumstances that caused the disconnect and I am certainly understanding of that. The app has since been greatly updated (weeks), and the functionality seems to have gone through the roof, creating a potentially highly valuable upsell offer tool.

James and his team are currently working out some bugs but I foresee this app turning out to be a major success. I will return to update my review one last time after everything is fully functioning as intended.

• 2 Star Review Revision:
Major Flaw
I had to re-write this review and drop the rating from 5 stars to 2... because of the lack of support as well as a highly faulty code which provides unlimited upsell offers, indefinitely, to all past customers as well.

The "timed" discount function is absolutely pointless. We set ours to disappear after 2 minutes and found out... only after a previous customer ordered a $6 item with free shipping (cost us $4 to ship).... that the offer shows up to ANYONE, an unlimited amount of times as long as they refresh the page. The customer simply went into their order confirmation email, clicked the "review order" link and when they landed on the same page where the offer would have shown, the timer popped up and gave them a deal for an order that already shipped 2 weeks ago. The funny part is, the offer was never active when they had originally placed the order. So now, any customer from even months before the app being activated, can click on the review order link and see the same offers... forever... even when the timer runs out.

Our offer had rules to be included to any order without additional shipping charges as long as they completed the purchase within 10 minutes of placing an order. Clearly a function that is absolutely pointless if the offer can constantly be reset over and over and over again with a simple refresh of the page or by simply reopening the order details link provided in the customers order confirmation email.

I emailed support and they responded within a day or so, "that feature is intentional to offer the upsell to all customers... but we can custom code to limit how often and how long the feature works if you like". ??? That makes no sense! Why have an offer timer and rules of who to show it to if it doesn't even apply?? So I responded, "yes, great please fix this"... weeks have passed and no reply or fix. I emailed 2 more times and still no response from them to fix the same thing they offered to fix.

The point of the offer timer is absolutely pointless if it's indefinite. If you want to offer EVERYONE your offers with an UNLIMITED quantity and period this is the app for you. With my experience and number of times I have asked for this to be remedied... customer service seems to be lacking.

• Original 5 star review (condensed):
I am impressed with the apps features, especially for being for free, such as the addition of "share on social media", add a product video, surveys, collect customer B-days, discount code off your next purchase, post purchase upsell with or without timer, a "reorder & save" option and they even have a custom HTML section which allows you to add your own code to the post purchase page.

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United States
5 months using the app
May 4, 2022

The app was easy to install on my store; however, since I am not a techie person and needed assistance to set up the page. Communicated via online chat with James for assistance. He quickly responded and set up my Upsell Page in no time. Very professional and timely.

United States
7 months using the app