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Artsadd: Print On Demand

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Print-On-Demand Manufacturer & Dropshipping Supplier. Offering Apparel, Bags, Blankets, and More.

Artsadd is a professional POD manufacturer, providing POD products with factories locate in US, AU and CHN. A huge product selection and local fulfillment service will help you stand out in market. The easy-use design tool and batch design feature help you to finish hundred of designs with one click. What's more, Artsadd offers private label service, which can help you to establish your own brand. With Artsadd, you only need to focus on selling and we will assist you from production to delivery.

Artsadd is a professional POD manufacturer, providing POD products with factories locate in US, AU and CHN. A huge product selection and local fulfillment service will help you stand out in market. The easy-use design tool and batch design feature help you to finish hundred of designs with one click. What's more, Artsadd offers private label service, which can help you to establish your own brand. With Artsadd, you only need to focus on selling and we will assist you from production to delivery. more
  • Wide selection of products, with new trend products being added every month.
  • Worldwide Fulfillments, factories located in US, AU and CHN.
  • Pravite label & sticker, specialize in helping to build up your own brand.
  • Powerful design tool with batch design function.
  • No Inventory & Minimum Order, easy to start your own business.


November 25, 2022




Free to install

Artsadd charges production costs and shipping.

Free to install

Artsadd charges production costs and shipping.

All charges are billed in USD.

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January 19, 2024

Good quality products and timely deliveries. I recommend everyone to give Artsadd a try once.

Melanin Apparel LLC
United States
About 1 year using the app
Edited January 15, 2024

Edited to Add: I guess this negative review needs to be explained yet again to them. It seems the only thing they will take seriously is a review.

1. Yes, we all get that you don't change sku numbers. What I'm saying is maybe you should if you're discontinuing items to be replaced with an identical item. You have regularly discontinued an item only to replace it with the exact same item only with a different sku. So yes. you make your customers have to completely re do everything over changing a sku number or essentially replacing a product with a identical product but a different sku. You don't even let people know you are doing this. You'll find out once you get an order as I've already told you isn't a trustworthy practice.

2. yes, you deleted all of my art I had uploaded when you changed whatever design customization you used to use to the new one. I also emailed about this but as usual, it doesn't matter to you and only curt and shallow apologies were given. Allllll of my designs were gone everything I designed was gone because you had either changed to a new identical product which changes the sku and in turn deletes all your products you design, it makes your customers have to re design everything on a regular basis. or it happened when you updated your design studio....either way you discontinue a product entirely without letting anyone know, which is the most recent experience. zero options to transfer design to new identical product, zero notice, zero notification. The same tone deaf response as you've replied with here. You've been emailed multiple times about it and it's always the same run around.

3. yes, you absolutely do send "all over print boxes" out when packaging unless the buyer (me) emails you to make sure this doesn't happen for every order. The point is I cannot trust you to use plain packaging because I've been told previously in emails that you cannot guarantee plain packaging during busy times. I can't hold your hand for every order to ensure you send things in a professional manner. The all over print packaging should never have been used at all, is the point, when people are paying extra for branding tags, and I shouldn't have to message you for every order to ensure you are only shipping in a plain bag or box. You showed me sending the order one time in a plain box and in that same order there was also a problem with the tags on the boots as they were sewn on the wrong spot! also something you didn't care to fix or offer me anything for. Since you brought it up, there's also issues attaching the custom tags to orders, again something I've emailed you about in the past and was told you can attach tags permanently on the back end but then that means I'm also emailing you for every order because every order will not receive the same product tags, but moreover you end up having to manually enter each order and then cancel the automated order because, and I've told you this already, you can't just attach a tag to your products to be included in the order. It's something you have set up to be attached later so each order that is supposed to be automated with branding tags can only be fulfilled with manual orders if you want to utilize the branding. Totally defeats the purpose of POD when you have to manually enter the orders and delete the automated ones so it can be fulfilled in the way you are paying for. That's the point. I don't need clarification re the cost of branding or the shipping. I'm fully aware. I do not, however, think you are fully aware of the issues and copious amounts of time you cost people. Maybe now you will listen.
I have messaged you many many times. It has done nothing to help me. So after a couple years you will either now listen to the very real issues that have been clarified for you over and over again or you won't but I'm sick of explaining it. It's also very basic common sense.

Artsadd is literally awful! you CANNOT depend on them for a thing but you can count on them wasting your time, continuously. The repeatedly change the sku on items instead of just replacing the sku with the new one....this means you have to redesign everything you did for an item that has not changed other than the sku. The also will not notify you that this has happened. you will find out once a customer places an order. They will also wipe your images from the designs you upload so not only will you have to redesign you will also have to reupload all your art. They do this regularly and have been even after telling them how much they are jacking up my business. They also ship the marten style boots and other shoes in "all over print" boxes, this means that is printed all over the shoe boxes and tags that also say this are attached to the products. its absolutely fing ridiculous the crap this company pulls. I got an order today for custom pumps.... guess what? they didnt just change the sku this time....they arent' even available anymore! If you want to have to redesign all your products without knowing you need to do this, consistenly, then by all means use artsadd. they absolutely suck and cannot be trusted unless you like refunding people and being embarassed becauseyou cannot rely on them. They will say sorry and then continue to do things that screw your business over. totally unprofessional. Why pay extra for product tags when artsadd sends out your products to customers with tacky and cheap all over print tags and boxes. whats the point. I'm done with their crappy service and them costing me customers and hours upon hours of design time. They literally do not care that you have to redesign everything on a whim oftheirs or that they discontinue products you have for sale without notification.

The Photographist Home
United States
7 days using the app
E-Joyer Ecommerce Co. Ltd replied January 11, 2024

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by the misunderstanding regarding your question. Allow us to provide a detailed explanation to address your concerns:

1. SKU Change:
We want to assure you that we will not change the SKU of any design under any circumstances. Each design is associated with its respective account, and we do not have the authority to modify the SKU of any design. Regarding the recurring SKU changes you mentioned, could you please offer us with comprehensive details? We will thoroughly investigate the matter.

2. Design Deletion:
Similarly, we do not delete designs under any circumstances. However, there is a situation where if a product is removed from our website, the corresponding designs associated with that product will also be affected and removed from our offerings. This is because once a product is removed, subsequent orders for that product cannot be fulfilled. We announce such product removals on our website through notifications. It seems that the issue you mentioned about design deletion may be related to this situation. For example, products such as high heels or boots that were previously designed no longer be in production or available. So you may not find the designs for these items in your account. We have mentioned this issue in emails before.

3. All Over Print Shoe Boxes:
We want to clarify that we have not used any "all over print" shoe boxes. Our available options include "custom shoe" blue shoe boxes and plain shoe boxes. In response to your request for no information on the box, we have let our packaging staff use plain boxes for your orders. Our customer service team has previously provided you with images to verify this, and we are pleased that you found them helpful.

4. About Labels & Fees:
The labels mentioned on our website are fabric labels that can be sewn onto your products. They typically display your design, company name, or other logos you have designed. These labels are not related to packaging boxes.
And for the brand stickers, need to be printed and affixed to the outer packaging of the package. These stickers are also designed by you and may include brand elements such as your company name or logo.
They are private labels.

We would like to emphasize that the labeling process involves manual handling by our dedicated personnel. They carefully select your specific product from a wide range of options and add the label accordingly. This process requires additional time and effort, which is why we charge a fee($3 for label, $1 for sticker) to cover the costs associated with the personnel involved in this meticulous process.
It is important to note that this charge is specifically for the labeling service and not for the box packaging that comes with the product. The box packaging is provided as part of our standard packaging for the product and does not incur any additional charges.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by these misunderstandings. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us. We are here to assist you and provide any necessary clarification.

January 10, 2024

I give five stars for costumer service and product variaty! Evanna in the chat has helped me so much guiding me through any questions I´ve had the last couple of days. It´s just unfortunate because I really want to focus on Europe and the shipping fees for the items that I want to sell are way too high. I´m trying to figure everything out, but I just have to give some cred to Evanna for being really helpful and nice in the process.

Poodle Movement
4 days using the app
E-Joyer Ecommerce Co. Ltd replied January 16, 2024

Thank you for your kind words. We're thrilled to hear that Evanna in the chat has been a valuable asset in guiding you through your inquiries.
We will promptly inform you of any updates regarding European shipping costs as soon as they become available.

August 9, 2023

Horrible customer service. They sent my customers a pair of sneakers that had the letters SAMPLE on it! Refused to make it correct /Refused to refund! I will be using a different print provider! DO NOT RECOMMEND!

United States
About 1 year using the app
E-Joyer Ecommerce Co. Ltd replied January 16, 2024

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If we made a mistake with your order before, rest assured that we will provide compensation. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time for further assistance. ArtsAdd is dedicated to delivering excellent after-sales service for any faulty products. Your satisfaction is our priority.

May 15, 2023

I Absolutely Love Artsadd For My Business. We Have Elevated So Much With The Products That We Offer. Thanks To Artsadd.

Tee Tee's World
United States
About 1 month using the app
E-Joyer Ecommerce Co. Ltd replied May 28, 2023

Glad to hear that you're enjoying Artsadd for your business and that it has helped you elevate your product offerings. Its wide range of customizable products allows you to add your unique touch and create something truly special. Artsadd will continuously enrich products and features based on user needs.


E-Joyer Ecommerce Co. Ltd can answer any questions you have about Artsadd: Print On Demand.


E-Joyer Ecommerce Co. Ltd

Kuokou Community,Zhenhai Street,Licheng District, Building #20, putian, FJ, 351100, CN

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