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Automated RMAs and Returns

Automated RMAs and Returns

Developed by Gunpowder and Graphite

9 reviews
Price: $19.95 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Let customers process returns without taking up your time
  • Customizable rules, printable, pre-paid shipping labels handle the logistics
  • Save on shipping costs, reduce errors, and streamline for a better experience

With the Automated RMAs and Returns app for Shopify, you can give your customers the fast and easy return process they expect while saving yourself time and money. Customers print labels, rebox, and return, and returns are delivered wherever in your supply chain they need to go. You and your customers get the automated power and convenience of the biggest ecommerce stores, without the enterprise-level costs.

Customer-Friendly Returns to Build Brand Affinity

Making returns easy and convenient makes customers far more likely to make another purchase. With Automated RMAs and Returns as part of your Shopify store, all customers have to do is locate their order and select the items they want to return. A pre-paid shipping label is generated, and that's it!

Most returns take less than a minute of customer engagement on your site, and everything is backed-up and confirmed via personalized, automated emails. You can create emails that automatically trigger at each point of the return process, too, so your customer stays informed and has more touchpoints with your brand.

Automated RMAs and Returns keeps everything up-to-date, keeping customers happy while requiring less of your time and attention.

Back-End Capabilities Make Return Processing a Breeze

Ecommerce entrepreneurs deserve access to the same tools as their biggest competitors. It's the only way to level the playing field and stay competitive. Automated RMAs and Returns allows you to set a variety of rules for returns so you can manage your business with the same precision they achieve in the big leagues.

Store owners working with multiple warehouses and/or other distribution points can set up different return locations. Details of each individual purchase can be used to determine free shipping eligibility and other criteria. Refunds, exchanges, and store credits can be offered as per owner-determined policies. Shipping prices can be deducted from a refund or charged to you, if the return qualifies for free shipping as per your rules.

Your returns work the way you want them to, with your customers and your back-end logistics, without taking hours—or even minutes!—of your time.

Once you set up your custom policies, all of the details will be automatically included and updated on shipping labels and in the relevant areas of your Shopify dashboard. Your accounting and data tracking automatically updates as returns are processed, keeping the real-time and big-picture views of your business accurate.

Of course, there are some returns you might want to get personally involved with. You'll receive an email every time a return is initiated, allowing you to reach out to your customer or to take other action. Good automation is about making things as hands-free as you want them to be while still leaving you in complete control, and that's exactly what this app aims for.

Stop Spending Time on Returns. Get Started Today!

Getting started with the Automated RMAs and Returns app is easy. You'll need to set up a dedicated page for returns, if you don't already have one. Paste in the code snippet provided when you install the app, and you're ready to build out your return policy rules. Compose a few form emails or paste in text from your existing return messages, set your shipping procedures, and you're almost ready to launch.

You'll also need to set up an account with EasyPost, the most robust and affordable shipping handler around. Through EasyPost, you can work with a variety of carriers including USPS (default), FedEx, UPS, and DHL; Automated RMAs and Returns will automatically select the lowest-cost option for each return. To get a rough idea of how USPS, FedEx and UPS compare with each other, using this shipping calculator may be helpful (Easypost provides USPS rates lower than shown on that site).

The last step is to paste your EasyPost API key into the Automated RMAs and Returns app (make sure to use the production API for customer returns; the test API won't generate valid shipping labels). In virtually no time at all, you'll have an automated returns system in place that handles literally everything for you.

Your cost for most returns will typically be lower than you'd pay for each return at the shipper of your choice: the USPS commercial plus rate with a 3 cent fee to EasyPost for each return. With a monthly charge of $19.95 and a totally free 30-day trial, Automated RMAs and Returns pays for itself before you pay a penny for it.

A better customer experience, a more efficient process, and more accurate returns. What Shopify business could refuse?

Automated RMAs and Returns reviews

9 reviews
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Company has great customer service.


After trying several other apps, this is the only one that efficiently works!! Saves us a LOT of time. We've had a few minor issues and Peter has been great giving us quick and efficient support! Thank you


Great App, easy to set up and use. Developers open to improvements and quick response time. My customers are happy with it!


Easy to setup and extremely helpful for a brand new eCommerce store. Support is also fast and knowledgeable. An A+ app for any retail site.


This is exactly what we needed to process replacements. Lots of features, not not overwhelming to set up and very easy for the customer to understand. Anthony was so helpful and stayed on the phone while we set everything up. He even helped us diagnose an error message with UPS and fixed it. We are up and running within a day!


It doesn't resize the frame automatically to fit the app. On the next page/screen after you select your return it creates a scroll since the page is too long, It should resize automatically to fit perfectly! Sometimes there is just blank white space since there not much to display, you can't write anything at the bottom of the app like because the blank space makes it look weird. It should resize! I contacted them and this guy Anthony Ko replied saying "Link to the client side app directly instead of using an iframe, or you can try dynamically resizing with javascript/jquery." I replied back " I don't know how to do that. Do it for me, will you?" and he said "Sorry, no. You will have to find your own developer for that."! Are you kidding me!


This is ridiculous, this app definitely deserves more reviews, 5-star reviews, for sure! This app is incredible. My customers are able to return seamlessly, it creates a prepaid label and I can track every step of the way. No other app does this so well. Keep up the good work Anthony!


Anthony has been super responsive and easy to work with.
This solution is miles better than other options in the App Store. The ability for the customer to automatically print a return label is key. Finally our store has a returns solution on par with other large (non-shopify) sites.


Amazing app! It has saved me so much time as the sole shop owner. Having the pre-paid shipping labels really cuts down the amount of time needed to deal with support emails. Customers are familiar with the workflow since it is similar to the way Amazon does returns. Support is top notch too.

$19.95 / month

Postage fees are handled by Easypost. Pricing for USPS postage is a discounted Commercial Plus rate, plus 3 cents. Pre-paid shipping labels for US, Canada, and many more.
Need help with the configuration? See room for improvement? Email us :)

30 days



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