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Automated RMAs and Returns

Automated RMAs and Returns

Developed by Gunpowder and Graphite

7 reviews
Price: $19.95 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Self service returns for your customers with pre-paid shipping labels
  • Easily see which returns need attention
  • Spend less time dealing with returns emails

With the Automated RMAs and Returns app for Shopify, you will be able to provide your customers with an easy way to process returns, similar to the big ecommerce stores. Provide customers with the experience they have come to expect.

What the customer sees

Customers simply search for their order, and select which items they'd like to return. A pre-paid shipping label, RMA form, and return instructions are then generated for them to print out and attach to their shipping box. They will automatically be emailed a copy as well.

The customer doesn't have to do anymore than that.

What the store owner sees

When the customer submits a return request through the site, the store owner will be notified via email, or they can see the return request listed on the app's dashboard.

When the return is received by the store, the status can be updated. This will trigger an automatic email letting the customer know what part of the return process their item is in.

Each time a status is updated on the dashboard, an automatic email can be triggered and sent to the customer to let them know where in the process their return is, keeping the customer informed with little effort.

Custom return policies can also be set. Choose to allow refunds, exchanges, or store credit.

General Setup

Initial set up is easy. Just create a page in your Shopify store where you'd like your customers to go to initiate a return. Then copy and paste the client code that the app provides.

Now, just set some custom return polices and form emails. Determine if you want to allow returns, exchanges, and/or store credit. Then choose how many days your customer has to complete the return.

Custom status can be set internally to allow you to keep track of the returns. These status can be set to trigger an email to automatically email the customer, or it can be left blank and used as an indicator to be used internally.

Instructions for the customer will also need to be composed. This can be a simple email letting them know to include the RMA form in the box, and to simply tape the pre-paid shipping label to their original box. It should also be specified whether or not shipping will be covered by the store, or deducted during the refund process.

Shipping labels are handled by EasyPost. You will need to set up an account with them and paste the API key into the app. The account is easy and fast to set up. They handle the generation of the shipping labels and will bill the cost of postage plus 5 cents. You can set up various carriers including UPS, FedEx, DHL. The default is USPS Commercial Plus rates. The Automated RMAs and Returns app will select the lowest cost label to print for your customers. Be sure to use the production API key when you are ready to make the app available to your customers. The test API key will not print valid labels.

Happy Customers and Employees

Having a generous return policy is great for business, but it also introduces some complications. Reduce those headaches and the amount of time you need to spend dealing with coordinating a return. Install the Automated RMAs and Returns app for happy customers and happy employees!

Automated RMAs and Returns reviews

7 reviews
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Great App, easy to set up and use. Developers open to improvements and quick response time. My customers are happy with it!


Easy to setup and extremely helpful for a brand new eCommerce store. Support is also fast and knowledgeable. An A+ app for any retail site.


This is exactly what we needed to process replacements. Lots of features, not not overwhelming to set up and very easy for the customer to understand. Anthony was so helpful and stayed on the phone while we set everything up. He even helped us diagnose an error message with UPS and fixed it. We are up and running within a day!


It doesn't resize the frame automatically to fit the app. On the next page/screen after you select your return it creates a scroll since the page is too long, It should resize automatically to fit perfectly! Sometimes there is just blank white space since there not much to display, you can't write anything at the bottom of the app like because the blank space makes it look weird. It should resize! I contacted them and this guy Anthony Ko replied saying "Link to the client side app directly instead of using an iframe, or you can try dynamically resizing with javascript/jquery." I replied back " I don't know how to do that. Do it for me, will you?" and he said "Sorry, no. You will have to find your own developer for that."! Are you kidding me!


This is ridiculous, this app definitely deserves more reviews, 5-star reviews, for sure! This app is incredible. My customers are able to return seamlessly, it creates a prepaid label and I can track every step of the way. No other app does this so well. Keep up the good work Anthony!


Anthony has been super responsive and easy to work with.
This solution is miles better than other options in the App Store. The ability for the customer to automatically print a return label is key. Finally our store has a returns solution on par with other large (non-shopify) sites.


Amazing app! It has saved me so much time as the sole shop owner. Having the pre-paid shipping labels really cuts down the amount of time needed to deal with support emails. Customers are familiar with the workflow since it is similar to the way Amazon does returns. Support is top notch too.

$19.95 / month

Postage fees are handled by Easypost. Pricing for USPS postage is a discounted Commercial Plus rate, plus 3 cents. Pre-paid shipping labels for US, Canada, and many more.
Need help with the configuration? See room for improvement? Email us :)

30 days



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