Automatic Account Invites

Automatic Account Invites

by Deeko Global LLC

Schedule and send account activation emails automatically.

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After installing this app, customers cannot get any active email even we clicked the "send active email" button. Since this app developer claims the problem is not caused by the app and offer NO solution, we spent much time to check with shopify, finally shopify cannot solve the problem becasue this is app problem and just offer another way to have the email send. So honestly the problem is not yet fixed but anyway we can send email finally.
After a few days, we reinstalled this app and re-trying and under review. However, the app double charged us app fee,
developer rejected to answer our question on duplicated charge (ignored our question for 3-time) but ONLY replied that we have to remove this 1-star review. (so if not removing this review we can receive no response or troubleshoot or being double charged).
Anyway, we are planning to remove this app since it is poor on both performance and support.

For everyone, good luck if using this app. In some case this app will cause problem to your shop, the app developer judge and insist their app is prefect before communicate and listen to you, they tried not to understand your case but just base on their tracker and insist this is not their problem, offering no support. So please seriously consider this before install.


1) This app DID NOT send any auto account invite email to customers (we look at the truth --- customers's feedback but not only the tracker figure. and we tried with many email accounts. Plus, we got many many customers' complain on not receiving the active email. Nothing work with the app but create trouble only!! watch out!!!

2) Once installed this app, the original "send account invite" / "resend account invite" button on shopify customer page got issue... cannot function anymore, thus we have no way to send account invite to any customer (the truth is --- before installing this app, the button worked well, once installed this app, the button was destroyed...)

3) tried talk to the app developer, their reply was asking us to ask shopify ourselves and insist this is not their issue... and solve nothing. (yes, keep insisting not their problem but haven't tried to understand and solve the problem)

Dog Collar Fancy

I am pretty happy with the app, although I do wish I could view who actually went through sign up. Dog Collar Fancy


It works well. And they have wonderful support as well.

It's a good thing that such app exist, I've spent so much time making sure the system of my store works, and sometimes this kind of function is forgotten. With this app, at least I know (and since Shopify does not provide such automation, not sure why) my new artist member joiner is taken care off!

Thank you for such a useful app! Please visit my store, and welcome any input for improvement! Let's work together improving our business!

Absolute Collagen

Hugely helpful for our store. Super fast support, would be great to see the customer logs of self-invites ;)

Developer reply

March 1, 2019

Thank you! This feature is on our development list, and should be available soon.

Brass Music Online

Excellent app and excellent support!
Only minus is that this feature ( automatic customer account invite ) isn’t already a feature in Shopify. That baffles me a lot. But that’s not Brian’s fault, obviously;) He did a great job helping out with link placement - thanks so much!


This app is pretty good. Can only do one bulk send within 60 days! So don't make a mistake, you can't send out a bulk apology email!

Developer reply

March 1, 2019

Thank you for your review! Our 60-day policy for sending bulk invites is in place to prevent merchants from sending invite emails to their customers over and over again in short time frames - that would not be a good customer experience! We do work with our merchant partners who really need to send another bulk invite sooner than 60 days, so just reach out through our support chat and we'll be happy to assist you.

Leather Up Us

Awesome app. Did what it was supposed to and some.
Highly recommend it.
Only issue we ran into was the email used to send out the account invite, Make sure you set up a sanbox email before sending out the account invite bulk.

Great customer service as well!

Oscarrazor 2

Exactly what we've been looking for! Brian has been super helpful too.

Healthy Human Life

This is an excellent app - one of the downfalls of Shopify is that it does not allow people to create accounts automatically when they purchase a product. This app sends an email inviting the buyer to create an account after the order.

Its also great if you are moving over from another shopping cart- we imported a large number of Woo Commerce orders and this app sent emails to all of the past customers inviting them to setup their new account on Shopify.

The support was also amazing - the developer responded to my message very late one evening.


Great app and great support. They handled my requests very fast. Thanks

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