Automatic Account Invites

Automatic Account Invites

by Deeko Global LLC

Schedule and send account activation emails automatically.

4.3 of 5 stars(12 reviews)

Automatic Invitation Sending

Automatically schedule and send account invites to your online guest checkout customers, your new POS customers, or imported customers.

Send Bulk Invitations

With our bulk invite tool, it's easy to send invites to your past customers to activate their new Shopify accounts in your migrated store.

Customer Can Invite Themselves

With our site link tool, customers can use a link on your site to send themselves an invitation to complete their account setup.

About Automatic Account Invites

The simplest way to send account invites, automatically.

Automatic Account Invites is a backend application that runs "behind the scenes" to help you turn shoppers into account holders on your store. Once the app is enabled, you can rest assured that your invites to eligible customers are being sent on the schedule you set within the app, and deploying to only the customers you want to receive the invites.

Migrating to Shopify with your existing customers?

If you are about to migrate to Shopify from another platform, our app can send account invites to your customers for you once they are imported to Shopify. Use our Bulk Invite tool to send all your migrated customers an account invite quickly and easily.

Plan Features

Basic Plan - $3/mo

  • Send automatic invites to new online and POS customers
  • Set timing delay of invites to minimum of 1 day
  • Great for new or growing stores, and stores that don't need to send invites immediately

Advanced Plan - $10/mo

  • 1 FREE Bulk Invites Credit Every 60 Days
  • Site link tool - place a link on your site that customers can use to send themselves an invite. Useful for customers who come back to your site after you launch on Shopify
  • Open Tracker - track how many of your account invites are opened by customers
  • Visit Tracker - track visits to your account activation page from your invites
  • Domain Blocks - block email domains you don't want invites sent to. Useful if your store integrates with a third-party marketplace like eBay or Amazon that have rules preventing any emails going to their customers.
  • Tag Blocks - block automatic invites to customers who have a specific tag
  • Tag Targeting - only send automatic invites to customers who have a specific tag
  • GDPR support - send to only customers who accept marketing through Shopify.
  • Send automatic invites to new or previous online and POS customers who have an email address added to their customer record at any point (i.e. in store)
  • Follow-up Invites - send the customer a reminder to activate their account after X hours or days after the first invite
  • Set timing delay of invites to send immediately, within x hours, within x days
  • Great for merchants who run subscription businesses, are migrating to Shopify, use Shopify POS and capture emails in store, and/or want more granular control over when invites are sent out.

Bulk Invite Tool - $10 per Bulk Invite Credit

  • Send invites in bulk to all customers at one time
  • 1 Credit = 1 Bulk Invite Deployment
  • Purchase credits as needed in the app to suit your store's needs

About Deeko Global LLC

Deeko builds apps for our own store needs, and now we are sharing them with the Shopify community. We provide top-notch support for our apps!

We've sent millions of invites already, automatically!

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Basic Plan


$10 per Bulk Invite Credit

  • Send automatic invites to new online and POS customers

  • Set timing delay of invites to minimum of 1 day

  • Bulk Invites

Advanced Plan


$10 per Bulk Invite Credit (Advanced Plan Gets 1 FREE Credit Every 60 Days)

  • Bulk Invites

  • Site Link Tool

  • Block by Domain

  • Block or Target by Tag

  • Open + Visit Trackers

  • GDPR Support

  • Send immediately, after x hours, etc.

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
4.3 of 5 stars
Based on 12 reviews

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Most recent reviews


After installing this app, customers cannot get any active email even we clicked the "send active email" button. Since this app developer claims the problem is not caused by the app and offer NO solution, we spent much time to check with shopify, finally shopify cannot solve the problem becasue this is app problem and just offer another way to have the email send. So honestly the problem is not yet fixed but anyway we can send email finally.
After a few days, we reinstalled this app and re-trying and under review. However, the app double charged us app fee,
developer rejected to answer our question on duplicated charge (ignored our question for 3-time) but ONLY replied that we have to remove this 1-star review. (so if not removing this review we can receive no response or troubleshoot or being double charged).
Anyway, we are planning to remove this app since it is poor on both performance and support.

For everyone, good luck if using this app. In some case this app will cause problem to your shop, the app developer judge and insist their app is prefect before communicate and listen to you, they tried not to understand your case but just base on their tracker and insist this is not their problem, offering no support. So please seriously consider this before install.


1) This app DID NOT send any auto account invite email to customers (we look at the truth --- customers's feedback but not only the tracker figure. and we tried with many email accounts. Plus, we got many many customers' complain on not receiving the active email. Nothing work with the app but create trouble only!! watch out!!!

2) Once installed this app, the original "send account invite" / "resend account invite" button on shopify customer page got issue... cannot function anymore, thus we have no way to send account invite to any customer (the truth is --- before installing this app, the button worked well, once installed this app, the button was destroyed...)

3) tried talk to the app developer, their reply was asking us to ask shopify ourselves and insist this is not their issue... and solve nothing. (yes, keep insisting not their problem but haven't tried to understand and solve the problem)

Dog Collar Fancy

I am pretty happy with the app, although I do wish I could view who actually went through sign up. Dog Collar Fancy


It works well. And they have wonderful support as well.

It's a good thing that such app exist, I've spent so much time making sure the system of my store works, and sometimes this kind of function is forgotten. With this app, at least I know (and since Shopify does not provide such automation, not sure why) my new artist member joiner is taken care off!

Thank you for such a useful app! Please visit my store, and welcome any input for improvement! Let's work together improving our business!