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Automatic Backups by Talon

Automatic Backups by Talon

Developed by Talon Commerce

19 reviews
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  • Restore your entire store to a specific date & time, or restore individual items to a specific version
  • Browse a complete edit history of all your products and other shop data
  • Rest easy with a secure backup solution for your products & product images, shop pages, theme files, and collections

A fully automated backup system for your store in one click.

Automatic Backups is the easiest, most secure way to backup your most important information. The app backs up your entire store and then saves your products, product images, collections, blogs posts, shop pages, and theme files whenever they change. This creates a full history of your shop.

Never worry about changes to your shop again.

Whats in the app

  • Restoration Browser - Find previous versions of individual products, collections, blog posts, shop pages, and theme files. Compare items to the current version with our advanced version comparison interface. Restore to that version with a click.

  • Shop Recovery - Recovery an entire category to a specific date with a single click.

Why choose Automatic Backups

  • Privacy - We will not save or request access to extremely sensitive data like your customers or orders. We believe backups should not have access to this data. This allows your store to be completely GDPR compliant.

  • Amazing Support - If there are any problems, call our number. You'll speak to a live person with real technical expertise that will solve your problem fast.

  • Advanced Browser - We provide the easiest, most intuitive interface for finding and editing the right content. Fast. Easily compare previous versions and restore with a single click.

  • Reliable and Secure - All data is transmitted over secure channels and encrypted. Highly available, the data is redundantly replicated across multiple servers to prevent data loss.

  • Super Fast Restoration - Restoration happens fast. We can revert changes of hundreds of products in a just a few minutes.

  • Recovery from App Installs - Want to test an app but aren't sure what it affects? New apps can change your store, especially theme files, in ways you cannot predict. Automatic backups lets you see what changed and allows you to undo anything that could have happened. Revert your store to before you installed it or just the parts that it affected. It's up to you.

  • Customizable Options - Automatic Backups is the only tool that allows you to choose individually which parts of the product to restore. Want to restore product descriptions without changing inventory? This app makes it simple.

How it works

Your shop is backed up as soon as you install.

After that, whenever a product, shop page, theme file, collection or anything changes or is deleted, the old version is saved automatically.

Nothing else required. The backups are there if you need them.

A complete history of everything in your shop is made browsable. Never worry about changes to your shop again.

With the click of a button, you can restore anything or everything.

Don't wait until after it's too late. Start backing up your store now.

Automatic Backups is free forever to back up 100 or less products.

Automatic Backups by Talon reviews

19 reviews
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This app does a great job. Wish I'd had it a week or so back, when I accidentally deleted a batch of pages from my shop.


I'm really happy with this,I only upgraded after losing add to cart functionality on my main theme and lost hours of sales and dev time.....Shoulda done it earlier


Looks like a great app for an added level of safety against goofs.


So grateful to have this app! Works well with backing up all of our store data!


Just started. At least I'm less worried about screwing up. Will update as I get my feet wet.


This app can be a real benefit when importing - geats app


Nice app, in the free version it only backs up your products but that is only what i need


So far so good - I appreciate the free version to backup my product info. May be upgrading at some point to get it all backed up. Everything is well organized in this app - easy to use.


Love this app! I'm busy and forgetful so AB's is a lifesaver!


I can't believe this is free.

From $0.00 / month

Absolutely free for 100 products or less. View complete pricing information on our website.

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