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July 26, 2023

Remove a note from a customer's order for no reason. Idk if it was a glitch but because the app auto removed the customer's note even though they were not flagged and we ended up missing the note asking us to hold their order and ended up getting a chargeback from the customer cause we sell perishable products and the customer was not able to be there to receive their order and blamed us for not seeing their note which was removed by Bad Customer so we are now having to deal with a chargeback and probably are going to lose money on that order.... Been using it for months and haven't seen any value in it as the app also auto tags all the trigger tags even if only 1 trigger is activated which is not helpful... Its yet to identify a bad customer and prevent a person who is clearly a serial chargeback fraudster...

Windy City Aquariums
United States
About 1 year using the app
May 31, 2022

I used this app to help stop repeat offenders from being able to make purchases, loaded all the information required (address and zip) for every previous chargeback customer and in the 12 days it has been installed we have had 3 orders come in from previous chargeback customers go through without being tagged. Further more we have had new chargeback customers in that week and when you use this app to scan for bad customers it says this customer has no chargebacks or refunds. I can assure you this customer has $xxxx amount of money in chargebacks and 7 orders but the app reports 0. I reached out to their support 3 times and have not heard from them a single time in the 12 days.

Ride Out Supply
United States
12 days using the app
November 27, 2021

I have downloaded this app twice and it still won't load. it gets to a blank screen and then nothing after that

shadezhut llc
United States
About 10 hours using the app
June 18, 2021

the block list I thought would block people from actually ordering but it doesn't. it just adds them to a list to show the orders placed by the flagged clients.

Apple Blossom Kennels
United States
4 minutes using the app
Outlander replied June 24, 2021

This is on purpose.

We found that when bad customers are aware they've been blocked, they will try different email addresses, misspell street names, or use a friend/neighbor's address to receive the goods in order to get around the block. By accepting the order, and tagging it so you can cancel it manually, the customer won't know why their order was canceled unless you tell them.

We hope you'll consider this perspective and consider revising your review, as the app is doing exactly what it aims to do -- detecting and tagging orders from bad customers.