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Best Seller Insights

Best Seller Insights

Developed by Burst Commerce

9 reviews
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  • Make even more sales by focusing on your best selling products
  • Get your slower moving products selling faster
  • Spend less and earn more on your product ads

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Best Seller Insights has one goal...

to help you make more sales and grow your store

Your best selling products have a proven track record. Why not capitalize on that success (and make even more sales)?

Best Seller Insights can automatically tag your best selling products based on sales percentile.

Then you can create a Smart Collection based on this tag so you can put your best sellers front and center to make even more sales.

Did you know you can sell more products with social proof? Best Seller Insights does it automatically

You can add best seller rank badges and lists on any product or collection to add social proof and increase conversions.

This is the same technique used by successful stores such as Amazon.com.

Shoppers are more likely to convert knowing a product is a best seller in your store.

Spend less and earn more on your product ads

Best Seller Insights can help you spend less and earn more on your product ads.

You can use a product's sales percentile to create custom labels for Google and Facebook product ad feeds.

Then you can bid higher for your higher percentile sellers since they are more likely to convert, and bid lower on your lower percentile sellers since are less likely to convert.

Bidding based on product popularity should help you make more profit on your product ads.

Get your slower moving products selling faster

Not every product in your store can be a best seller. Sometimes you need to provide an incentive to get a product to sell.

Best Seller Insights can automatically tag your slow moving products so you can promote them with discounts.

You can then create a Smart Collection in Shopify using this tag and offer a discount to get your slower moving products selling faster.

Put the right best sellers at the top of your collections

Buying patterns can change quickly.

For example, if a store is still promoting Halloween costumes in the first week of November, they are not going to sell.

Best Seller Insights lets you specify a custom sales period of 1-12 weeks so you can control exactly which products should be consider best sellers.

You can then have Best Seller Insights sort your collections based on this so you will always be promoting the right best sellers.

Improve product discovery with related best selling collections

Best Seller Insights makes it easy to see all of Shopify collections a product ranks within.

This makes it easy for shoppers to browse related best selling collections to get shopping ideas.

Know what products are selling the best at all times

Product sales fluctuate throughout the year which can be a lot of work to keep up with.

Best Seller Insights includes powerful product sales reports so you will always know your best (and worst) sellers throughout your shop.

Built for speed - seamlessly scale regardless of your shop’s size or volume

All features within Best Seller Insights are built to leverage the power of the Shopify platform so your shop will run without any external dependencies.

This means you can safely use Best Seller Insights regardless of your shop's size or volume and your shop will be as fast as ever.

Best Seller Insights reviews

9 reviews
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This app is ok. However I much prefer the NEW Flair Badges APP as using that one makes this superfluous. , Shopify new insights page that was recenltly introuced offers similar information.


Really impressed with this app, would recommend fully!


This app shows your best selling items accurately and helps you show them off to convert even more people to buy your best sellers. For me, it makes for a great overview of which items I need to keep in stock in greater quantities.

Kudos to Tom for the great customer support as well!


Great App! Tom was great to work with and very helpful when we had a few questions and custom requests :)


This app is great! It takes the best selling sort feature to a whole new level. It makes way more sense than Shopify's sort by best selling feature.


This app is great, Shopify has very limited capabilities when it comes to showing what is your best selling products.

In the past, Shopify always show the "best-selling" sort feature based on the total number of orders an item appears on an order for all time (not even taking into account how many times per order).

So with BSI we can show our customers which of our products are top-selling in their respective categories. This gives customers confidence in what they are buying.


Awesome app and even BETTER customer service. The developer not only answers questions fast, but FOLLOWS UP to make sure everything is working for you properly. I have been using this app on www.animalhearted.com and it has been working wonderfully. Highly recommend!


Great app.. one of my favorites! Organizing pages by best sellers is great but shopify lacked the ability to do it under your own time parameters. Best seller insights to the rescue!


We were on the Beta and this app has been great. It adds some social proof and helps emphasize our collections from right on the product page. I really like the reporting too. The reporting really helps show which of your products are doing best in a neat format and with pictures!

From $19.00 / month

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* Always free for development stores.

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