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February 1, 2023

I have looked for a suitable blogging option for my Shopify store. The bar was low because Shopify's native option is close to non-existant (a mystery to me), but the options were many, and because editorial is key to my business, I spent the right amount of time looking for what I needed. Blog Studio was it: affordable, rich, flexible, and with a great customer service. It can get a little buggy some time, but the team is prompt to help, and at that price point, I'm very happy with what I'm getting! Feel free to check out our blog for what I think is a fair depiction of what this tool has to offer:

Simpler Ways
United States
About 1 year using the app
Edited January 2, 2023

please stop asking for a review over and over or the review you get will not be favorable for your needs

Vintage Type Shop
United States
22 days using the app
May 25, 2021

Great customer support. Quick and responsive. They solved all my issues and now I can enjoy building my blog!

Almost 2 years using the app
July 5, 2021

Great app and very simple to use.
Customer service is great and they helped me throughout all the extra modifications I had to do.

Over 1 year using the app
March 9, 2021

Really easy app to use to create blog and articles to promote your products. The customer service team is super helpful and responsive. A big thank you to Jordin and Anh for always coming back to me with an answer ans doing their absolute best to help with any question!

French Beauty Co.
About 2 years using the app
April 7, 2021

Amazing service and absolutely an incredible product, super impressed, could not recommend any higher!

Premium Artist Supply
Over 1 year using the app
Edited February 16, 2021

I debated between a lot of different blog apps, and many I eliminated right away because they effectively discouraged heavy use of the blogging functionality by putting "unlimited pages" behind a very expensive paywall. Others, were barely functional. Many were barely functional "AND" had an expensive paywall.
I chose Blog Studio because most importantly, it allowed me to create blog posts that looked similar to very popular sites like Success breeds clues right?
And it works! Of course I started out pretty mediocre in my ability to composite blog posts, but each post came out better than the last, by the third post, I really felt comfortable in being able to make a professional looking blog post like what "I" enjoy reading.
But I encountered a weird glitch, not sure where it came from, I couldn't see YouTube videos. I talked with support, and they actually went in and fixed my theme. My theme not from them (actually paid theme from the shopify store, Artisan). Wow!
I'm beyond impressed, not just because I got what I asked for, a great blog writing toolset to make me look more professional and hopefully expand my reading base, but because of what I didn't ask and didn't know i needed, a great team providing quick and responsive tech support going above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks Mandy, you and the rest of the blog studio team are the best!

Ignis Umbra LLC
United States
Almost 2 years using the app
Edited January 20, 2021

After toying with the new Blog Studio update, I am happy to say that the steep learning curve was 100% worth it.
Admittedly, it took my team & me around 6 weeks to learn the new update, but now that we got the hang of it, it is excellent. A few tips:
1. Blog Studio works differently with different Shopify store themes. Some pre-made blocks work, some don't, but overall it's a much better alternative to the native Shopify editor.
2. If a pre-made block isn't displaying correctly, toy with the smaller, grey (+) sign within the box to make your own block. This has really helped us.
3. The updated desktop/mobile preview function doesn't work most of the time. Instead, just shrink your browser window the mobile size and you'll be able to see what it looks like on mobile.
4. The preview within the editor doesn't always reflect what a blog post will actually look like, and sometimes the live view takes a few minutes to display any changes. To avoid this, click 'Save', then click 'Preview Draft'. This will reflect any changes made immediately.
5. DO NOT edit any Blog Studio articles in the native Shopify editor, even if you're just adding tags. This will throw the whole article off. Just make sure all edits are made within Blog Studio.
6. Also, make sure that one person is in Blog Studio at a time. I noticed sometimes if more than one person is editing the same or a different article at the same time, it will confuse the app and throw all formatting off.
7. Start every blog post from scratch. Using saved templates just leads to frustration.
8. Play with the settings within a block. (The little gear icon within a block.) You can really get down to the nitty-gritty once you learn all of the capabilities.
9. Don't be afraid to upgrade the article if you have to. No major changes will happen.
10. The saved buttons feature is great to save time. That's about it off the top of my head. In summary, this app is great, especially if you put out a lot of content, but just know that it has a lot of bugs that need to be worked through. It can be very frustrating to learn how to use the app, and if you're an agency, learning how the app interacts with different themes can be challenging as well.
However, the features and capability for customization are great once you learn how to do it, and this is the only Shopify app that doesn't charge you per new page created.
So stick through the tough learning curve, talk with live chat (they're great), and you'll be happy you did.

Samadhi Marketing
United States
Over 2 years using the app
April 22, 2021

Great app. Customer service was fast and solved all of my issues.
The app does exactly what it says. Best one I found for customizing blogs

GENNY.PI Gioielli
9 months using the app
May 13, 2020

Really great app! I tried a few others and Blog Studio is by the far the best I have found for really getting professional-looking blog posts on Shopify. Also, ShopPad's customer service is fantastic. They offer support through chat and the response time was within minutes. I had every question answered. highly recommended!

Nesting Days Newborn Baby Carriers
United States
About 2 years using the app