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Edited March 23, 2019


CED have still not refunded us the $530.19 we paid them in January!!! The CED app still does not work. We have had to spend hours removing the duplicated listings on Bonanza and on Etsy the orders don't sync, inventory does not sync, listings do not sync, these are THE BASIC functions of the app!!!! And please read through on how they lost all our 3 months of seo on nearly 500 Etsy listings. They should be removed from Shopify app store.

BUYER BEWARE They are crooks. I purchased the APP from CED Commerce to intergrate my Shopify site with Bonanza, Etsy and Sears…..Where do I start.....after almost two months the problems are getting worse by the day:

First of all when you fulfill an order on Shopify it does not sync back as it is supposed to. This is the main function of the app! It stays as not shipped and you have to manually complete it...so why have the app?. Then not all of our listings on Shopify integrated over to Etsy and they duplicated on Bonanza. After being told "give us 24 hours" countless times it still does not work. Then we got a generic email from CED saying that all customers should re-integrate...we did this, then some of our products got duplicated with CED SKU’s (not ours) The inventory does not sync over to Shopify and other platforms like it is supposed to do. Nothing works!!

While trying to fix all these problems the BIGGEST thing happened. We have over 400 listings all of which I have been doing SEO for a solid 3 months, that's lots and lots of time. Three days ago the CED person we were on live chat with said she was putting her team to work on it once again. They lost all our tags, descriptions, reverted back to old titles, deleted all attributes.....everything all gone. All SEO… GONE. All this happened when they were just trying to get the app to work as it should.

We paid them $500 BE WARNED!!! Now just trying to get our money back and compensation for all our time, lost profits and lost future sales as we now have a zero rank on Etsy. We have to SEO the site all over again and we still have to sort out the duplications on Bonanza


Bronte Moon
United States
10 months using the app
August 26, 2019

App does upload products to Bonanza, but syncing of inventories update can not be guaranteed, thereby resulting for item to be out of stock when sold on Bonanza. Thereby resulting to negative review from customers since item is out of stock.

Customer support will always say sorry, but that doesn't fix the problem for us.

United States
6 months using the app
Edited December 3, 2018

HUGE workflow issues. Inventory did not properly update, which lead to overselling. I sought advice from support who told me refunding the orders would cancel them. This was wrong. They also ensured me that once an order was cancelled it would not import to Shopify, also wrong. We had several refunded orders make their way to Shopify and get shipped despite cancelling the orders per supports guidance. Save yourself the time and headache and find another way to sell your Shopify products on Bonanza.

Stove Parts 4 Less
United States
3 months using the app
CedCommerce replied March 18, 2019

Thanks for raising the issue. We promote communication and request sellers to stay connected with so that we can transfer knowledge to them both about the app as well as the marketplace. We had discussed with you and communicated to you multiple time that you were having product with duplicate titles. It is mandatory not to have a product with duplicate titles listed on Bonanza Marketplace. All the issues that were related to inventory were because of the same. The inventory update failed to work as there were duplicate listing with the same title.

We tried to communicate several times over the registered mail id with us as well as the contact details about the same.. But we fail to get any response from your end.

We would like to work once again with you so that we can change your perception about our App. We want everyone getting associate stay with us to stay happy. We look forward to serve you back once again.


November 23, 2018

the second time i installed the app and stills not working i been waiting for my booth to be active and they keep telling me and telling me to wait when they say the booths activation takes around 24hr and nothing no one is giving me a straight answer oh and one of the costumer service asked me for my password to my account its that even allowed?? im deleting again the not worth it to be waiting and getting such bad service

United States
4 days using the app
CedCommerce replied March 18, 2019

Thanks for providing us the opportunity to serve you for the second time and felt really sad to know that app didn't work well for you.

First of all, we would like to clear to the readers that we are not someone from Bonanza Marketplace. We develop different Apps for Shopify. Yes Bonanza Marketplace has a booth activation process where they review booth before activating. As per the information publically available, they take 24 to 48 hrs to activate a booth once all the necessary steps have been done by the sellers. Whether they will activate booth or not is decided by Marketplace after successfully reviewing the booth as per there guidelines. So we guide the seller accordingly and we don't play any role in booth activation.

We also guide sellers related to marketplaces and help them understand marketplace guidelines and in your case too we helped you in understanding why it is required to set up a Paypal Account before signing up with Bonanza Marketplace to which information is most likely to be provided by the marketplace and not by the App Developers.

We don't promote such activities in which we ask the seller for there personal credential but to better assist sellers we ask for staff account access of the account. For which sellers need to provide approval and only after that we get access to there account. Once the work is done we request the sellers to change the credentials as well as remove all necessary access to there accounts. It is only after sellers approval that any access can be granted to the developers and we don't force anyone to provide the same if he or she is uncomfortable providing the same.

We would be glad if you could provide us with another opportunity to serve you back in any form. We would work hard to improve your experience with us.


August 17, 2019

This app is such a waste of time, infect its functionality eliminated all my personal SEO efforts of my Bonanza listings.
Even it doesn't do its' basic functions like Inventory Management, Inventory Syncing etc.
Whenever I talk to its customer care they always say "it takes time to happen things on Bonanza due to its API issues" but nothing happens even after hours. Indirectly they blame on Bonanza Marketplace for all there own issues.

Here is how their Best Customer Service serves like:
I just tried many times to check how its Inventory syncing system works and reduced the quantity of a listing on my shopify admin and then wait for hours to reflect the same inventory on bonanza and passed my time by refreshing the product page on bonanza again n again but nothing happened.
Then what an irony happened just after I contacted and complain to customer support about the issue, the item synced just after I given them the Bonanza ID of particular item and otherwise it was not updated from hours and what I felt they do it manually behind the wall just to show me.

I assure you it happened many times with me, what a joke is this app... I salute its customer care team to make it alive till date...

3 days using the app
CedCommerce replied August 26, 2019

Dear CraftsOpera,

Our support team had handled your query the day you came in contact with us. We had already updated if the already existing product is upload through the app with the changes done in the app they will be updated on the marketplace. You were guided on every feature of the App and it's working

Related to Inventory Updation we never said that it is Bonanza Marketplace Issue we had talked about the limitation of the marketplace to accept too frequent updates which is mentioned under their Api guidelines. Every marketplace or a platform has his limitation and this was clearly explained to you while discussion with our support representative.

We never blame anyone if something is wrong at our end. This is not an issue at the App front as well as we need to follow the guidelines of Bonanza Marketplace as we being the trusted partners of Bonanza.

We contacted with Bonanza and also shared with your team the response we got from Bonanza regarding the inventory update and your team is also aware of the same. Inventory updation is an automatic sync feature in the app and updates inventory on regular basis.

We would request you to kindly communicate with us so that we could stay in touch and as soon as we receive further updates from Bonanza Marketplace Team we could update you.


December 27, 2018

Clunky, confusing integration interface with strange navigation and terminology. Warning: every item has to be manually remapped to a Bonanza category (what this app refers to as a profile? why not just call it a category?) and it will only accept TWO variants and NO items with duplicate names. Don't bother. It's a mess and looks like old school PC software. Not user friendly.

United States
1 day using the app
CedCommerce replied March 18, 2019

The latest upgrade is out and we have improved on the interface as well as made navigation easier. Profiling is a lot more than just category we have already explained it to you while we were in communication as well as have included supporting materials to explain it in details. No products with duplicate titles and more than 2 variants are accepted by Bonanza Marketplace and so we have to put a restriction on that and this is in accordance with the requirement of the marketplace. We need to comply with there requirement.

We have improved our App and continuously work on suggestion and feedbacks shared by the App Users.

We would like you to communicate with us so that we can clear all your doubts first about our App and then about the marketplace. We would also like to serve you again so that we can make your experience better.