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Brand Page - Instant A-Z Vendor Page

Brand Page - Instant A-Z Vendor Page

Developed by Aperitive

8 reviews
Price: $5.99 / month Free Trial: 3 days More info
  • Instant A-Z page layout - No developer required
  • Automatically links to a brand filter by default - Saves loads of time!
  • Links to collections for SEO - You have the option of linking to a specific collection

Brand Page by Aperitive.io offers store owners an effective way to showcase their brands on a single page, laid out in an easy to use A-Z format. Upon installing the app, a page for your brands is automatically created with links. By default, each brand on the page will link to a vendor filter page to save you time. You can override this by linking each brand to a collection page within the app settings once you have optimised it for SEO.


★ Auto Map to Collections ★

This feature will automatically link brand names to your collections if the collection handle is matching the vendor handle.

Please ensure you refresh brands by clicking on the refresh button before using the Auto Map to Collection Feature.

★ Multiple Layout options ★

Choose between Vertical (default) or Horizontal layouts.



1. Install app

2. In your Shopify admin panel, go to Online Store>Navigation

3. In your main navigation add a new menu item (Call it Brands).

4. Link the new menu item to your Brand collection (This will happen automatically when installing the app.)

5. Save your menu.

Accessing App

In your Shopify admin, Navigate to Apps > Brand Page

Click on the app to open the app settings to see and manage your brands


★ Easy One Click Install ★

No coding required. Simply install the app and your page will be created.

Be sure to assign a Vendor to each of your products for you brands to appear on the A-Z page.

★ Built for SEO ★

Brand Page allows you to map your Vendor links to your brand collection pages.

★ Customisable ★

If you would like to style the A-Z brand page you can use custom CSS within the app settings.

We offer support for installations and any help you may need using Brand Page. Simply get in touch.

About Aperitive

Aperitive is a web agency specializing in Shopify design/development and Shopify apps. If you have any custom app requirements please contact us.

Brand Page - Instant A-Z Vendor Page reviews

8 reviews
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The App in it's current form is not bad. Easy to install and easy to use and at the end of the day it lists all of your vendors neatly and alphabetically. Automatic refresh of the vendors would be a great addition. Including Vendor Logos in a secondary layout would be amazing.

Good Job Guys!


Awesome and Easy to set up! Can't wait for new updates and features as they get added.


Amazing App, very useful for a business like mine that carries a lot of brands, we strongly recommend it!!


very easy to use and makes life so much easier for maintaining a brand page. Wish there was an easier functionality to edit the way the columns are laid out though.


Great app with great support, Highly recommend.


This app creates the missing feature that every shop lacks, especially the shops that sell products for many brands.

When we were inspecting our customer's behaviour, we realised they always go for "brands" first when they use the search, or try to pick up the brands from our filter menus. We knew that customers are struggling, and we thought this app could solve this problem.

We were right. This app is so well done that it adds a NATIVE Brands page inside the store, having a new page named "Brands" that appears as one of your shop pages in its URL, and uses the shop's theme and styling 100%

After installing the app and putting the Brands navigation URL in a prompt location in our main navigation menu; we noticed that users started using it straight away and they prefer using it more than using the search, mega menu or filter menus themselves!

The developer promised to integrate Brands with Collections that use the same handle (same name of Brand is used for having its own collections for each Brand) and to thank the developer for his consideration, I am leaving this review here in Shopify app's page.

Get the app. You'll never regret having it.

United Scents and Perfume Brands


This app rocks! Upon installation itself, this app created a fully developed and automatically updated BRAND PAGE at my Shopify store!

See it for yourself at:


No configuration at all was necessary.

I was stunned. :)


Great app. Easy to install. Works as expected! I would recommend this app to anyone who has multiple brands.

$5.99 / month
3 days

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