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  • Real-time inventory and order management across all your sales channels, including multiple Shopify stores, allows you to grow your business faster
  • Elimination of double selling and faster fulfillment saves your business time and improves customer satisfaction
  • Visibility into cash flows, real-time accounting, and reporting allows you to make better business decisions

Brightpearl is an omnichannel retail management platform streamlining inventory management, order control and fulfilment, contact relationship management and accounting - all under one roof, delivering automation, lowering costs, and returning superior results.

Learn more about how Brightpearl and Shopify works together.

Shopify and Brightpearl are natural partners together. Don’t just take our word for it though, see what Colorado based company Icelantic have to say.

About Brightpearl

Brightpearl provides real-time reports on inventory, cash flow, profitability by SKU, channel, customer purchase behaviour and more. Armed with these insights and the confidence that comes from knowing their core operations are under control, retail businesses can focus on what they love - merchandising and growing their business.

Inventory management. We manage inventory centrally. Your inventory is held in Brightpearl and automatically updates all your channels in real time. Use Brightpearl’s warehouses to represent different stock locations, putting a stop to overselling and enabling you to fulfil from multiple locations.

Fulfilment. We open up flexibility around fulfilment, as you can now fulfil orders in bulk, or even partially fulfil and order whilst creating a drop-ship purchase order for the remainder.

Omnichannel. Brightpearl communicates with Shopify and all your other sales channels thanks to our extensive list of integrations. You can connect as many webstores or offline channels as you need to, consolidating them into a single workstream whilst using channel branding to maintain great customer experience.

Integrated financials. Brightpearl has a fully integrated accounting module, meaning that there’s no need to use a separate package to manage all bookkeeping and financial activity. Most bookkeeping actions are automated, leaving you to review your business’ performance, make informed decisions and grow with confidence

A single source of truth. Say goodbye to trying to run things between apps and spreadsheets. With Brightpearl, everything is under one roof.

On the Cloud. Why be restricted to when and where you can run your business? Your customers order when they like, why shouldn’t you have the same flexibility? Like Shopify, Brightpearl is a fully cloud-based and hosted service, so you can login wherever and whenever and never worry about servers.

Brightpearl reviews

18 reviews
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We love Brightpearl - having everything in the same place saves us so much time and being able to access it remotely helps our small team work in multiple locations. The connector works well out of the box with shopify.


We've been using Brightpearl with Shopify for over 2 years and have found it to be extremely reliable for our small store. Brightpearl has enabled us to manage our inventory and orders across multiple channels with minimal effort and saves us a fortune in money and time - 2 thumbs up from us!


We have been using Brightpearl for sometime and we love it, not sure how we coped without it!


I highly recommend Brightpearl! We have tried almost every ERP/inventory management system out there that works with Shopify. Brightpearl was the one that showed the most scalability and flexibility. It was not only important that whatever system we used worked with Shopify but also work with Shopify POS, Amazon, Amazon FBA and Ebay. If you are looking to have killer growth in your organization and want a system that not only can help manage that growth but accelerate it, Brightpearl is the system of choice in our opinion. Their entire support team is always ready to help and they even helped us prepare for a large influx in sales due to some national TV exposure we received. For this preparation their team went above and beyond what would typically be expected.

Some things to keep in mind..

We have found that when needing help on a more complicated support issue the best time to call is before 11 am Central Time, By calling before 11am it helps to ensure we get a more senior support person. They tend to be able to help solve the issue on the spot.

They also have great how-to support content available on their site. The only frustrating thing is that everytime I look for something the one item I am needing info on does not have a video tutorial yet. I would assume as the months go on their video support material will continue to grow.


Brightpearl "embraces and extends" Shopify. Brightpearl provides extensive accounting and enhanced inventory management and tracking on the back-end of Shopify. Brightpearl is capable of doing all of your accounting, if your revenue is primarily from your web store. If your books are more complex, BP allows easy export and import from the web interface, or via an API.

BP also provides the ability to take orders from multiple "channels", one of which is Shopify. Other channels include Amazon. For our own shop, we deal with multiple kinds of purchase orders from our customers as well as drop-ship deliveries, and BP allows all of this to happen.

Transactions entered in Shopify flow smoothly and quickly to Brightpearl.

Setup and technical support are very good; with eMail responses from the BP team usually returned within an hour.

Finally for those who like to dig into the code, Brightpearl provides a well-documented API for accessing transactions, customers, sales orders, etc.


Everything under one roof. As we are selling on multiple eCommerce platforms, there is no way we could manage the workflow without Brightpearl in place. Not only it covers all the sales, purchases and stock management, but has an accounting integrated within. Not to mention it holds our entire database.
Yes, there is always something to improve, but the support team is fantastic and we will not be changing to anybody else any time soon.


A truly great piece of software


Brightpearl are always happy to help with any issues or problems we face and help us solve them quickly. The integration of Brightpearl and Shopify makes things a lot easier regarding stock etc but we have found some limitations which Brighpearl are currently looking into for us and will no doubt be sorted in the near future.


We have previously used Magento Go with Brightpearl and recently we switched to Shopify. Yipee! Since the change we have noticed that's its easier to view order data, gift notes and general notes in BP, with fraud screening and the best part, tracking confirmation emails to customers with links. Really pleased with this app. Brightpearl manages your business accounts and stock control and allows you the room to manage multiple sales channels. Rock on!


We moved our operations to Brightpearl in June and really love it.

It was quite a job to make the transition happen as we had to redo our product list, categories etc. (which was a mess honestly). Also, we had difficulties with Cyrillic characters but eventually found a workaround.

I would definitely recommend Brightpearl to all Shopify users who have a growing sales figure and especially if you have multiple stores or combine brick-and-mortar sales with online shop as we do. It's a great pain reliever to have inventory synced across all your sales channels.

Integration is seamless. We see new orders from our Shopify store in a few minutes.

To add a fly to the ointment. Some improvements to the integration would be helpful. We have set a bunch of offline payment options on our online store. We need to know which one was chosen by a cutomer. Now we have to look to the store (or email notification) in order to check it. It would be great to see chosen payment method added as a note to the order for example. But it's a case if your customers usually don't pay their orders online. I suppose it's a rather rare case for most shops.

Also, we can't see that product is connected to the store until it has some inventory changes that were synced. It's a bit confusing when you start working with the integration app.

But as I said before BP is life changing for our business. It has a learning curve, but it's definitely worth it.


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